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How this Shopify tea brand paved its way to growth and success

How this Shopify tea brand paved its way to growth and success


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In a world, where people have initiated to strike a balance between their beverage intake and health goals, meet Ron Bender, owner of Shopify store Ron inhabited his mind with the concept of bringing health in the form of beverages.

Established in 2018, Vorratu serves a variety of 100% pure and organic tea, having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The tea is sourced from the certified gardens and is handled by the experts. The best part is that it is packaged in sachets made with natural soy and corn husk. This does not only keep the nutrients of the tea intact but also protects the environment. He is on his way to becoming the owner of one of the most popular global tea brands.

Before dealing in organic tea, Ron used to sell apparels, but soon realized the significance of offering healthy tea to the world:

“Tea is the second most consumed product in the world. It can get blend into over 1,000 flavors. This allows my company to make specific blends that are unique, which I call specialty teas.”
-Ron Bender

eCommerce (Shopify Store) Knows No Barriers: 

Since Ron did not want his selling process to be limited to a single location, he began selling online on Shopify. By selling in multiple locations, one can break the boundaries and impact the world with their products.

Multichannel selling can broaden Horizons further:

As Ron was quite new to the eCommerce world, he thought of listing and selling his products on the marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, etc., since those had a pre-built audience base. Though he knew that the more sales channels he would have, the greater will be the audience range, he could sense the problems with multichannel selling.

When a seller sells on different marketplaces, not only has he to abide by the marketplace guidelines but also uploading products and managing them can be a tedious process.

To be free of such laborious tasks, Ron came to CedCommerce for its Integration apps which helped him to nearly automate most of the processes so that he could look after the other aspects of his business.

Talking about two of the Integration apps, Ron told us that once he installed the eBay Integration, he could notice the simplicity in the product upload process. Thus, he could plan to venture more products on the marketplace as the listing was no longer a time and effort taking process.

With the Google ads management feature of the Google Shopping Feed & Actions app, Ron could easily rank his products on the Search Engine Result Pages and that was a turning point for him.

Ron says- “If I were to do google ads, I would spend 20 hrs. learning about website design. I did not want to teach myself a lot. From October 2019-to now, the transition is amazing”

Trust is the basis of every partnership:

Having used our Integration apps had helped Ron to leverage his business. This, for sure would have helped him place his trust upon us. So, on knowing how he can improve his store, he held our hand to make use of our services such as Shopify store development and customization.

We created a completely new store for him but it is must to mention that Ron was as active as us and did most of the work himself so we were left to assist him in the best possible ways. We guided him regarding his images and themes that could make his store more user-friendly.

As one of our marketing representatives told us that Ron himself took charge of everything and also as we conversed with him, we would dedicate the following lines for Ron:

“Dear Ron, you are like that child who is keen on getting things done on his own. Thus, adding little or no pressure to those associated with him. You have loads of patience and  everyone who has spoken to you even once considers you a nice guy. We thank you for choosing us for your eCommerce journey. Stay Connected!”

Statistical changes and customers reviews can never deceive:

Ron says that the sales have increased, the shopping campaigns have helped, the selling experience has improved. He told us that he could see an overall increase of 60% in his sales after putting CedCommerce’s solutions and services to use.

Here is what Ron’s customers have to say-

store development

Ron’s overall experience with CedCommerce:

During the conversation with Ron, he told us that he loves CedCommerce’s customer services. He could increase his sales by employing our products and services and could easily expand himself to more marketplaces.

He also has made noticeable changes in his store with the help of our Shopify experts and directed his journey towards growth and success.

Final Thoughts of the author:

My asssociation with CedCommerce  is over an year now, I have come across many success stories, each having its own significance. Ron’s story has made one thing very clear that “where there is a will, there is a way”. We are glad that Ron chose CedCommerce to be his partner for the way to process automation and store enhancement.

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    He could increase his sales by employing our products and services and could easily expand himself to more marketplaces.

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      Hello Shahjalal
      You’re absolutely right. Selling on multiple marketplaces has its own perks that can boost your growth exponentially.
      Here is a blog on blog on multichannel selling that could help everyone understand the basics of it.

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