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Making a tremendous move in 2002, Overstock achieved a significant growth and profits in some early quarters, thereby achieving a profit of $7.7 million in 2009 and reported its first billion-dollar year in 2010.

Founded in 1997 initially sold exclusively surplus and returned merchandise over online e-commerce marketplace platform, providing liquidation to the inventories of nearly 15 failed and unsuccessful companies, by retailing their product below-wholesale prices; furthermore, it expanded and started to sell new merchandise also. Overstock deals in bedding, home decor, furniture, and many other goods that are closeout as well as new merchandise.

For sellers, is the ultimate place because of its customer-pleasing feature as 'bargain hunter┬┤s delight'. thereby attracting a unique demographic in the online sales arena. CedCommerce integration with Overstock helps to fulfill all guidelines and requirements to give you access to this unique sales channel.

What is Overstock Integration from CedCommerce?

CedCommerce : Overstock Integration automatically updates the inventory of your products on Overstock. Overstock orders are automatically brought into an Integrated platform such as on Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop etc.. further to which processing and fulfillment can be managed, including order management and shipping from a single Platform. Integration ease outs the shipping process, making it entirely adhering to Overstock┬┤s label and packing slip guidelines and shipping account requirements.

What all can be done and managed through Overstock Integration By Cedcommerce ?

The multifarious Overstock Integration extension encompasses every element that facilitates selling. :

Easy Product Export

Synchronize Inventory

Automated orders

Benefits associated with Overstock Integration Extension By CedCommerce

Product Listing

Saves your precious time.

Bulk Upload

Store owners with massive inventory may upload quickly.

Update Status

Tracks your product status being live or pending.

Flawless Integration

The complete integration is well tested and technically approved.

Manage Orders

Avoids order delay and checks fulfillment.

Inventory Update

Inventory gets auto-updated as per any alteration and modification made.

Flourishing Business

Integrating with fastest growing marketplaces ensure's high revenue generation.

Friendly Support

Dedicated support to assist you, whenever required.

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Why CedCommerce Overstock Integration?

In order to gain massive sales of your retail store product with one of the thriving, marketplaces Cedcommerce offers absolutely FREE technical support from API activation to the listing of the products on Overstock store.

Soon after your purchase CedCommerce will assign one of the best developers for technical assistance to automate Overstock integration process for an e-commerce store.