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Multichannel Importer by CedCommerce goes live on Shopify App Store

Multichannel Importer by CedCommerce goes live on Shopify App Store


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Enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their online brand independent of the marketplaces, the multichannel importer goes live on the Shopify app store. This Multichannel eCommerce app will enable entrepreneurs to move listings from their seller accounts at leading marketplaces (Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wish and Etsy) to their Shopify stores.

This development holds special significance for CedCommerce.  With the launch of the multichannel importer, CedCommerce has moved into a different product-line for the Shopify e-commerce framework. 

Abhishek Jaiswal and Himanshu Rauthan, the founder and director duo expressed their optimism towards the success of this new product line (exclusive for Shopify). They congratulated the team and urged them to replicate the success similar to their multi-channel apps product line.

Features and Specifications:

The app complies with modern Polaris guidelines by Shopify which offers rich UI/UX experience similar to Shopify. As a result, merchants always feel at home while roaming through the app.

The core functions of the app include:

1) Bulk Item Transfer:

The function empowers merchants to select all the products at once and import them to their Shopify Stores.

2) Variations-Compatible:

The app also fetches the variations of the main products, therefore, reducing the complexity involved with product transfer.

3) High-Resolution Image Transfer:

Merchants can also fetch the main image from their respective Marketplace Seller account to their Shopify store.

4) Flag Products:

The app provides the flexibility of flagging (omitting) items in which merchants don’t want to be part of their brand at their respective Shopify store.

5) Daily Autonomous Sync:

The app updates any inventory or pricing related changes made to Marketplace Listings at the merchant’s Shopify Store.

6) Upload Products via CSV:

This function empowers users to move their listings from any e-commerce marketplace to their Shopify store. All they require is the data of the listings as CSV feed.

Availability and pricing:

The app can be downloaded by following the link: click here. The app is completely free and anyone can download it. Moreover, up to 10 products import is free. Thereafter from 10 products to up to 300 products pricing is $0.1 per item.

Furthermore, there are further discounts depending on the slabs. The different slabs refer to the number of SKUs for a given range. For example, if you want to import 10,000+ products, then you qualify for 80% discounts.

Note Base fees/product = $0.1

Therefore, suppose you have 10000 products.

Then, Total pricing = $(10000*0.1)

                                = $1000

Since it falls in the last slab whose corresponding discount is 75%

Therefore final pricing = $1000 – $1000 * 75%

                                     = $1000 – $750

                                     = $250

So, the merchant is required to pay $250. Merchants can get information about blogs belonging to different slabs at the time of the installation.

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