Holiday Sales Overview
Walmart and Walmart Canada the best marketplaces for 3P sellers on Halloween 2018

Walmart and Walmart Canada the best marketplaces for 3P sellers on Halloween 2018


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The initial sales report for the Halloween has started to come in. As per the data, released by DigitalCommerce360, the overall sales exceeded the $3 billion in web sales. However, we still need to wait for organizations such as NRF and eMarketer to come-up with their data. NRF reported this year’s Halloween spending to cross $9 billion mark.


CedCommerce Client(s) Report:

However, CedCommerce has data of the number of orders received on Halloween [October 31, 2018] for its Shopify clients. Following chart shows the number of orders received on October 31 at different marketplaces.

Order Status Vs Marketplaces



US e-commerce Marketplace Data:

Though the Halloween is celebrated throughout the globe, commercially sales in the US towers the sales of any other region. As per the data obtained from CedCommerce’s Shopify clients, Walmart was most popular among buyers and the sellers received maximum orders on Walmart.


US Marketplaces Order Status


One surprising fact emerged from the performance of the Sears. Amid the reports of Sears being shutting down, many of the etailers were pessimistic about the performance of its e-commerce marketplace.


However, it became evident that the no of orders received at Sears on Halloween surpassed many other marketplaces such as Jet, Etsy, Wish, Pricefalls and Tophatter.


Therefore, as per CedCommerce take, the revised strategy of Sears for the Holiday season is clearly working and etailers need to be optimistic about their prospects in the upcoming BlackFriday-CyberMonday weekend.


Canadian Ecommerce Marketplaces:

Similar to the United States, the Walmart Canada also witnessed maximum orders received by 3P sellers from their platform. The other two marketplaces Best Buy and Newegg trailed behind Walmart Canada this Halloween Season.



Furthermore, 80% of the Canadian population on the areas near the United States Border, the Canadian customers order internationally a lot.


International Ecommerce Marketplaces:

As Halloween is a cultural event which is celebrated in multiple parts of the world with equal enthusiasm, the marketplaces with international presence performed well in this season, Fruugo leads the charge with highest orders, followed closely by Wish with Etsy and Bonanza closely following.


OrderstatusIntenational Marketplaces


CedCommerce Take:

As per the sales growth, the high spending at Halloween reflects the great mood of buyers, therefore the upcoming Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend will witness a significant purchasing activity.


  • The 3P sellers should not lose hope in the Sears.
  • Walmart will be most popular among buyers
  • Fruugo is the best place to get international buyers in abundance.
  • Wish is increasingly getting popular
  • Newegg holds its command among Gadget Lover buyer persona


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