Lazada's Brand New Immersive LiveStream Shopping Feature
Lazada’s Brand New Immersive LiveStream Shopping Feature For 12.12 Sale

Lazada’s Brand New Immersive LiveStream Shopping Feature For 12.12 Sale


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Good News for South East Asian eCommerce Sellers and Customers!!

The South Asian eCommerce Marketplace Lazada has managed to spread a big smile across the faces of all its sellers and customers, this December.

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In the spirit of this festive Christmas season and 12.12 event, Lazada has introduced a brand new Immersive LiveStream Shopping Feature. This Sounds cool even by name!!

So, What is this new eCommerce initiative of immersive livestream? Why is there such a huge buzz all around about this new online feature? And the biggest question that why Lazada have decided to launch it now & how will it benefit the sellers and customers? 

Well, there are a lot of questions. Let’s go through them one at a time.

Looking back at the awesome eCommerce track record of Lazada, it’s quite obvious that Lazada had always managed to create a special attachment towards its customers through sales. They follow a very unique way of customer attraction and Immersive LiveStream Shopping is one of them.

What is Lazada’s Immersive LiveStream Shopping?

To provide an enhanced customer experience, Lazada designed a whole new real-time interaction shopping. Through this feature, Lazada sellers and customers can have a live discussion regarding the purchase of any products.

lazada live stream 12.12 sale


Not only this, but Lazada’s mobile app allows every customer to get detailed product demonstrations through liveStream. This is an efficient customer satisfaction technique because the seller gets the freedom to provide an extensive briefing about the product.

The customers, on the other hand, can ask questions, share their opinions and receive an instant response regarding the purchase, all in real timeThe users can also like, comment, share links and even send emoticons in the livestream feed 

A live conversation somewhat creates a feeling of satisfaction amongst both the parties hence sealing the deal of purchase.


How Sellers Will Benefit From It?

For a seller, 12.12 sale and Christmas is a very prominent time of the year. You must be aware of all the benefits a seller receive from 12.12 sale.

To add a new spark to this festive delight, Lazada’s brand new Immersive LiveStream Shopping will prove beneficial for emerging brands. A virtual engagement of sellers with the potential customers will provide an immense platform for brand awareness and development.

Lazada livestream 12.12 sale


The customers are granted with a feature to follow their preferred stores. To make the sellers aware of their choices and demands, they can also like and comment in this section.

This is one of the best features for sellers as they get a perfect opportunity to engage with the customers and talk them to buy the product.


Why Is Lazada 12.12 Sale An Opportunity Lifetime: 

This 12.12 sale Lazada planning to lit up the South Asian eCommerce marketplace with festive surprises. And among such surprises, Lazada is giving us a chance to hang out with Malaysia’s biggest public figures like:

  • Yasmin Hani
  • Nana Mahazan
  • Dynas Mokhtar
  • Sharifah Sakinah
  • Elaine Daly, and many more.
lazada livestream 12.12 sale


This star-studded event commences on the 8th of this month and will continue until the 12th. These celebrities will be a part of this immersive livestream shopping. If lucky you might get a chance to interact with them and have the time of your life.


Lazada’s Crazy Flash Sale:

Through this Immersive LiveStream 12.12 Sale, Lazada is providing the sellers to sell loads of products within a short duration of time.

Between December 10 to 12th, Lazada had decided on various timeslots when these Crazy Flash Sale will occur. To customers will be notified before about the products to be sold. There is a “Remind Me” feature that lets you know when the sale begins.

For a seller, it’s the best opportunity to capitalize. As there’s going to be a huge demand you can easily sell bulks of product within a small timeframe. Plus this is the best way to clear up your inventory and add products for new year season. 


Voucher Benefits From Lazada Immersive LiveStream Shopping

Daily 3 sessions(4 pm, 8 pm & 12 pm) are decided where vouchers worth RM120 will be given to customers. The customers can avail benefits from these during Immersive LiveStream 12.12 Sale.

lazada livestream 12.12 sale


The redeeming process is quite simple. and users can apply these vouchers while purchasing and benefits will be granted likewise. You just need to ensure that the items in the cart are been checked out between Dec 10 to Dec 12, 2018.


Other Benefits From Lazada Immersive LiveStream Shopping

This 12.12 sale, Lazada is giving an open chance to win a sum of RM5000. All you need to do is just leave a comment mentioning a couple of your friends on Lazada’s buying page. The only condition is that your comment must include the hashtag #MYLazada1212.

The probability of you winning simply depends on the number of comments you make.

You can also win a brand new ride this 12.12 sale season if you become the first person to check out with the voucher on 12th Dec at 12:12 pm.


To Top it all off, It could be concluded that Lazada’s New Immersive LiveStream Shopping Feature is the best chance to make the most out of 12.12 sale.

If you still haven’t planned to sell on Lazada, this is the perfect time to do so. You don’t even need to worry about uploading the products on Lazada marketplace because there are various extensions that automate this whole process.
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