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How PWA Boosts Growth of Small Business?

How PWA Boosts Growth of Small Business?


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The smartphones took over the internet like a storm. This obviously creates tremendous opportunities for businesses. The websites failed to create the same impact on mobiles. The mobile native applications do engage mobile audience but they come at a heavy investment which SMEs lack. Soon SMEs were struggling for sustenance. Progressive web app changed this entire equation of mobile heavy online landscape and gave SMEs a better chance to target mobile audience within their budget.

Smartphones contribute 53% of online traffic in Dec 2019. PWA for business unleashes opens the potential of reaching consumers.

Source – Statcounter 

SMEs can’t ignore the ever-growing base of mobile internet. While big brands successfully take advantage of the mobile platform with the help of Native Apps, but  Native Apps demands a hefty investment of both time and money.

Any ordinary website didn’t connect with the mobile audience as it does for computer. SMEs were not having the desired budget. Their websites do not give the same impact  It is always a serious concern for SMEs to engage users across all online platforms and do it successfully. PWA for business website serves the ideal solution SMEs desperately needed to target the mobile audience.

How PWA is an ideal solution for small businesses?

PWA for Business

SMEs can create better websites with the help of PWA to woo both computer & mobile audience at the same time. To engage mobile audience without native apps was seemingly impossible before the arrival PWA. Now the SMEs can create a sleeky and quick web applications for mobile browser which are as interactive as apps but don’t take away much out of your pocket. People prefer fast and seamless business websites and you can’t deny facts, can you?

Around 47% of online users bounce off a website if page fails to load within 2 seconds.

Source –

So your website needs to engage users without wasting even a second. This is much more difficult than most people think, especially for the mobile users. Progressive web app is interactive. This web solution meant to engage visitors from computer or mobile at the same time. Magento PWA Studio has the features and abilities that serve all these requirements of SMEs with precision.

Here are some key attributes which makes PWA for business an extremely necessary asset in the age of mobile internet.

  1. Responsive design – This makes the website adjustable for the screen resolution of the device being used for the browser.
  2. Personalized engagement on smaller screens – Cache memory to save the content of webpage & use it even without internet connectivity. This reduces the page loading time to a marginal value.
  3. Launch Icons without a native app – PWA enables the website to create its launch icons and add them on the home screen of the mobile. The even better part is that SMEs don’t need to force visitors for downloading any app. Still, SMEs will get audience outreach equal to native mobile apps.
  4. Accessible with slow or no internet connectivity – PWA optimizes the website in a way that works fast and fluent on mobile browsers. The loading time of website goes down to negligible value. Cache data stores a few specific dynamics of webpage which do not loads each time you visit the page.
  5. Interactive like app at budget of website – The PWA elevates the user experience of the website with its interactive user interface and intuitive layout. It gives an impression of native mobile apps to your visitors.
  6. Easy to Search & Use – Every webpage has its own unique URL. PWA being a website at its core uses many URLs for different pages. This makes PWA better from an SEO perspective and being a web app makes it even easier to find than the native apps. It is a much more complex process to place an app on the app stores.
  7. More safe & Secure than native apps – Safety of Data servers is an advantage to PWA over native apps. You can secure any possible data breach with the HTTPS protocol.

What are the benefits of PWA for Business SMEs?

Progressive web app

The progressive web app provided similar features that Native Apps used for a competitive edge on web experience offered by mobile browsers. This reduced gap between the two website and apps. With PWA for business websites, the mobile outreach is leveled up and the playing field is square once again. You can easily penetrate the mobile audience by giving them a Progressive web experience. You can easily figure out when to adopt PWA for business.

Here are some key benefits of PWA that SMEs can extract with the help of a Progressive web app.

Consistency across all platforms

A business must follow a similar pattern and that shall be used all along. Websites have a lot of small details that need optimization for different screen sizes. The recommended products, search results, shopping carts & account data, everything needs consistency. PWA for business has all these elements for mobile browsers. Progressive web application personalizes the data about the user in an integrated way for use in both mobile and computer browsers. Thus, a user sees a consistency in the way website looks whether he is visiting from a website or mobile.

