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Make AliExpress Dropshipping Easy with these Effective Tips

Make AliExpress Dropshipping Easy with these Effective Tips


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AliExpress dropshipping is no doubt a profitable venture for hassle-free business expansion in 2021 but negligible control over inventory and shipping makes it quite challenging. Therefore, adopting best practices for selecting the right suppliers, listing the best products, and ensuring zero-order delay is a must for aliexpress dropshipping success.

You can make loads of money with AliExpress Dropshipping. Here we uncover the strategy to effortlessly generate your first aliexpress dropshipping sale and continue it for the long term. You will find the many answers for how to make my store sell more?

Why AliExpress Dropshipping is Still Great Venture

  • AliExpress does not ask for any upfront fee.
  • It enables you to test the product without investing in inventory.
  • Millions of products covering every product category means you never have to say no to customers.
  • Huge profit margin is possible due to very low product price on AliExpress.
  • You will find hundreds of reputable suppliers with affordable prices.

Is AliExpress Dropshipping Profitable in 2021 – The Burning Question

Yes, it is still a profitable business model in 2021. But the emergence of thought isn’t AliExpress dropshipping a thing of the past results from bad experience after launching a store with poor planning or negligible research on products, audience, and marketing.

Google trends reveals the high popularity for dropshipping.

google trends dropshipping Image credit – Google trends

Popularity denies saturation rather it indicates a high level of competition. Instead of questioning its legitimacy better buckle up for challenges. Another mistake is considering it as a side business and hardly taking out more than 10 hours a week.

Dropshippers have even earned in six figures but by streamlining their selling process and delivering an impeccable level of customer service. This give rise to next question, how to do AliExpress dropshipping the easy yet effective way

How to Make AliExpress Dropshipping Easy in 2021

aliexpress logo

image credit: multichannelmerchant

#1. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip – Impulse Purchase Always Works 

Trigger impulse purchases with products that evoke emotions. Mostly cute looking products that hardly cost above $3. The majority of customers won’t bother to think about adding one adorable product to the cart

Thus, it will boost your store sales in less time without burning much of the marketing budget.

#2. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip – Know Your Audience 

Often newbie dropshippers believe that good products are the key ingredients for success of AliExpress dropshipping. On the contrary, it’s partially correct.

Gathering information of your target audience or potential buyers is absolutely necessary for below reasons

know your audience There are two effective ways to find out what your customers need.

  • Prepare a questionnaire share with existing customers over purchase email. and ask them to fill it citing the reason that it will help them to update the store and ensure it becomes more relevant to their shopping requirements. Persuading customers explaining their benefit will work. There is a high chance you will get lots of responses.
  • Visit the store where your customers love to go. Analyse it and read comments. You will find loads of valuable information shared by customers in the comment section. It can be leveraged for making highly personalised marketing campaigns with high success rates.

The biggest benefit of knowing what your target audience wants is you won’t waste efforts and money to convince selling gym equipment to an elderly person on a wheelchair.

#3. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip -The Fear of Pandemic Ain’t Over

Fortunately, Unfortunately the fear of covid-19 is still lingering around. Therefore, people will prefer to stay indoor for maximum time. Does this sound an opportunity for taking aliexpress dropshipping to the next level? Yes, it is and leverage it before your competitors.

It is time to pitch them products that are making life easy and entertaining for them.

top selling items

Listing above products will help you make aliexpress dropshipping easy in 2021.

The Pro Tip: Even if a customer arrives at your store, a spammy looking site will not make him feel secure enough to stay there. He will switch to another website without any delay

#4. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip – Customer Reviews 

Online shoppers read and trust reviews more than product descriptions. Therefore, always ensure to place reviews with 5-star ratings on your dropshipping store. Because, only 48% or less customers are willing to trust business with less than 4 stars.

Customer reviews positively impacts sales in below manner

  • It will make them feel confident about your product.
  • It influences them for instant purchase.
  • You receive more product enquiries.
  • Good rapport is generated that helps your brand to stand out.

customer reviews

Do you know, 87% of customers necessarily read reviews before considering a business as genuine and these numbers have simply increased by 6% in the past 12 months. Yes, it is highly likely even more people will trust reviews in future.

#5. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip – Look and Learn From Competitors 

Visiting competitors stores will help you test the waters especially if you are a newbie to AliExpress dropshipping. It will reveal what will work for your business? and are you working in the right direction to achieve a high conversion rate.

I have a product. How do I find who is selling it?

You have to do reverse image search on Google. Go to google image search and upload your image. It will reveal various online stores selling it. Refer the below screenshot

search product by image

I have found my competitors, How to beat them?

Being unique and never copy your competitor is the success mantra for Aliexpress dropshipping in 2021. Simply copying everything won’t work at all.

Use original images of the product. In case most of the competitors are using the same image, the real image will look different. Anything different, has the greater potential to engage customers.

