CedCommerce Integration & unparalleled support helped HCE
Unparalleled Customer Service helped this Clothing Store Integrate hassle-free on Walmart CA!

Unparalleled Customer Service helped this Clothing Store Integrate hassle-free on Walmart CA!


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Short Summary

Challenges Faced: Mathew Belear, the owner of HCE Ltd- an online clothing store, was drowning in manual tasks after onboarding the Walmart CA Marketplace. With a team of fewer than ten people at his behest, it became impossible for Mathew to manage his everyday store operations, and upload/manage products successfully on the marketplace. However, Mathew soon found a respite that established him as a Walmart success story.

Solution: Upon contacting Cedcommerce and our versatile team of experts, Mathew and his team found their footing on Walmart, CA. The user-friendly Shopify-Walmart CA Integration app aided the HCE team in uploading their products effortlessly.

Outcome: With unparalleled customer service, dedicated account managers, and decades of experience behind them- the CedCommerce team helped HCE establish itself as a Walmart Success Story. Additionally, our user-friendly Integration helped them with their inventory and brought about a 50% increase in overall traffic!

Mathew Belear’s Conundrum

HCE Ltd was founded ten years ago as an eBay clothing store, with Mathew at the helm of all operations. Aiming to expand their business and profits, HCE decided to start their own store in 2019 and onboarded the Walmart CA marketplace in late 2020.

CedCommerce Success Story

HCE sells clothing apparells, gadgets, and fashion accessories

When Mathew onboarded the marketplace with the pandemic roaring in the background, he did not expect to face many hurdles. With a team of fewer than 10 members, Mathew found it challenging to upload products, manage inventory, and look after his business, all at the same time.

“The assistance that I received from CEDCommerce and the integration to Walmart has been exceptional! Without them, the transition wouldn’t have been smooth. They responded to all our queries promptly, and I cannot stress enough how great the team is. I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future,” Mathew Belear.

Although Mathew Belear had big expectations with his Walmart store, he could not justify the effort it took to manage that along with his online store. Flooded with manual work, Mathew turned towards CedCommerce.

The CedCommerce Story

Walmart CA-Shopify Review: Walmart Success Story

Mathew Belear’s Review on the Shopify App Store

When Mathew contacted the Walmart experts at CedCommerce- he was directed towards our Walmart Canada-Shopify Integration App (Shopify powers hce-ltd.com). Additionally, Mathew was aligned with a dedicated account manager and put in contact with our customer service team.

The team at CedCommerce helped him onboard the Canadian Marketplace and made sure that Mathew was up-to-date on all the essential information about the marketplace.

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What features of the app helped Mathew?

Bulk Operations

Mathew performed a wide variety of Bulk product operations via the app’s CSV import and export feature. As a result, he could easily upload, retire, and update multiple products/product variants or add shipping exceptions in a few clicks!

Product Listing

 With a few clicks, products/product information could be updated individually or in bulk through a centralized platform. Because of which the HCE team was also able to upload products from their Shopify store and list them on Walmart.ca seamlessly.

Order Management

The app made it easier for the HCE team to manage orders generated from Walmart.ca or Shopify store in one spot. The app auto-acknowledges and processes orders- updates status, refund/cancellation, and a lot more.

Moreover, the app also fetched shipping details; consequently allowing Mathew and his team to enjoy auto-synchronization of new orders in near real-time.

Inventory Management

Above all, Inventory Management was simplified through automation. Hence, the team could upload and update inventories, retire or re-inject them, and set minimum/maximum thresholds to avoid overselling!

Unparalleled 24×7 Support and Services

The biggest and the most rewarding aspect of being in business with CedCommerce was its tremendous support. Mathew and his team enjoyed the exceptional support from a dedicated team of developers, business analysts, and Account Managers.
The free installation and demonstration of the app immensely helped solidify the relationship between these two companies.

“It was the support that won me over. All the updates and tutorials proved super helpful. I definitely see myself coming back to them for further assistance!,” Mathew Belear

All’s well if it ends well!

Mathew Belear and the entire HCE team are free to manage their business’s day-to-day operations while the app takes care of orders, inventory, and syncing of information. The HCE team found their Nirvana with the Walmart CA-Shopify Integration app by CedCommerce, efficiently becoming a CedCommerce Success Story. If you too are looking for an easier way to start a multichannel business, get in touch with CedCommerce and we’ll make sure you get the required help.

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