Mautic OpenCart Integration Module Now Live on OpenCart Marketplace

Mautic OpenCart Integration Module Now Live on OpenCart Marketplace


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Portland, Oregon (17/01/2020): To make the online selling more personalized for the merchants, you can give a start with a marketing automation tool. CedCommerce brings you Mautic OpenCart Integration Module which is Now Live on OpenCart Marketplace and also available on CedCommerce Store.

By analyzing market competition, patterns, and development in the automation industry. CedCommerce offers you the opportunity to download and install a free, open-source marketing automation program. It allows you to automate the business and make the decision-making process effective. And maintain a personalized customer relationship effortlessly.

In today’s era, Mautic OpenCart Integration is a boom to effectively manage leads, abandoned carts, and regular follow-ups so it provides personalized communication and because of above all gets improved CRM.

Mautic OpenCart Integration

Mautic seems to focus on commercial customers to track their email addresses and postal addresses. Using our extension, you can link your OpenCart store and mautic. This helps you to synchronize the contact details and purchase information from your OpenCart store to Mautic.

This can be done with API credentials and Mautic URL so you can customize extension’s settings, and when it’s completed, you’ll get all of Opencart to Mautic customer data.

  • Auto redirects users to relevant stores based on their location.
  • Enables customers to select the desired store manually.
  • Add multiple rules for various countries and regions.
  • Use IP extensions to white-list specific customers and contacts.

Key Features of Mautic OpenCart Integration

Product Recommendation

Helps in suggesting the products to the merchant based on their customer’s purchase history and let them increase their sales. And this improves the effectiveness of production.

Order Follow-up

Mautic lets you send the follow-up emails to clients and convince them to make further purchases and give them a personalized email according to their details

Customer Segmentation

This mautic feature allows you to track and segment the data according to their property and identify the merchant’s proper line on how to treat it.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

This allows you to send automatic emails to customers who left without making a transaction. And persuade them by providing some discount or cashback in line with their needs and making them buy.

Marketing Automation

With the data and segments, it acquires to let the marketing become more productive and automated. So that it improves and accelerates the conversion rate.

Popup Forms

This is the personalized form that lets you create an active database because of that it provides a customized piece of information to a particular customer.

Here is the process, how you install and use our module:

Product Availability and Compatibility-

You can avail this product from CedCommerce Store: Mautic Integration for OpenCart and from Opencart marketplace: Mautic OpenCart Integration which is compatible with

About CedCommerce:

CedCommerce, an eCommerce solution and service provider company, was established in 2010 to help sellers and buyers have a seamless experience while selling & purchasing products, respectively.

CedCommerce has been featured among the winners of Deloitte Technology Fast50 for four consecutive years and Deloitte Technology Fast50 for three consecutive years. Also, two times Magento Innovation Lab Winner recognized by Magento and Magento Community Insider.

By innovation, CedCommerce not only offers vast possibilities and provides various companies with an eCommerce solution for the technological era. But also platform integrations, applications, and digital marketing services. CedCommerce represents consumers in its finest and best way possible.

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