Best Ways to Sell on Newegg Marketplace: A complete Guide

Best Ways to Sell on Newegg Marketplace: A complete Guide


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Is your primary audience or potential audience is tech lover? Do they mostly reside in the US and Canada? Are you looking for B2B opportunities in addition to the B2C?  If answers to all of them or any of them is yes, selling on Newegg Marketplace should be your top priority.  It offers competitive pricing of products with a firm commitment to on-time order fulfillment. Prefer to BRAND, Newegg has won so many awards for its excellence.  Here we provide a complete guide to best ways to sell on Newegg. Now sellers may have some concerns that is related to sell on Well, here are some of them:



  1. Why Newegg Marketplace?

  2. What are the Newegg Commission Rates for your products?

  3. How to sell on Newegg? – Step by Step Procedure

  4. Manual Method OR API Method?

  5. How to increase your sales at




1. Why Newegg Marketplace?

Newegg is one of the biggest marketplaces with more than 10.5 million products. It is an  Award Winning Website. It has  3 million customer reviews which show that it is a trusted marketplace for every customer. Also, it has presence in multiple countries. It is beneficial for the US based customers as they can sell their products in US and well as Canada. The other features of Newegg are-


  • Ever expanding customer base- It increases the no. of the audience 191 million yearly users as it is one of the largest marketplaces. It will provide you a platform so that you can understand who are the best persons to use your products.


  • Authority on Store- It gives you the complete authority to work with your catalog according to your wish. It depends on you that how much products you want to upload on this marketplace.


  • Strong Newegg Support- It empowers your business. If you are a  selling partner of Newegg than you have full access to Newegg marketing, service teams, and account management team.


  • Shipped by Newegg- It provides fulfillment service so that you can ship your products with Newegg easily.


  • Faster Payments- Newegg works on payment mode very quickly.  They process every transaction within 15 days.


  • B2B Crowd: Sell to over 350,000 Verified Business Customers which includes educational institutes, multinationals and more using

Newegg marketplace believes in customer satisfaction so they are very careful about it. Of course, if you want to sell your products on a trustable marketplace, then Newegg is one of them.


2. What are the Newegg Commission Rates for your products?


Newegg strictly avoids some products to be sold. They review your products very carefully and only then they will allow you to sell on Newegg. According to your product type, Newegg applies some commission rates on your products.

Since Newegg Marketplace is famous for electronic products, it charges very less commission rates to electronics products.


  • Computer Hardware                 –                10%
  • Consumer Electronics              –                 9%
  • DVD and Videos                      –                10%


But it’s not limited only to electronic products, you can sell various other categories of products. Here is the list of products with their commission rates-


Product Category Type of Products Commission Rates
Apparel & Accessories Sunglasses, shoes, wallets 14%
Appliances Refrigerators, vacuums, coffee machines 12%
Arts & Crafts General crafts, printmaking, pottery, ceramics & sculpting 13%
Auto & Hardware Car electronics, parts & accessories, tires 10%
Baby Health & safety, strollers, apparel 12%
Bags & Luggage Travel, business cases, backpacks 14%
Beauty Shavers, skincare, fragrance 12%
Books, Media & Entertainment Textbooks, new & used books 13%
Camera & Photo DSLR, point & shoot, lenses & accessories  9%
Cell Phone Accessories Cases, cables, wired headsets & speakers 13%
Health & Personal care Vitamins, supplements, hygiene 12%
Home & Living Vacuums, furniture, cookware 12%
Home Improvement Home automation, portable generators, power tools 12%
Jewelry Necklaces & pendants, earrings, men’s accessories 12%
Motorcycles & Powersports Vehicles, parts, riding gear 10%
Musical Instruments Microphones, PA speakers, electric guitars 10%
Office Supplies Gaming chairs, office furniture, ink & toner 13%
Outdoor & Garden Grills, pool supplies, outdoor heaters 12%
Pet Supplies Dog training aids, fish care, cat furniture & scratchers 11%
Software Business & personal finance, operating systems, PC games 15%
Sporting Goods Cardio equipment, bikes, binoculars & telescopes 12%
Toys Games & Hobbies Drones, RC, learning & educational 12%
Unlocked Cell Phones iOS, Android, Windows 8%
Video Game Consoles Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii 8%
Warranty & Service Replacement, installation, parts & labor 13%
Watches Men’s, women’s, smart watches 12%
Other   13%


3. Best Ways to Sell on Newgg:  Step by Step Procedure:

A seller can sell on Newegg in two ways:

  1. By manual selling (through the Seller Panel)
  2. By using API Integration Extension (through Third Party Provider)


We will cover both the methods one-by-one:


1. Manual Selling Method: To sell on Newegg it is mandatory to get approval from Newegg.


  • In order to register yourself on Newegg, just visit the Newegg Seller  Page and simply submit your details.
  • After reviewing your application, if Newegg finds the details as per their requirement, they will contact you.
  • Some days after contact, you will get your Seller ID from Newegg.
  • Now, you are all set to sell on Newegg.


