5 Critical Signs When You SHOULD Switch To Magento Commerce

5 Critical Signs When You SHOULD Switch To Magento Commerce


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Running an eCommerce store on Magento Community Edition and having trouble with it?

Relax! Here, after reading this blog, you will get to know the reasons for your problems and what are the solutions to them.

Although Magento 2 Community Edition is a free open source platform, still it does not provides you with enough functions and sometimes becomes a hurdle in your selling process. Moreover, it isn’t ideal if you are considering to start your multichannel business on Magento.

So before moving on to the signs when you should switch to Magento Commerce, let us discuss the problems you might face in Magento Community Edition.

What are the common problems faced in Magento Community Edition?

  1. Managing huge Catalogs becomes difficult for a seller on Magento Community Edition. This edition facilitates the management of limited catalogs only.
  2. To boost your multichannel business with Magento, the requirements will also increase. It becomes a necessity to have larger storage, which is not provided in the free version.
  3. PCI Compliance issues in Magento Community edition become a major concern as there is no Payment bridge available.
  4. The business can not be reached to a more refined targeted audience.

Wondering why these problems occur?

The reason you get trapped with these troubles is that you are still working on the Magento Community platform. It makes it very difficult for you to manage your store at a time when your business is snowballing.

Now, what should be the next step to get rid of these problems?

soultion to magento edition

The panacea to these problems is Magento Commerce(Enterprise) Edition. As you know, this edition of Magento is a paid version, but it provides so many features that will help you in effective selling.

You must be confused about when is the best time you should migrate to Magento Commerce Edition.

The answer lies in your requirements. When you experience that you are lacking the below crucial elements in your selling process, consider switching to Magento Commerce.

Here are the elements to clear off your confusion:

Database Clustering Support:

It creates more than one database that allows the splitting of data into different databases and hence making the management of the multiple databases easier. This provides flexibility in managing the store in Enterprise Edition.

Magento commerce database clustering support

Targeted Marketing/Selling:

Reach out to the selected audience where you want your business to reach. Product marketing makes your products more effective in the search results whenever a customer searches for it. Therefore this feature of Magento Commerce(Enterprise Edition) is much efficient for the sellers to make your store rank higher in terms of Search Engine Optimisation.

Integrated B2B Functionality:

Magento Commerce Edition transforms the experience of your business buyer to increase loyalty and to drive new growth. It empowers your business customers with the ability to create business accounts, set up multiple buyers and, with convenient self-service software, determine their different roles and responsibilities. This edition also facilitates creating personalized catalogs and price lists to ensure customers follow contract terms when buying online and providing account incentives to boost sales.

Automated Email Marketing Reminder:

This edition of Magento comes with advance feature that increases customer retention by automating email reminders and wish lists for consumers with abandoned shopping carts. Email alert campaigns are configurable and can be tailored for a variety of parameters like frequency, cart size, quantity and more.

Staging, Merging and Rollback of Content:

Switching to Magento Commerce Edition you can build a platform for the testing of new categories, product information, promotions, etc. After approval, content can merge to the live site, either on request or according to schedule. It supports on-demand, scheduled mergers, and content rollbacks.

So Now…

confusion for magento edition selection

What is stopping you from the Win-Win Move??

It’s the time when you have to decide which edition to choose for your eCommerce store. Going through the above signs is surely an obstacle to your growth and business expansion. It is a wiser decision for you to choose Magento Commerce(Enterprise) Edition; especially if you are planning to take your business to next level and start multichannel selling on Magento.

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