Usually images shared by suppliers have a white background. This looks monotonous. Unlike others don’t overlook it rather edit it by adding an eye-catching background. It will make the product image stand out.

make product image impressive

Asking suppliers for product videos (convince them telling it’s for increasing conversion rate) will give you edge over competitors. Professional suppliers will never deny product videos.

The Pro Tip: Ask suppliers to remove logo/watermark from the product image. It will permit you to use the image without the hassle of copyright.

#6. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip – FAQs and Live Chat

Customers are important to you and FAQs are important to customers about to make purchases. It gives them quick access to answers that help them clear doubts and proceed towards purchase with confidence.

Incorporating live chat means you are available to help customers round the clock. It will eventually decrease cart abandonment rate and elevate customer experience.

Moreover FAQs and Live Chat can be leveraged as opportunities to showcase expertise. Therefore, another way to impress your customers as well as to boost trust factor.

The Pro Tip: FAQ can be used for navigation by hyperlinking each question to a relevant page on your site.

#7. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip – Elevate AliExpress Dropshipping with Social Proof

Leave no method to convince your customers and put special efforts that get them closer to you. Conveying the message that lots of previous customers are satisfied with your products is probably the best technique to amplify the trust factor.

How Can I Convince Customers Using Social Proof

  • Mention how many times a product is purchased. It is a strong indicator that the product is good enough and lots of people find it reliable.
  • Add social account widgets to the store homepage. It will redirect visitors to your social media account. Here customers will discover why other customers are happy with your products. Thus, they get influenced in a positive way.

#8. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip – Suppliers Are Decisive For AliExpress Dropshipping Success

You have received the order but that’s half done. After all, suppliers can make or break customer experience with order delivery. It is mandatory to go with trusted suppliers and avoid getting lengthy negative reviews.

A reliable supplier will always have successfully shipped a huge number of orders and maintained at least 4 star ratings for a long time. But in order to ensure impeccable level of customer experience, you have to focus on the below

  • Talk to your suppliers and negotiate for better price.
  • Ask him for his contact details and a professional guy will never deny it
  • Visit the warehouse to determine is he able to ship 500 or more order in a day
  • Order product from your competitor and decide if the service and product by the supplier is good enough for high level customer experience.
  • Don’t continue with suppliers asking for monthly fee for maintaining business relationship

The Pro Tip: A wise move to test the supplier’s authenticity is to place the order for yourself.

#9. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip – Reward Loyal Customers

It is always a great idea to reward the loyal customers with customer loyalty programs. Every 8 in 10 customers are willing to continue relationship with a business offering the loyalty programs. Big discounts on shopping a fixed amount and offer new products for free trial to get feedback are two impressive methods of customer loyalty programs. After all, 94% customers want to be part of the program to save money or get awesome surprises.

#10. AliExpress Dropshipping Tip – Handle Return Like a Pro

Apart from reliable suppliers, if anything can improve customer experience, it is the ability to streamline the return process. After all, the belief that products will be returned and money will be credited to account without much hassle means a reason to cheer.

The Pro Tip: Easy return process influence customers to make the purchase.

If order not delivered

You need to contact the aliexpress supplier to fix the issue.

When products gets damaged

Ask customers to share the product snap with the damaged portion clearly visible. Now, you can better discuss the issue with the supplier.

AliExpress Dropshipping – Good to Know Points for Better Results

aliexpress dropshipping tips

Above points are shared as an experience by a dropshipper who earned $1358.41 in 52 Days.

AliExpress Dropshipping FAQs – Ones Bothering You Most

  • If shipping time is too long how to calm my customers?
  • Keep communicating with the supplier and at the very first hint of order delay, share delay in shipping information citing a genuine reason after apologizing for the delay. Another trick to avoid shipping delay is to accept orders for products that are available in the warehouse nearest to customers’ address.
  • How to hide the fact that I am a dropshipper?
  • Don’t worry at all and ask the supplier to avoid use of promotional stuff during product packaging.
  • Will my customers be able to discover the real price of items?
  • No, you need to provide just the tracking number. The tracking code will only share order status and real price is never revealed.
  • How to identify trusted supplier on AliExpress
  • It is simple. You have to pay attention to the badges of the supplier. More signifies reliability and professionalism.
  • Which is the best shipping method for aliexpress dropshipping?
  • ePacket is best in any case, but aliexpress standard shipping is second best if a product is not eligible for ePacket shipping.

Summing It Up – AliExpress Dropshipping is Full of Big Opportunities

AliExpress being a leading e-commerce giant with 100 million products at most affordable price turns it into a conducive marketplace for merchants eyeing next level business expansion. Don’t be apprehended by that if the same product is available at a cheaper price why would the customer buy it from you?

The simple answer is they will get better user experience. Good user experience strengthens the bond of trust between you and customers. You have to make it easy for customers to navigate to products, delight them with giveaways like e-books, and offer first time discounts.

These perks make customers feel valued and turn them loyal. A loyal customer will definitely prefer your store for future purchases. Hence, eases your aliexpress dropshipping journey.

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