9 Tips & Tricks Halloween 2022
9 Tips and Tricks to get Your Shopify Store Halloween Ready

9 Tips and Tricks to get Your Shopify Store Halloween Ready


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With Halloween approaching, the most looked out question for merchants is how to increase Halloween sales on Shopify. This blog discusses the nine simple and speedy tricks that will help you draft an effective Halloween sales strategy for your Shopify store.

The Holiday season of 2022 is everybody’s focus. Previous years witnessed a strong headwind of online buyers resulting from the pandemic. Millions of sellers and brands joined the online league of stores, marking an unprecedented growth in online shopping.

Halloween must know facts Shopify store

The first half of 2022 witnessed upward growth compared with the previous years. Whereas, the upcoming quarter can be a great time for merchants as American consumers are gearing up for the festive season a bit early this time.

Is your Shopify store well-equipped before the season of Halloween begins?

CTA Get your Shopify store Halloween ready

Why Should your Shopify Store be Halloween Ready?

Reports suggest that US-based buyers plan to make early purchases this holiday season because of inflation. In 2021, Shopify merchants collectively generated a whopping revenue of $6.3 billion globally during the holiday season with a 23% YoY growth!

Despite various obstacles (economic recovery, COVID-19), merchants rallied to make 2021 the most successful holiday season. Also, in 2022, Inflation and interest rate hikes haven’t yet stopped US consumers from shopping. There’s no denying that Halloween is one of the most lucrative Holiday seasons for US consumers who love shopping for the spooky festival.

The Holiday season allows you to increase sales and grow your revenues during the spooky season.

But, how do you get started? Well, let’s get started!

CTA Optimize your Shopify Store for festive sale

Quick and Easy Halloween Sales Tricks for Your Shopify Store

The actual game for merchants begins when they optimize their Shopify store for Halloween. We have prepared a checklist to help increase Halloween sales in your Shopify stores.

Here are nine easy and quick tips for increasing Halloween sales on your Shopify store.

  • Showcase the Best-Selling Items for Halloween – Showcase the best-selling products on your store’s homepage. Buyers tend to choose what’s trending. Popular costumes, masks, hand gloves, candles, pumpkins, decorative items, candies, and lights will help buyers easily decide what to buy from your store. CedCommerce Experts can also help you uniquely design your homepage for maximum conversions.
  • Leverage Social Media – Most consumers will use social media to draw inspiration for their Halloween costume ideas or party decorations. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can help promote your products. Leverage these platforms wisely to experience incoming traffic from social commerce.
  • Come up with Promotional Coupons and Offers for Halloween – Inflation has made buyers more conscious about spending. Consumers will look for promotional offers and discounts before they buy. If you are missing discounts and promotional offers, consider them soon. Offers like buy one get one free, bundled products, and discounts on bulk purchases can increase your Shopify store’s sales.

techniques to increase Halloween sales

  • Send Catalogs and Brochures via Emails – Providing the best discounts and selling unique Halloween items is of no use if the word doesn’t reach your potential customers. Creating a list of potential buyers via email for sending brochures and catalogs is the first thing you must do to get more visibility. You can get your email templates professionally designed by CedCommerce Experts for maximum conversions.
  • Get Something for the Human’s Furry Friends and Pets – Most people also look forward to buying something on Halloween for their pets. You can focus on selling Halloween pet items, such as fancy dog or cat costumes and Halloween theme pet collars. This can be a great way to make your store stand out among competitors.
  • Offer Limited Time Deals – Using countdown flash sales will make people crave your Halloween deals. These flash sales might not be easy to pull off. However, the process will go smoothly if you have CedCommerce Experts by your side. The concept works by putting up a few items for sale at a discount every day for some calculated time. The next day, it will offer new items at a discount.

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  • Sell with Integration Apps – Selling on Shopify is a breeze, but buyers also look to buy from other marketplaces. Integrating your Shopify store with other marketplaces will help with increased sales on the Shopify store and better product visibility. CedCommerce offers hassle-free integration services for your Shopify store with other popular platforms such as Etsy and Amazon.

Best Integration Apps for Shopify

  • Customize Products with POD to Inspire Halloween Shoppers – Customizing your products and providing print-on-demand services for Halloween is a great way to keep buyers optimistic about your store. They will probably look forward to finding out what customized print-on-demand items you will put on sale and might come back to find out every time. For e.g., Special custom-made Halloween theme smartphone covers.
  • Get Some Special Edition Products for Sale – Your buyers always want to look special and buy special products. Limited unique edition products are an effective way to make buyers curious about shopping for Halloween. For example, a special Halloween 2022 T-shirt, unique colored candles, or decorative items will be more engaging for the buyers.

pro tip to increase halloween sales


The spooky month of Halloween is just the beginning of the extended holiday season that will continue till December. If merchants can get their marketing strategy right, there is no stopping them from breaking records in sales in 2022.

CTA Redesign Shopify store for Halloween

The coming days will be crucial for all merchants; while the BFCM sales kick in, it will be essential to watch how Shopify merchants strategize their business and prepare Shopify stores for the BFCM season. We’ve got the cheat list for the same.

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