How to build an effective facebook ads funnel
Step-By-Step Guide to create Facebook Ads Funnel

Step-By-Step Guide to create Facebook Ads Funnel


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Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that is helping brands to reach a larger audience in a go. Thus, Facebook comes with a huge opportunity for the brands or sellers to generate leads and conversions by leveraging every step of the Facebook ads funnel.

“In 2020, Facebook generated close to 84.2 billion U.S. dollars in ad revenues,” Statista Report.

However, there is only a slight opportunity for your leads to convert into clients.To ensure the process goes through, you need to recognize at which stage the customer/viewer is at their buyer’s journey. After that, you need to create a strategy of converting them into customers.

And to make the process easier there is a facebook ads funnel that guides you to reach the customers and make them loyal towards your brand.

What is a Facebook Ads Funnel?

Facebook ads funnel is a marketing strategy of encouraging strangers via buyer’s journey to turn them into your paying customers. It is a marketing strategy designated to convert facebook ad viewers into your paying customers triggering several marketing touchpoints. It is one of the most impactful facebook marketing tools.

While the sales funnel includes 4 stages- Awareness, Interest, Desire/Decision, and Action, Facebook ads funnel includes three stages-

  • Top of the funnel
  • Middle of the funnel
  • Bottom of the funnel

Facebook ads funnel

These 3 stages are followed by a post purchase stage where you work towards converting the customers into loyal customers and promoters of your brand.

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Top of the funnel

At the top of the funnel, there is a cold audience at the awareness stage. These are the users who are not aware of your brand. Perhaps, it’s better to say that they are strangers to your brand.

Middle of the funnel

This stage includes warm audiences who are at the consideration stage. These are the users who are aware of your product/service and have shown some sort of interest in your product.

Bottom of the funnel

This is the last stage of the funnel that includes a hot audience who is at the decision/purchase stage. The audience is interested in the purchase. You just need to give them a push to complete the purchase process.

With Facebook ads you can target the audience at each stage of the buyer’s journey and motivate them to purchase the product. You need to boost the customers to move from the top stage to the bottom stage.

5 Step Guide to create facebook ads funnel:

A funnel building process includes several steps to nurture the audience at every step of their buying journey. Segmenting your audience to creating a content that aligns with their buying stage, it is a journey that needs to be curated focusing on the ad viewer. Here are the 5 steps to create a successful facebook ad funnel:

Segment your target audience

Segment the audience for each stage of the funnel. You cannot target the same audience at all the stages. To give the user a satisfying experience, we first need to identify what type of ads would fit or interest the user and at what stage the customer belongs. You can target a wider audience at the top of the funnel. But going down in the later stages of the funnel, the target audience should be condensed to give the prospects a better experience.

Create content that aligns with audience at respective stage of the facebook ads funnel

After you have identified the targeted audience’s buyer’s journey stage, you need to work on the content that suits their buying stage.

Irrespective of the type of audience, one needs to ensure diversity in one’s content. Putting out the same content cannot go for the audience at different stages.

Here is how you should approach audience at different stages:

Cold audience is not aware of your product, creating informational content will work best.

Warm audience must have shown some kind of interest in your product, give them the content that promotes your product and push them towards the bottom stage.

The hot audience is highly interested in your product, just need an extra push to complete the purchase process. Give them extra offers or personalized deals to encourage them for purchase.

Facebook sale offer ads

The content can be- a blog post, an infographic, a guide or a video, just make sure it fulfills the requirement of your target audience.

Work on creatives for each stage of the facebook ads funnel

The facebook ads content is extremely important for the targeted audience. Setting the right creatives for audiences at different stages is the vital step to your ad success.

Creatives for cold audience

At the top of the funnel, you need to introduce your product or service to the audience. Create engaging posts to capture the interest of the reader. Do not jump on selling the product, instead focus on the problem and make the audience be aware of that problem. Let them know that you are offering them the solution that they need.

The creatives for these audiences should be informational highlighting their pain points. Do not focus much on selling your products to them as this can discourage the audience who is unaware of your brand. Also, focus on engaging them with your content by asking questions, posting a quiz, or showing a very gripping video.

Facebook ad quiz

Highlight the general problem and tell them your product can be the solution to fix their problem. The user may not be interested in purchasing the product straightaway, but they must be interested in knowing more about the solution.

Pro Tip: Image, Video ads, Carousels or instant experience ads work best at this stage.

Creatives for warm audience

The audience at the middle stage is warm and have developed some sort of interest towards your brand or product. Prompt them to move to the final stage and drive them for the purchase.

This is the time to engage the visitors and turn them into prospects. Create informational and valuable content for them. A guide, webinar or a podcast – choose the one that gives value to the warm audience. Retarget them as they are somewhat interested in your product and are considering your product for their purchase.

Look for the ways to encourage them towards the final stage. Videos, Blog posts, Guides, Webinars or Ebooks, look for which content can drive the users’ interest for the purchase.

Creatives for hot audience

At this stage of the funnel, the audience is aware of your brand. The users are also considering your brand as a solution to their problems. Create personal messages for your audience at this stage and inspire them to complete the purchase process by giving them extra offers or limited time deals.

Now is the time where your audience is filtered and is very close to the checkout process. Let them know that you are the best choice for their investments. To do that, you can create a sense of urgency in your creative ad copy to persuade the viewer to complete the purchase.

Although people put the products in the cart , they somehow don’t complete the purchase process. This is where retargeting those abandoned checkouts can help. This is the stage that is going to convert the leads into sales. Moving the viewer from the top to the bottom of the funnel is a full fledged strategy to get the final output.

Repurpose/Remarket your content

The funnel process doesn’t end after the purchase is done. Try converting the buyers into your loyal customers. Retarget them for repeat purchases by remarketing your content. Ask them for their feedback or suggestions to increase their satisfaction level. Give them recommendations based on their interests. Repurpose your best performing contents into different types. For example, convert infographics into carousels or convert images into video ads.

In this context, the synergy between leveraging social media for e-commerce and the strategic practices of repurposing and remarketing content becomes evident

Create a Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is the best tool to analyse your ads performance. Get the data from the pixel and use it to optimize your facebook ads for retargeting the potential customers. Check the activity of the customers on your ads and retarget them with remarketing. Facebook pixel helps you to know what is working for ads and eventually you will be able to optimize the ads more impactfully.


Facebook ads funnel filters the audience at different stages of their buying journey. It can be one of the most powerful tools for successful facebook marketing campaigns. It gives you a great opportunity to reach a wider audience and turn them into your prospects or leads.

To get the best out of Facebook ads, you need to understand the process of buyers journey before targeting them for sales. Nurture them at every stage of the process and encourage them to complete the purchase process. After the purchase process try to convert them into your loyal customers. Till then, Happy Selling!

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