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  • Booking Messaging Addon

Booking Messaging Addon[M2]

Booking Messaging addon enables establishment of a robust communication channel among all the involved parties: admin, vendor and customers.


  • Establishment of Vendor-Admin and Vendor-Customer Chat channel.

  • Dedicated messaging area for vendors to send or receive messages in their inbox.

  • Customers can interact with any of the vendors and inquire about anything about the products or services.

Compatibility: Magento 2.1
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Booking Messaging Addon for Magento 2 by CedCommerce allows the vendors to communicate with the admin and customers from their vendor panel. Also, there is Inbox and sent box section wherein, vendors can see the received and previously sent messages.

Admin can check the queries from the vendors from the grid and reply. The addon establishes direct communication between the users and respective vendors. Vendors also have a dedicated section for conversation with the customers, from where he can also reply or text the vendors.


Allows vendors and admin to check all the sent and received messages.

Allows the admin to check queries send by vendors and vendors to check the queries sent by customers and reply to them from the dedicated inbox in their panel.

Also, customers can send the message to the vendors from their account panel or shop page of the vendor.

Only logged-in customers can Allows the vendor to reply to the customers who have texted or queried the vendor from separate Vendor-Customer Conversation Panel.

Vendors can, upon admin’s approval, send the message to the customers via email.

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