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How CedCommerce helped a baby-product store succeed on Walmart CA

How CedCommerce helped a baby-product store succeed on Walmart CA


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Short Summary

Challenges Faced

Bebelelo, a baby product store, found it difficult to upload and manage their extensive inventory and product catalog. The variant groups being especially irksome.


The Bebelelo team was facing product upload and updation issues that added to their day-to-day operations. A simple management and automation issue which- our clever Shopify Walmart Canada Integration solved instantly.

Once aboard our ship, it was smooth sailing for the Bebeleo team as they could upload their entire catalog of products hassle-free.


With the product-upload issue now solved, Bebelelo could attract buyers and sell more of their stock. Bebelelo ended-up generating a $72,000 revenue since using the integration.How the CedCommerce Walmart CA Integration helped Bebeleo

This pandemic has been a real table-turner for the whole e-commerce industry. The unprecedented competition and unpredictable sales made many sellers take a step back. However, Bebelelo, a baby product store based out of Canada, found itself turning a substantial profit while selling on Walmart Canada marketplace amidst all the uncertainty. How?

Well, Bebelelo faced many challenges upfront when they first decided to start their business on Walmart. The biggest of their challenges being product uploading.

About Bebelelo

Bebelelo is a bilingual baby product store that manufactures and sells baby furniture, equipment, and accessories. Although their catalog also extends to toddlers and adult-size furniture, ‘baby-product’ remains their focus category.

The ‘baby starter kit’ is one of their best-selling product group. The kit comes in several forms as an assortment of baby accessories and furniture, such as cribs, changing tables, car seats, stroller, dresser, high table, and even tiny cots and mattresses. These product groups especially created a lot of trouble for Bebelelo, who was drowning in manual labor.

The Challenge

Walmart product listing is not a simple task, especially considering the many variant groups Bebelelo sells. To the Bebelelo team, the varied product catalog and variant groups (starter kits) seem impossible to upload. Although uploading wasn’t the only issue, they faced.

Product updating also seemed like an unmanageable task to a small team that had to worry about product manufacturing and sourcing materials.

On the whole, the Bebelelo team found itself in choppy waters that were difficult to navigate. Luckily, the team heard about CedCommerce from a friend and decided to give us a shot.

“CedCommerce has THE BEST product upload and app assistance. The app has helped us save a lot of time and money. Plus the app increases our overall productivity,” Ely, Bebelelo.

How the CedCommerce Walmart CA Integration helped Bebeleo

The Solution

When the Bebelelo team contacted CedCommerce, our team immediately directed them towards the Integration Application for Walmart Canada. The easy-to-understand, user-friendly interface of the CedCommerce Integration solution helped the team upload and update their products hassle-free.

Bebelelo team was able to update and upload their catalog with just a few clicks, which saved them a lot of time and manual effort, thus helping the team focus on other aspects of the store. At the same time, the Integration app took care of acknowledging, accepting, and fetching orders.

Within a short period, Bebelelo scaled their store and have made an incredible revenue of $72,000!

About the CedCommerce Walmart CA Shopify Integration App

Onboarding and selling on any marketplace can be challenging, especially one as competitive as Walmart. The CedCommerce app aims to help Walmart sellers save time, effort, and a lot of money.
The integration app automates most basic functionalities and processes that are involved in selling on Walmart. The app makes selling a much simpler process, from making product upload and category mapping a breeze to ensuring partial order acceptance.How the CedCommerce Walmart CA Integration helped Bebeleo

What are the key features that helped Bebelelo?

  1. Bulk Product Upload: The biggest complaint of the Bebelelo team was product uploading. The Walmart Shopify Integration App rectified this by providing easy bulk product upload. Even helping sellers filter products by name, type, and stock while uploading them.
  2. Easy Product Updation: Product detail updation is made uncomplicated through the app. The app also helps in updating product names, descriptions, prices, and inventory easily.
  3. Near-Real-Time Syncronization: All changes made on the app are reflected on the store and on the Walmart seller center within seconds. Thus, ensuring complete synchronization of data.
  4. Order Management: The app also fetches and acknowledges Walmart orders. The partial order feature ensure that even partial orders are accepted so that Bebeleo doesn’t miss any revenue opportunities.
  5. Error Notification: The Walmart Shopify Integration App’s panel is relatively user-friendly. Any issue with a product or order is reflected on the panel itself, making sure that the seller can process and rectify all errors on time.
  6. Dedicated Support: The Integration app also comes with its unparalleled 24X7 support. CedCommerce also provided Bebelelo with a dedicated account manager who helped them understand the working of the app.
  7. Regular Updates: One of the most critical aspects of the app is the frequent updates. The Integration app shares all new features and updates introduced by Walmart with the seller, free of charge!

All’s well if it ends well.

Although the Bebelelo team faced many challenges during their initial stint on, they quickly turned it around. The Walmart Shopify Integration App by CedCommerce helped them adjust to Walmart Canada quickly, focus on other aspects of selling, and make significant revenue.
The Bebelelo team is all praises for the app and the support. They plan to continue their partnership with CedCommerce for the coming years.

If you find the Bebelelo journey inspiring, please reach out to us at or simply head to the Shopify app store and download the app.

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