SEO Guideline to follow for your Items on
SEO Guideline to follow for your Items on

SEO Guideline to follow for your Items on


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No one operating an online business can escape SEO. The process enables you or your products/services to appear before your prospective audiences, thus generate lead and drive conclusion. is no different. In order to be their products shown at top of the search engine rankings, they do have a set guideline which they want their users to follow. As the states, “We want to present rich, content-driven product pages to our customers in order to improve both the user experience and organic search ranking. The longer duration a customer spends on a page and the longer the interaction, the more search engines see this page as significant and the better the ranking will be.”


So here are the Newegg SEO guidelines:


For Short Titles:


  • Minimum 70 Characters ( Recommended )
  • Follow the sequence while writing short title: Brand/Manufacturer Name – Model – Product Name – Most important feature
  • Use most relevant and similar keywords that describe their product



How to create a great Product Listing at



For Product Description:


  • Minimum content length should be 500 words
  • Unique, organic, paragraph for each item
  • Include relevant keywords, but do not stuff keywords or include “marketing fluff” in your description
  • Write content relevant for human readers
  • Recommend incorporating rich content such as images, videos, etc.
  • Utilize Google trends and keyword research to populate description organically with key search terms


And for more information do study this guide by Newegg.


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Therefore follow these tips and let your product appear on top search results at Also, for other Newegg Related information Visit:


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