2. API Integration Method:


  • You need to follow the same step for registering.


Tip: If you find this little bit tedious then you can contact a Trusted Service Provider which will contact Newegg on your behalf.


  • After getting the confirmation from Newegg, now if you want to use a third-party integration service you need to request Newegg to provide you Authorization and Secret Keys. 


Find Out Here: How to get Authorization Keys from Newegg Marketplace?


Now you need to list your product correctly on Newegg, so you must be aware of some points.


  • Create great product listing on Newegg
    It is necessary so that your product can be maximum visualized and can be sold out. You need to work upon your product’s description and on many more things to list them on top.


Find Out Here:  How to create great product listing at



  • Image and Video guidelines
    There are some guidelines according to which you have to give images for your products. If you are not giving the image of your products according to Newegg guidelines they will not list on Newegg.


Find Out Here:What are the product Image and Video guidelines on



  • Inaccurate content policy on Newegg
    Newegg reviews the content of the product’s description very sharply. If you have provided some unwanted abusive content which is not compatible as per social aspects, your products will always be in the deactivated state.


Find Out Here: Inaccurate Content Policy on


4. Manual Method OR API method?

As we have mentioned earlier, you can connect your store to Newegg by 2 methods-

  • CSV Manual Upload Method:  This method is more beneficial when you have less number of products and you don’t need to work much for product management. You can easily list your product on Newegg and can manage order also. But you can’t manage a large number of products through this process.


  • API Integration Method: If you have a great catalog then it would be advisable to adopt API integration method. In this method, all the functionalities are automated, therefore most of the things become easier to handle.


Why API method to sell on Newegg?

  • Automates Product Management: Manage your products seamlessly as per the guidelines of Newegg and list them on the top of Newegg listings.


  • Order Management: The app will fetch orders from Newegg and sync them with your store, thereby enabling order handling from your native store.


  • Inventory Management: Manages your inventory so as to provide prompt notifications about your product stock on Newegg marketplace.


  • Real-Time Synchronization: To achieve a seamless selling experience, you will find Real Time Syncing scenario in Newegg Marketplace Integration App which will reflect same results on both ends, your store as well as on Newegg Marketplace.


  • Custom Features: To manage your products’ price and inventory various features are available in the app so that you can customise the price and inventory on Newegg Marketplace as per your needs. Increase or Decrease your price and inventory by a fixed amount or percentage.


Pro Tip:  Always try to connect with an integration provider who is an authorized partner of Newegg because they will keep you updated through latest feeds of Newegg. You can register yourself through them.


All the functionalities will be performed automatically so you don’t need to do anything manually. This will make selling easier. Integration providers provide you with various features through which you can list your products at Newegg marketplace in a customized manner.


5. How to increase your sales at

Now when you are aware about how to sell on Newegg, the next question that may arise in your mind is how to increase your sales on Newegg? If you are following some simple rules of Newegg then definitely you can earn a lot from there.  So work on the following points-


  • Follow SEO guidelines while offering your products at Newegg-

Mere listing your products at won’t help you sell products. It is therefore advised to follow the set of rules by Newegg regarding the SEO.


Find Out Here: SEO Guideline to follow your items on



  • Avoid offering products prohibited by

Obviously, if you want to sell the same set of products which Newegg prohibits, you can’t earn a single sale, much worse they won’t be published at their platform.


Find Out Here: Prohibited Products at


How CedCommerce can Help You Sell on Newegg?

With its multiple integration extensions for Newegg, CedCommerceAn ace web development agency, helps the sellers to sell on Newegg. From framework that a seller is having or wishing to have, CedCommerce has extensions such as:


Not only this but we extend support and assistance for the utmost convenience of a seller:

  • 24*7 Free Support
  • One-to-One Training
  • Lifetime Free Upgrades
  • No Hidden Charges


So don’t wait anymore. Be ready to take your sales and revenue to new heights. You can also go with the links below to know more about Newegg Marketplace-



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