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Business to Business Marketplace is an online marketplace, which acts as a hub for business community where various businesses and industries such as seller and buyer companies, suppliers, importers, exporters, retailers, wholesalers, and so on can connect each other for selling and buying the various products at one place. In a simple terminology, it is a digital marketplace where a business is engaged with another business in terms of a commercial transaction.

Business to Business companies can gain very good opportunities through the online marketplace strategy to grow their business, and thus increase their turnover.


B2B Basic Marketplace Package

Basic Marketplace Package contains :

  • Marketplace Platinum Package
  • Vendor Request For Quotation
  • Vendor Purchase Order
  • Vendor Mass Import Export

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B2B Advanced Marketplace Package

Advanced Marketplace Package contains :

  • Marketplace Platinum Package
  • Vendor Request For Quotation
  • Vendor Purchase Order
  • Vendor Mass Import Export
  • Quick Bulk Order
  • Configurable Matrix

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Admin details

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Features of B2B

Marketplace Platinum

Marketplace Platinum Package

Marketplace Platinum Package consists of Marketplace Basic extensions along with 9 necessary add-ons. CedCommerce Marketplace Basic extension is a feature-rich extension that converts your Magento store into a convenient Multi-Vendor Store. Along with it all the 9 add-ons help in enhancing your store with the new and advanced functionalities and thus making it more automated and convenient for your vendors to use.

Vendor Request for Quotation

Vendor Request For Quotation add-on enables the customers to quote for the vendors’ products apart from the admin’s products, which means, for a specific product of a vendor, customers can send a request for quotation at a desired price for the quoted quantity of the product. Customers can submit a quote for multiple products in desired quantity with the desired price. Hence, the customers can negotiate prices and quantity and get the final price for the total quantity of the product or services.

Purchase Order System

Vendor Purchase Order System

Vendor Purchase Order extension enables the customers to submit the request of the product even if it is not available at the admin store. With the help of this extension, admin can send the quotation to the registered vendors. In return, the vendors are allowed to send their price and quantity based on which to they want to deliver the product to the customers.

Vendor Mass Import Export

CedCommerce Vendor Mass Import Export add-on allows vendors to import or export the products and its images in bulk through CSV. With the help of this add-on, vendor can upload all the types of products like Simple, Virtual, Configurable, Bundle, Grouped and Downloadable products. A notification is sent to admin while the import or export of products is processed.

Vendor Mass Import Export
Quick Bulk

Quick Bulk Order

CedCommerce Quick Bulk Order add-on allows customers to purchase a single or multiple products directly from the product listing page by adding all of them to their shopping cart. Also, at the same time, they can define the respective number of quantities they wanted to buy.

It means, rather than adding products one-by-one to their shopping cart, customers can add all the required products with their respective quantities at the same time.

Configurable Matrix

CedCommerce Configurable Matrix extension allows the customers to purchase variations of configurable product in bulk. It means, the customers can view all the product variations with the corresponding price and quantity on the product page. This extension is feasible only for the configurable product type. It helps in displaying the different layouts for single and multiple options available with the products.

Special Prices

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Pre Order

A Pre–order is an order placed for the product, which is yet to release. The users can pre-order the products with an advance payment. They receive an email notification on the availability of the product. Admin can set the tier pricing for a specific product.

Orders are accepted in advance and shipped when the products are available after the release. Front-end users can view the Expected Delivery Date of the product.

Group Buying

Group Buying extension facilitates the admin to create a product for the front-end users, such that a group of users can buy the product and avail the discounts on the purchase amount. Group buying offers products and services at significantly reduced prices based on the condition when a minimum number of buyers in a group, as defined, purchase the product or services.

Group admin can watch and edit a group. Front-end users can send the request for group buying not only to a registered user but also to any other user.

Credit Limit

Credit Limit for customers

Admin can decide a certain credit limit for the customers who purchase from the platform. Within this limit, customers can make purchase without any payment. Also, credit limit can be set individually for each client. Only a registered customer can avail a credit limit. Admin can increase the credit limit.

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