How to increase sales on Bonanza

How to increase sales on Bonanza


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You have started selling on Bonanza, but you you aren’t getting sales. Maybe it’s time you rethink over your marketing strategy. Dig deep and find out if you are reaching out to potential customers who would like to buy your products. Reaching the target audience takes efforts, check whether you are making it. Here are few simple ways you can adapt to increase sales on Bonanza.


  • Facebook for AnnouncementsIncrease sales on bonanza facebook announcementFacebook is a right place to get started, afterall it has the people closest to you. Your friends, family, colleagues, High school friends, and people from community you belong to. They are your biggest well wishers and can get you your first sales. They are easiest to persuade effortlessly for a word of mouth promotion. All you have to do is make an announcement on facebook wall about the opening of your store and a request to spread the word.
  • Promote on Social Media
    Increase sales on bonanza social media promotion
    Everybody like pictures, as they are more expressive than words. Use your product photos as a tool to attract more people. Share these pictures on visually appealing social sites like Instagram, Pinterest. Moreover on social media you already have people who follow you, keep a track of you. They will easily without any objection will consume your content.
  • Email Invitationsincrease sales on bonanza email invitationsYour email contact list is priceless, when it comes to promotion. They consist your family, friends, business contacts, and everybody you regularly stay in touch with. Shoot an email regarding announcing of your store, its promotion, request to check out the products, and another request to forward the mail to their contacts. You will create a chain and reach to more people. People close to you will definitely forward it. You will create a good amount of awareness for your store and chances are few sales will come along the way of this process.
  • Make use of your Networkincrease sales on bonanza networkTry to sell your store in person to people you meet regularly. You won’t have a hesitation in talking to them about your store, and they will least buy your conversation. When hanging out with friends, tell them about your store, this will create a long lasting effect when you manually put the words. Make sure everyone in your network gets to know about your store. They are your first point of contact. 
  • Private Couponsincrease sales on bonanza Private Coupons
    Everyone likes to save a penny or two. People love discounts, especially when its exclusive for them. On Bonanza you have option to create private coupons, which means only people who know the code will be able to use it. Once you create a private coupon, you share it via email, messaging, or on social media for followers.
    To create a private coupon
    Go to Selling > Booth settings
    Click on Discounts and Coupons
    Make a new coupon, but do not press “Publish this coupon.” An un-published coupon is a private coupon.
    To make the coupon valid for limited time, delete it when times comes.
  • Ad CommissionsIncrease sales on bonanza Ad commissions
    Bonanza already sends your listing to search engines like Google and Bing. But sometimes the competition might be fierce for the keywords you want your products to rank up, so they might not rank. But with advertising commission you can set up the commission you are willing to pay for sales. More the commission, the Bonanza will boost your products in the search results, leading to more sales.
    To increase your ad commission:
    Go to Selling > Advertise items
    Under the Maximum commission, choose best value that works for your business.
  • Feed Partnersincrease sales on bonanza feed partners
    Another benefit of raising your ad commissions is you get to feature on different shopping engines. If you chose basic commission you get Google Shopping and Bonanza Affiliates, choosing superior commission gets you Bing Ads & Nextag. To get listed on different Bonanza partners, you need to select the checkboxes of shopping engines where you want your products to be listed.

    Go to Selling > Advertise items
    In the Maximum commission, choose best value that works for your business.
    In the Shopping channels, place a checkmark beside each website you want your listings to be published to.
    This will maximize your reach and you will get more impressions than ever you could get on single site. Moreover, if you have an Ebay account. You can choose to manage your inventory from Bonanza and get it auto published on Ebay.
    You can also check our Comparison Shopping Feed Solution


Making a decision to sell on Bonanza was your first best step, and by following the other steps as discussed above, you will just reach nearer to your business targets. Making a sale, requires higher visibility, and good conversion rates. Everything when put together makes a fine business. Bonanza gives you a fair chance to excel at your organic sales, and inorganic sales as well.



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