ebay shipping delay
Sellers to find relief as eBay shipping delay problem solved

Sellers to find relief as eBay shipping delay problem solved


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Recently(mid-December 2020), sellers got a sigh of relief in terms of eBay shipping delay. As recognized by the marketplace, eBay’s delay shipping mostly occurred due to regional COVID lockdowns. A considerable number of parcels failed to reach their destination, resulting in eBay shipping problems. Most of the time, the delayed shipping resulted in bad ratings from buyers. So the marketplace has come up with a solution for the same. Sellers can now save themselves from bad ratings due to late deliveries. eBay will not consider buyers’ bad ratings under certain conditions.

How can the sellers save themselves from eBay delayed shipping?

eBay has given out three conditions under which the sellers are safe from facing eBay shipping problems.

  1. If the delivery partner does a physical carrier scan within the handling time allotted to the order.
  2. Buyer selects “yes” for an item that “arrived on time” while giving feedback.
  3. Tracking system detects delivery scans within the latest delivery date given to the shipping partner.

Also, if the buyer finds a prior delivery date whereas the delivery partner delivers the product the last allowed delivery date, it will not be marked late.

eBay also said that they would update the new estimated dates for delivery to the buyers to remove confusion. But the sellers still need to fulfill the handling time criteria, keep the inventories up to date, and get in touch with the buyers in case of a need.

“We ask that you keep lines of communication with your buyers open. We are asking them to be patient.”, says eBay.

The buyer can open an “item not received” complaint only after the latest updated delivery date on eBay. The seller will get three days to answer back before eBay steps in.

eBay postage problems (international)

The delivery time bracket is bigger for eBay international shipping problems. eBay allows ten days of tracking within the last delivery date to the shipping partner. If the servers are unable to track the item anywhere within those 10days, eBay will mark the item lost. Now the seller will have to give a full refund to the buyer.

“For items in transit, we are keeping cases open for ten more days from the time a buyer asked eBay to step in to allow additional time for the item to be delivered,” eBay said in its note to the sellers.

In its latest announcement, eBay has brought a more significant set of relief features for the sellers.

eBay shipping delay solutions

eBay will not entertain the negative feedback of buyers for the following three conditions.

  1. Product was scanned by the carrier and tracked by eBay before the complaint was raised.
  2. Delivery scan depicts item delivery after the complaint is closed.
  3. Bad ratings due to delayed delivery will not impact eBay sellers’ service metrics ratings.

Also, eBay will automatically remove bad ratings if the shipping partner updates the delivery on eBay’s tracking system while the buyer still calls it a late delivery.


Since the marketplace has resolved a massive cause of tension for sellers, they can now focus more on better sales. Sellers no more need to take the tension of late deliveries due to COVID lockdowns at local levels.

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    But in their efforts to simplify they have taken away one huge advantage: the ability to request a pick up on my front porch from the Usps. Using this new method, I would need to go to the po whereas I seldom do know.

    • Avatar for CedCommerce

      Hello Kasey,
      These changes have affected various sellers in many different ways. But, you can always choose from various available options for shipping on eBay. You can go through our blogs to find more insights on the best shipping partners that can help you win customer’s trust.

  2. Avatar for CedCommerce

    Hi, This works fine if you sell using tracking. I opened a 2nd store just to sell simple paper collectibles that can be mailed with a stamp and save my buyers the costs of shipping with tracking. Works great as my sales exploded when i made this change.But ebay doesn't recognize the pandemic to those of us not using the tracking. Not fair – I mail out within 24 hrs and postal is horribly slow currently. I have tried to tell them when I respond to a defect and an auto response says nothing can be done with no tracking. I have 22 yrs in with ebay and not happy about this. I am looking for a different venue to take both of my stores products to sell.

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