How to enhance mobile app user experience?

How to enhance mobile app user experience?


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As mobile applications are now becoming a need for every business. It is very important for you that you should stand out from the crowd. Enhancing the mobile app user experience is the most important thing to consider to stay in the market.

With approx 5.19 billion mobile users around the world, a mobile application has turned from a luxury to a need for every business. However, it is also correct that from numerous apps available on marketplaces, an average smartphone user uses only 30 apps per month. So this shows that if you are offering an app to your customer, it should be exceptionally outstanding.

But what is an outstanding or a good app? Actually, it is the user experience that makes it a good or a bad app. Better the user experience, the more are the chances that users use your app.

Here we will discuss some tips for improved app user experience

Loading speed and Proper features

A report by Google shows that if a web page takes more than 5 seconds to load, the possibility of bounce rate increases up to 90 percent. As we all know that most users abandon an app after a single use just because they do not get a proper app user experience as per their expectations.

It is very important to speed up your app, and there are numerous ways to speed up an app for example reducing plugins, optimising images etc. so try to make the loading speed of the page as fast as possible.

The functionality and speed of the app must be efficient and fast so that it will motivate users to download an app. It is the first thing a user experiences after downloading the application.

Efficient on-boarding process

The on boarding process is the first experience of the user using an application. The on boarding process lets the user understand the app and its functionalities. A well-crafted on boarding process enhanced the app user experience and increases the chances of conversion rates. So when your mobile app is designed and built properly, it increases the chances of a successful adoption.

The main goal of the on boarding process is to reveal the value of an app to the user, by showing how they can attain what they want efficiently and quickly. If the user experience is bad within the first few screens, they would likely stop using an app without any hesitation. Delivering an outstanding on boarding experience is the basis for attracting and retaining customers.

It is observed that user retention is dropped by 25%, within the first few weeks after downloading an app. Although a report by localytics observed that an efficient on boarding process increases user retention by 50 percent. So to increase the retention rate and engagement level you need to make your on boarding process efficient.


Usability incorporates the layout of design, content, information and other things that enable the user to complete their goals within the application. It helps users by letting them know which icons can be tapped, selected or swiped. Make sure to remain consistent with the gestures throughout the application to optimize usability. Also, keep the size of links and buttons proper and well-spaced to avoid any selection errors.

Keep the registration/checkout form short for an enhanced app user experience

Keep the registration/checkout form as short as possible, so that users could easily fill in all the details(credit, debits cards and billing information) easily during the checkout process. Creating large registration can make users frustrated. So to decrease high drop-off rates, keep your registration form short and include only those fields that are necessary. Also, you can streamline the process by integrating prediction text assistance, spell check and autocomplete.

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Make search easier

Help your visitors discover what they want quickly to fulfill their requirements and drive conversions. There are numerous search strategies you can include in your app like a keyword search, providing visitors with a filter, and a search button to navigate them directly for what they are searching for. This can significantly enhance their user experience. The purpose of this technique is to help visitors to find precisely the thing they’re looking for.

Trustworthiness and security

Security is a big concern for most app users nowadays. Most users fear and do not trust while entering their card details during the checkout process, so you must ensure your users that their information will be safe and secure. And for this, you need to provide transparent permission policies to your users and allow them to control how their personal data is shared within an app.

If you clearly outline your business policies, your user feels more secure when accepting permissions. You can include privacy guidelines, to create transparency among your users. So for an enhanced app user experience, an app should be secure and trustworthy.

Interactive UI interface

Create an interactive and glanceable user interface design that conveys the message quickly and easily to the viewer at a glance.

Keep up the visual consistency with the typography, color palette and other components; create a consistent visual flow from first to different components and facilities for the clients to accomplish their objectives easily.

Make sure to be consistent with UI design and keep it simple – shorter navigation, darker colors, and limited background services.

Get the unnecessary features away from the users as it can back them off from accomplishing the objective thus leading them to abandon the app.

A moderate approach to deal with your app design is always the best choice.

Convert your online store into an interactive mobile application


Gesturization is the action that a user takes while interacting with an app like tapping, scrolling, swiping or pinching. Knowing users’ behaviour is important for gesturization as it helps to recognize the actions they are familiar with.

Clear CTA

A CTA or call to action is an interactive element of the mobile user interface. Its main aim is to convince users to take action for a particular page. Call to action can be like subscribe, contact, purchase etc. An attractive and effective call to action is easily noticeable and makes people take some action i.e. subscribe, contact or purchase. The main aim of the call to action is to generate a lead for a business and increase the business revenue.


There is a big need for assistance and support after purchasing technical products like an app. So offer them every kind of support they require like FAQs, 24×7 live chat support or 24×7 on-call support etc. And offering a customer support service to your customers creates a sense of satisfaction and reliability among your customers.

In a Nutshell

So from the above tips it is clear that to offer an enhanced user experience, it is very important to improve the overall performance of an app. The app must be pleasing, intuitive and interactive to its users, because no one wants to interact with poorly designed apps. An exceptionally designed app with outstanding features will help you attract new visitors and retain the existing ones. You can start your mobile journey with a 30-day free trial. Availing a free trial lets you experience a full-featured app without spending any money.


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