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Mobile App Personalization: Top Ways to Convert & Retain customers

Mobile App Personalization: Top Ways to Convert & Retain customers


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Is your mobile app engagement level dropping? Are you losing your customers? It would be best if you tried Mobile app personalization.

Users are tired of a simple interaction with their mobile apps. That incorporates notifications and content relevant to them, which is very common. No one would use an app that does not solve their specific problem or cater to their needs.

So to offer your users an enhanced experience and cater to their specific needs, mobile app personalization is needed. It will increase user retention and engagement levels.

What is mobile app personalization?

Mobile app personalization is developing an app to the specific user needs. Not only in apps but personalization can be done in other forms also. Offering users a personalized experience makes them feel special. Mobile App personalization may incorporate suggestions, tips, recommendations, notifications, push notifications, special offers, discounts, etc. All of it is relevant and individualized to users.

Why Is Mobile App Personalization Is Essential?

There are a number of reasons that show us why delivering a personalized experience is important to users, like other businesses. A recent survey by Accenture reveals that 91% of users are more likely to recommend brands that offer personalized with relevant offers and recommendations.

Here Are Some Essential Benefits Of Mobile App Personalization

App personalization comes with numerous advantages that make it worth implementing. Some of these advantages incorporate the following.

Increased User Retention

With around 5.23 million applications available on app stores currently, it is correct to say that the mobile app market is overcrowded. If you want to stand out in this overcrowded market, you need to offer something unique to your customers. Understand their requirements and deliver them what they want from you.

Turn Your Online Store Into A Robust And Fascinating Mobile Application

Offering a personalized experience to the users gives your users more reasons to install and retain on your app. Offering your users an outstanding product with all their needs and requirements tailored efficiently makes them use your product repeatedly. App personalization makes your app stand out from the crowd. A report by Evergage reveals that only 28% of apps available in the market are personalized. So this giving your application a personalized experience could be a great way to stand out in the crowd.

More In-App purchases

Shoppers are likely to make more purchases when they receive discounts or personalized offers. So you need to take care of your users, gather their requirements, likes, and dislikes. And offer them beyond their expectations from you. So reaching your users personalized can be a great way to entice them for a purchase.

Enhanced user experience

Shoppers would prefer an app that offers products and services based on their interests, shopping history, and preferences. So the mobile app personalization has a great effect on the overall user experience. A study report by eMarketer shows that 35% of consumers reveal that they want more personalization.

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Increased Awareness

You can increase app awareness by comprehending what your users particularly like about your app. Or by figuring out things that can be improved. Analyze and collect user data and determine how the users interact with your application. You can gather this data in the form of a quick survey; you also pay your users a gift for filling out the survey form.

Offering gifts will compel your user to fill the survey form. So work on analyzing user behavior, their past shopping habits, demographics, and other vital insights. Once you have collected all the important data from your users. Then, you will offer them a personalized experience beyond their expectations. Make every possible effort to gather maximum information about your users.

Increased Brand Loyalty

No matter what sort of business you are running, having a loyal customer is the key to any business’s growth. Loyal customers are likely to make repeated purchases, engage with your app and recommend your product to their friends and acquaintance. According to localytics, loyal customers make 25% more in-app purchases than others. And brand loyalty can be increased by offering your users a personalized experience.

Around 33% of users leave a business because of poor personalization. Apart from increasing brand loyalty, personalization also helps in generating more revenues. According to the Gartner report, personalization will increase the profit of digital businesses by 15%. So if you want to increase brand loyalty, focus on app personalization.

How To Personalize Your Mobile App?

Now that we have gone through the importance of app personalization, here we will discuss how to implement it in the app.

Collect User Information

Before offering your users a personalized experience, it is imperative to gather their information. Collected information or data will help you to understand your users in a better way. You can gather information like who your users are, what they want, or their preferences. Once you clearly understand your users, you will quickly build a customized experience. User information may incorporate the following details.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Profession
  • User preferences
  • Purchase history
  • When they’re using your app
  • Devices they’re using
  • Likes and dislikes
  • App activity
  • Etc.

Once you have collected all the essential information, you can easily create a personalized experience for your users.

Offering Social Media Logins

Most users don’t like the hectic long registration process. So enabling them to use your app through their social media account will make their way quick and simple.

Through this, you gather the user details and make the onboarding process seamless for your users.

Personalize Push Notifications

Sending simple promotional messages or notifications is outdated and doesn’t engage users anymore. So the challenge is to send them engaging and relevant push notifications. You can do it by sending them personalized push notifications based on their behavior, demographics, etc. So Push notifications are used in numerous ways i.e. location, demographics, or behavior-based. The factual report shows that about 9 out 10 marketers reveal that location-based marketing results in increased sales. So it is good to offer a discount to the users nearby your store. Attract and engage your visitors by sending them personalized push notifications.

Entice your audience with personalized push notifications

Respect your user’s Privacy

Studies reveal that consumers usually do not have any issue giving out their data for personalization. According to a salesforce study, about 57% of people trade personal data for personalized offers. Another research from Statista shows that 48% of users say that it is okay if firms use their purchase history to make a personalized offer.

So generally, users don’t have any issue giving out their data for personalization. But you should be transparent to your users about what information you are collecting and how you utilize it. For example, in the case of push notifications, if users enable push notifications, don’t spam them with notifications 100 times a day. So use the information wisely that you have gathered from your consumers. Do use it in a way that breaks your consumer’s trust.

In A Nutshell

Utilizing common and simple methods to attract and engage customers don’t work anymore. To retain and attract customers, it is imperative to offer them a unique experience. So give your users a unique personalized experience that retains them to your app. MageNative offers a fast and robust mobile application that will help you attract and retain visitors. Experience an amazing app with a free trial by MageNative.

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