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How to sell on ManoMano?

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One the best place to find DIY and gardening tools, ManoMano was established in 2013. Among the leaders in its niche, Manomano attracts thousands of buyers from the best European economies – Germany, UK, France, Spain, and Italy

Also, it is more of an aggregator marketplace as it doesn’t own the inventory and doesn’t offer logistics. Sellers are free to create their shipping policies.

Over 950 000 customers visit Manomano to choose from a million products offered by 500 sellers across France, Spain, Italy, the UK and Germany.

A Brief of what ManoMano does:

  • Manomano finds out the most affordable DIY, gardening tools, home improvement experts and negotiates the pricing for their items
  • Then the sellers chosen go through a thorough screening process to identify most deserving sellers
  • Manomano ensures real-time stocking of products/items
  • Enforces the delivery standard comply with seller shipping standards

Why Sell on ManoMano?

Being Niche Marketplace, ManoMano possesses high expertise in DIY and Gardening category and it has experts which takes care of all the needs of targeted audiences.

  • It has a proactive ManoMano Community looking after the needs and troubleshooting any such issues.
  • Also, it also addresses all the unique needs of sellers.
  • It has a website tailored as per the needs of DIY and Gardening community.
  • Also, the screening process of Manomano is intense, it chooses quality sellers – competitive pricing & quality service – to maintain great standards and high-quality experience for its customers

Top Categories to sell on ManoMano:

The featured categories of ManoMano are:

  • Bathroom
  • Flooring, painting and decorating
  • Tools
  • Heating & Plumbing
  • Construction and Plumbing
  • Garden & Outdoor

How to start selling on Manomano?

As already mentioned, Manomano follows a thorough screening process to select the best businesses, and it has setup different addresses to contact to them for customers across different countries.

For UK, its –

For Germany –

For France:

For Spain:

For Italy:

Concerning sellers may contact ManoMano and introduce themselves, upon screening if the sellers are approved they can proceed ahead to integrate their stores with ManoMano.

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Sell on ManoMano with CedCommerce:

Official Channel Integration Partner of Walmart, Sears, Best Buy Canada, Newegg, Bonanza and, it enables online sellers using e-commerce frameworks – Magento, Woocommerce and other to integrate their online store with Manomano.

The integration has following benefits:

1. Product listing

Sellers can import all of the products of their store on ManoMano at One-go.

2. Manage Orders

It enables online sellers to accept orders of ManoMano from their store.

3. Error Notification

Every marketplace has their set of guidelines for the products, if sellers fail to comply with them the integration notifies them of all the actions.

4. Profile Based Product Upload:

To make product upload process easier the integration contains the mechanism to make the profile of the products and use them to upload products of the same profile for later usages.

5. Email Notification:

The seller receives notification of new order creation, low stock availability or if the product is rejected from ManoMano due to invalid details.

6. Automated Synchronization:

Auto synchronization of the product listing, order, inventory, return and refund, and pricing at regular intervals is established between their stores and

7. Auto Acknowledgement of Order:

The seller receives an acknowledgment of Orders automatically as soon as orders are created.

8. Bulk Product Upload System:

Seller has an ability to upload the number of products on using the bulk products upload feature.

Get in contact with queries, or visit ManoMano Magento Integration (for M1 users) and Manomano Magento 2 Integration (for M2 users).

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