proshop multi vendor marketplace
Proshop Enabled Easy Onboarding For Hundreds Of Sellers with Custom Built Solutions

Proshop Enabled Easy Onboarding For Hundreds Of Sellers with Custom Built Solutions


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Milo Murphy’ Proshop is the result of his continuous disappointment due to no personalized shopping experience while trading golf items online. a multi vendor marketplace is launched to ensure buying and selling golf equipment remains an inexpensive affair.

Milo Murphy’s Sharp Business Acumen

The love for golf makes it a highly popular sport in the United Kingdom. The Britons are die hard golf lovers.

As life was back to normal after the pandemic, it was a perfect time to return to the golf course with renewed vigor. The entrepreneurial mindset of Milo sensed the upcoming surge in the demand of golf accessories like tee times and clubs. It strengthened his belief that opportunity is too big but not too far.

The Market is Booming, Then Why Was Milo (ProShop Business Owner) Stressed Out

The passion for sports is fueling the UK’s golf equipment market. Statistics predict the size to reach USD 847.47 million in the next four years.

Milo’ Proshop is enabling sellers with required functionality to build an online store and scale it into a brand. Moreover, there are no hidden costs and no listing fee as well.

As a result, it has evolved into the UK’s leading marketplace for golf equipment both new and used in just 21 months.

Proshop multi vendor marketplace

But, Sellers Aspiring To Sell On ProShop Alongside Their Online Store Found It An Uphill Task.

Selling on multiple channels is challenging not only for newbies but also for one who understands the importance of consistent messaging and branding across all platforms.

Here a few hurdles that discouraged sellers from listing their hundreds of on the ProShop

sellers were worried about selling on Proshop

  • Managing inventory gets complex, due to which accepting orders and finding inventory is scarce to fulfill the order is a possibility. It’s a nightmare for every seller.
  • Uploading products is a tedious process and error prone as it is manual.
  • Storing data in multiple sheets eliminates the comfort of centralized view. Updating the latest status requires extra effort.
  • Processing orders on more than one platform simultaneously lessen the chances of timely order delivery.

This resulted in a dire need for a solution to streamline the selling process without compromising on accuracy and speed.

Milo Murphy Wanted Sellers To Sell Without Messing Up Their Existing Process

The ProShop owner was well aware of sellers aforementioned concerns. Hence, he was looking for a marketplace integration solution that will not be difficult to implement. As a result, it will help Milo to make his business popular and profitable among the seller community.

Therefore, he browsed through numerous solutions for global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and dig deeper into reviews to get a crystal clear picture.

Impressed with seller oriented features, he went on learning about e-commerce integration at a deeper level. His search eventually ended up on

He stumbled upon loads of positive reviews on third party sites by numerous sellers about CedCommerce spectacular services. It influenced him to get connected with the support team whose responsiveness he found impressive.

ProShop Owner Found CedCommerce Custom Solutions Highly Impressive

CedCommerce integration solutions satisfyingly answered all the queries popping in Milo’s mind. Based on his business requirement he requests for custom tweaks to ensure integration solutions are best fit for ProShop.

Developers understood the technicalities and promised to develop a custom solution to enable seamless onboarding and selling on ProShop

Hence, the owner of the golf equipment marketplace expressed interest to empower ProShop with the expertise of CedCommerce.

Two Custom Built Solutions Empowered ProShop To Become Sellers Favorite Multi Vendor Marketplace

  • Shopify to WooCommerce Connector with Dokan Compatibility
  • WooCommerce Dokan Shop Connector

These custom solutions were developed from scratch to empower Proshop to onboard sellers and list products in bulk.

The stock sync feature helped sellers stay 24/7 updated with real-time inventory status across the store and Proshop. Moreover, sellers were delighted about no more overselling or underselling.

Few More Features That Assisted Proshop Sellers To Streamline Selling Operations

  • Instant Product Creation – As soon the sellers adds a product on their WooCommerce store, it will be created on their Dokan shop within Proshop
  • Product Description Uniformity – This feature ensured all product attributes (descriptions, features stock, price) were exactly the same between the seller store and Proshop.
  • Existing Products – Apart from new product all the existing product will be added from seller WooCommerce store to corresponding Dokan shop within Proshop
  • Order Sync – Order arrives on Proshop or on the seller’s store in either scenario,it will be managed simultaneously. As a result, sellers need not worry about discrepancies in order status.

As a result, Hundreds of sellers have uploaded thousands of golf equipments and related products without friction from their store to Proshop

Sellers experienced hassle free onboarding and found managing products simultaneously on two channels doesn’t require extra time or special efforts on Proshop.

Moreover, the process didn’t demand high level tech expertise.

Words Of Appreciation By ProShop Owner, Milo Murphy

client 's words of  appreciation

The account manager is very responsive and helpful when required, the initial kick off meeting to discuss the requirements was key to the success of the project to ensure all of our expectations aligned.

All Things Considered – Enabling Ease For Seller Results in Rise of Multi Vendor Shop

Launching and managing a multi vendor marketplace is no child’s play. But, Milo was determined to launch a multivendor marketplace for golf equipments. He achieved his dream with the custom solutions built from scratch.

CedCommerce deep know how of buidling a successful multi vendor marketplace was key to empower solutions with functionalities that allowed sellers with easy onboarding and product listing on Proshop.

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