Marketplace Booking and Reservation System
Addons that enhance effectiveness of Marketplace Booking and Reservation System launched

Addons that enhance effectiveness of Marketplace Booking and Reservation System launched


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Portland, Oregon – (April 20, 2017) – Four add-ons – Booking Social Login add-on, Booking Messaging Add-on, and Booking Review and Rating Add-on, and Booking FAQ add-on – were launched yesterday. The new addons are compatible to Marketplace Booking and Reservation system for Magento 2.


All the add-ons are aimed at trouble shooting the end customers’ doubts and grievance and help them take informed decision, thus extremely customer centric”, said Abhishek Jaiswal and Himanshu Rauthan, Founders of Cedcommerce at the launch.


Functionalities of Add-ons:


Booking Social Login Add-on:

Booking Social Add-on helps the vendors and customers to to login to Marketplace booking and reservation system through their social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google, instead of creating new login account.


Booking Messaging Add-on:

Booking Messaging add-on establishes a communication channel between all the involved parties: admin, vendor and customers. With this add-on Vendor-Admin and Vendor-Customer Chat is possible.


Booking Review and Rating Add-on:

Booking Review and Rating Add-on enables customers to review the services of vendors offering their services through Marketplace Booking and Reservation System. Conversely, it helps admin and vendors to get the feedback for their services and help future visitors take informed decision.


Booking FAQ Add-on:

Evident from its name, Booking FAQ Addon aims to solve all the customer related queries and doubts. Vendor and admin can list out all and most common grievance and inform them about multiple aspects of their business.


About Marketplace booking and Reservation System:

It is an extension for Magento 2; which upon installation enables Magento 2 websites to be converted into Marketplace. It has various applications and compatible for all the booking-type related businesses.


About CedCommerce:

Started in 2010, the company has been involved in over 1000 ventures of customizing solutions to address all the unique needs. Fuelled by its rich experience, the company has developed highly popular Walmart Magento 2 Integration and Jet Magento 2 integration app being used by 500+ sellers across United Stated of America. And recently, it BECAME THE OFFICIAL CHANNEL INTEGRATION PARTNER OF WALMART. The company offers all the products that make selling easier on e-commerce.


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