Gives dynamic attributes of apps to website

With PWA for business websites, you can get the interaction quality of a mobile app but without any complications of development. This is one of the most exciting aspects that PWA for business website brings to any small enterprise. The progressive web is driven by interactive and dynamic layout. It optimizes and organizes the website in responsive manner depending upon the screen size. Dynamic features of progressive web app are a massive boost to any business website.

Takes user engagement a notch higher

The Progressive web app uses to cache data to enhance website performance. This makes the website fluent and delivers a seamless user experience. This has an inadvertent impact on the conversion strategy of an eCommerce website. User engagement must never disrupt by sluggish performance. This makes your eCommerce website more impressive and user-friendly for online visitors.

Uses analytics to target user interest

Progressive websites offer various tweaks such as recently viewed products, similar products, also bought and various other segments on the webpage. You can stay relevant in the mind of the user with these specially targeted & personalized messages taking them back to the kart. This can pull the user back to the product if the user is keenly interested in purchase.

Works with slow internet

You can buy a better connection for the Internet but can not make sure it delivers. Poor internet speed spoils the interest of user. PWA is full of dynamic features but this does not put a burden on the internet for loading. Progressive Web App have ability to keep cache and re-uses the data from the next visit of the user. 

Saves Work Progress Even Offline

The PWA for business makes their website function the same way even if user is offline. The information collected in the form of cache memory on the first visit of user is used from the next visits. In cases where the internet is unavailable, certain functions of the web application can still be done and progress is saved. This progress updates as soon as the internet connection is re-established.

Pleases the User with web experience

Any mobile user gets a very similar experience on Progressive web app. The mobile app-like user interface makes it more enjoyable for users to visit and explore the website. Interaction with mobile shoppers becomes much more engaging. This enhances the user engagement and your website conversion strategy becomes sharper and effectively helps to create customers out of visitors. 

Re-engagement with Push notifications

There are some ways for retrieving those users back to complete the transaction. Notifications can play a very important role in retrieving the interested users back to the site. Push notification is an effective re-engagement tool that native apps use. PWA for business websites brings the same thing to mobile. It makes a huge impact if used intelligently. An enticing notification is great trigger for genuine buyers.

How Progressive Web App Help Growth of SMEs? 

Benefits of PWA

To grow in today’s market, small businesses have to make the best use of online traffic. It is an effective channel to tap your target audience by using your online presence intelligently. 

  1. Engaging & responsive website with interactive feature.
  2. Optimizes the web experience for mobile browsers in a cost efficient way.
  3. Enhances impact of user engagement. 
  4. Starts interaction by using the user analytics. 
  5. Re-engagement with users who have genuine interest to buy product. 
  6. Increases business outreach to mobile audience without investing on native apps.

If you are a small business looking to leverage mobile platforms, Progressive web app gives you the perfect canvas to go online. To learn more, here is a webinar which helps you understand the transitions.

Concluding Remarks

An eCommerce website needs not only compatibility but engagement too. The websites designed for desktops and laptops don’t create the same impact on a small screen. Progressive web app enhances the user engagement for mobile users and boosts the website experience with an intuitive & responsive interface.

88% of mobile users will not install mobile apps if they get the same features on a website. 26% of mobile users cite lack of storage space as excuse to avoid new apps.

Source – Google Stats

Small business need to offer better web experience to mobile audience for competing in the age of native apps. This is vital for not only engaging the viewers but also convert interested users into customers. You may not have the budget to develop native apps but you have a very good alternative for it. PWA for business is an alternative that reaches and engages the mobile audience effectively. SMEs need an edge while interacting with a potential buyer coming from mobile. Progressive web app offers a perfect foil for web experience of mobile users. This eventually has a good impact on business beyond any doubt.

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