What Pays? One-Time Payment Vs Recurring Payments for E-Com Extensions
What Pays? One-Time Payment Vs Recurring Payments for E-Com Extensions!

What Pays? One-Time Payment Vs Recurring Payments for E-Com Extensions!


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Do you think it is expensive to sell online? Think again! You think it’s inexpensive to sell online? Well, you’ll have to think again this way as well. Why? Not to worry as we will be answering today a vital element you need to keep in mind while you sell online – to keep extra expenditure at bay and make the comprehensive selling process a lighter one on your pocket.

Now before you ask why selling can be both expensive and inexpensive, you need to think how do sellers sell? For selling – either on your own marketplace or any other marketplace – you need to have a “framework” based e-commerce extension that your website will be based on. Using this e-commerce extension, you may sell your products on different marketplaces. THAT is the step where you can either choose an expensive deal or a cost-effective one. How? Let’s tell you!



One-Time Payment and Recurring Payment

Before selecting an e-commerce extension, understand that not all extensions are same. Whether it’s in terms of performance or in terms of how much they cost, they vary considerably. Talking about the cost of extensions, there are two types of extension prices that you can choose from:


  • One-Time Payment
  • Recurring Payment

Now, One-Time Payment for an e-commerce extension is what a seller needs to pay just ONCE. This one time extension may include lifetime upgradation of the extension and free support by the extension provider, without charging a penny.

On the other hand, Recurring Payment or Recurring Amount is the amount that you, as a seller need to pay periodically after a specific time interval to continue using the e-commerce extension. It could be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.



Points That Differentiate Between The Two Extension Types


  • Fixed Vs Variable Price

The e-commerce extensions with a One-Time Payment are anyway to be paid for just once, but in case of those e-commerce extensions which are available at recurring costs also, the price may vary. Such e-commerce extensions’ prices can further get bifurcated into two types:

  1. Fixed Price: If an e-commerce extension is available at recurring cost with a fixed price, then it just needs you to pay a certain ‘fixed’ amount of money at every interval.
  2. Variable Price: In contrast with the Fixed Pricing, if an e-commerce extension is available at variable prices, then it signifies that the recurring price of the extension may vary at intervals which is generally an increment in the price – knowing that no extension provider would like to bring a reduction in the price of the extension after any interval of time. This variation may depend on the amount of the goods sold by the sellers.

Some e-commerce extension providers also charge in proportion with the profits that a seller makes. So it may happen that if a seller’s business is running profitable, a share needs to be paid to the provider as had asked at the time of purchasing of the extension.



  • Upgradation



In the age of digitization, everything is changing with the blink of an eye and any e-commerce extension is not intact from this change. However, this change – or upgradation – may cost you bucks proving the process to be a heavy one on your pocket. That is because many extension providers charge the sellers to upgrade their extensions in synchronization with the advanced features.

On the other hand, web development agencies like CedCommerce don’t practice that. it provides the Lifetime Upgradation free of cost, making the process of integration a one time step.



  • Dependency



Sellers having extensions with recurring price type may experience the dependency over the extension provider. The charges sellers need to pay after regular intervals make the extension dependent on the provider. Any delay in the recurring payment may result in the debacle of the whole e-commerce platform and may cost the business. However, in case of a one-time payment for extensions, a seller is free to use the extension after the purchase of the extension and the dependency factor doesn’t exist at all.



  • Lifetime Expense



While doing any business, one of the most crucial factors that may affect our business graph is mental peace. Constant payment schedule – in the case of recurring fees for extensions – that one needs to maintain may works as an add-on responsibility for sellers as a specific amount needs to be paid to the service provider after regular intervals. If your business is vast, it may still be fine but if your business is not rendering you a good ROI, it may prove to be a white elephant you may not want to keep the possession of.



  • Payment in the time of Profit/Loss!



If the Profit Sharing factor is included while purchasing the extension, it may not look like a burden at the time of purchase but may create a nuisance you may not want in the longtime run. Honestly, which seller would want to give the profit share on a regular basis? This factor may affect the business of a seller too.

The case further gets bad if a business is not gaining much to a seller and still a profit/recurring charge needs to be paid. In such cases, extensions with one-time payment may prove to be not less than a boon to the sellers.



Which is Better?

Considering all the points mentioned above, it can be seen and said that the e-commerce extensions which are available at one-time payment have an edge over those available at recurring price/ profit sharing pricing type.

But is money-saving everything? Not at all! Some of you may come under the impression that the extensions that give you so much relief must be having some drawbacks which is NOT the truth! There are agencies and providers that render you extensions with a one time charge, offer you some exceptional ‘no-pay’ services, and take care of everything you may want!



Where can you find such e-commerce extensions with One-Time Payment?

To answer that query of yours, we are here! We at CedCommerce provide a wide spectrum of extensions that are available at One-Time Payment! Not only that but we provide other services as an add-on because at the end of the day, it’s client’s satisfaction and peace of mind that matters to us.

Using our extensions, sellers not only pay just once but get rid of any hassle that we’ve mentioned so far while they sell online.

So now, say no to any dependency, profit sharing, upgradation fee, or any other hassles that you may come across. Use the up-to-the-minute e-commerce extensions by CedCommerce, stay ahead of the curve, and experience the skyrocketing results.

Click on the framework links below to see our integration extensions based on various frameworks:

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