How to increase sales at Sears?

How to increase sales at Sears?


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If How to increase sales at is your query, then get it answered once for all. For generating higher revenue at Sears following things are responsible:



The title describes the product and it’s kind. The title has the products information in a few and significant words. It should be in brief but descriptive so that customer takes an interest according to their search.

The title has limited words so that it should be unique and attractive that can convince the customers to check the products at least once.

In Sears marketplace, the title does not contain the brand, repetitive words, size, quantity, shipping days and methods etc.


Short Description is required. it should have specific and informative content and include the Brand, Product Name, keywords describing the item’s features and benefits and related words that customers are likely to search for.

It has the additional information about the products in which customers can understand about all the necessary features and quality of the products.

The description describes everything about the products that should be in knowledge of the customers.

By this giving, only sufficient information can provide the satisfaction of buying right products as per their requirements.


Image & Video:

  • The seller must have multiple images with absolute image formatting (e.g., .jpg, .gif, etc.) and size recommendation according to the requirement.
  • Resolution of main image 1900×1900 pixels or minimum 1600×1600 pixels and swatch images.
  • The quality of an image is in the standard format.
  • You can also use the additional image with 158×345 pixels. It should be according to the products. It can show the full display of the products. No watermarked images are acceptable by Sears marketplaces.
  • Also, including a video on the landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%



Price should be competitive. It means not too much or too less than competitive marketplaces. Best price and quality products are the main factors driving higher sales and gets your product listed on the top in the product search at, therefore, attributing higher priority to your products.



Branding creates a high level of trust among the customers and it’s targeted audience segment which is always preferable. The branded products create the trust of quality product and branded products are more searchable in the marketplace. Branding increases the popularity of the product.


Unique identifiers:

Such as UPC or barcodes are unique identifiers for any products. Almost all the marketplaces include unique and valid products identifiers as the search factors.

There are several sellers are selling their products. To reach on each product the unique products identifier helps to recognize the products in many of the same kind of products.



The proper variations for the products provide the best alternatives. Attributes can be categorized by many terms such as with size, colors, quality, features etc. The more options for any products attract the customers to select the products on their likes. Also, attributes marked as important increases the product’s visibility in sears search.

Some products are required for their variant. Such as the clothes, the mobile phones etc.



The category of the products lists out the best searching of the products. If the product is the mapped with the wrong category it would be listed with different kinds of products. Such as if the clothes are mapped with the electronics items, then it can cause the l0w down in sales. Also, it can be removed from the marketplace if it is not mapped to the right category.


Best Practices which boosted revenues

Adding Free Shipping & Strike-Through Pricing


  • Idrack +36% increase in revenue
  • VM Innovations +48% increase in revenue
  • Exacme +59% increase in revenue


Adding Free Shipping (already had Strike-Through pricing)


  • Unbeatable Sale +25% increase in revenue
  • +30% increase in revenue
  • An-Ultimate Collectionz +32% increase in revenue


Adding Strikethrough Pricing

  • Bealls Florida +63% increase in revenue
  • Pandoras OEM Appliances +51% increase in revenue


Review Order Fulfillment Performance:

Sellers should make every effort to reduce their Cancellations and Returns due to issues within their control such as out of stocks, discontinued items, and the item not being what the customer expected.

Sellers should work towards achieving and maintaining Cancellation Rates below 2.5% and their Return Rates below 4%. Sears regularly review the performance of all sellers and notify them when they are off-target.


Order Prep Time:

Sears offers all marketplace sellers item level lead-time capability. To ensure, their members are receiving the best experience. Sellers should review and updated frequently. Customers are accustomed to 2-Days shipping; apply lower lead-time to items within your catalog.



  • Sellers are expected to provide an accurate order prep time (SOPT) when listing items and ship on or before the Ship by Date (Expected Ship Date).
  • Sellers are expected to list inventory that they have a possession of, and are able to ship it immediately within order processing time (SOPT).
  • Sears has set benchmarks for store performance, and corresponding seller matrix. It is one of largest marketplaces in the US and has set guidelines to match the standards.
  • Set up regular feeds to update your inventory frequently to ensure unavailable products are not available for purchase on Selling out of stock items is a poor customer experience.



Sellers performance is evaluated on the number of metrics, and they should maintain the value at or above the target. Some of the metrics are as below:-



Metric Definition Target

Seller Initiated Cancellation Rate (% of Orders canceled with codes designated as Seller Initiated Cancellations divided by the total items orders in a 30 day period). <2.5%

Late Ship Rate ( % of orders shipped after Expected Ship Date in a 30 day period) <4%


Paid Promotion

Sears offers multiple avenues for paid promotions – Criteo Ads, Deals of the Day, Sears Current Promotion and Coupon Codes.

  • Up to 327% return on ads spend and 83% increase in GMV using Criteo Ads
  • Up to 200% increase in GMV using Promotion and Coupon Codes
  • Up to 50% increase in GMV with deals of the day



Sears is committed to providing an excellent shopping experience to their customers which involves excellent customers service. Therefore, providing a customer email address and phone number not only increases the customer shopping experience it reflects in the seller’s scorecard which also boosts the ranking of the listings hence sales thus implementing aforementioned guidelines is the key to higher sales at

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