Optimise Your Shopee Ads Campaign For High Sales
How Shopee Ads Optimisation Can Accelerate Your Store Growth

How Shopee Ads Optimisation Can Accelerate Your Store Growth


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Shopee Ads have the potential to position your business miles ahead of your competitors.

Have you ever desired to reach your customers before competitors? Doesn’t the thought of customers finding your products before anybody else gives you a cloud nine feeling? Well, then you can’t ignore Shopee Ads.

You can list top notch and high demand products to sell on the store but with low visibility you are limiting their potential. Optimized Shopee ads will broaden your reach to new customer base as well speed up brand awareness. Always remember, you should never be held back from achieving true potential of business and one such tried and tested remedy for Shopee sellers is Shopee ads.

Let’s take a deep dive to learn how to use Shopee ads like a pro to boost your product’s visibility among the most potential customers.

What are Shopee Ads?

Shopee ads are a relevant and efficient product promotion strategy offered by the Shopee marketplace. It will charge a fee to run Shopee Ads provided that customers click on it.

How will Shopee Ads Benefit My Business?

high performance niche

  • Make your products visible to customers on the lookout for products.
  • It speeds up your business growth plan to go global in a minimum budget
  • You get the opportunity to palace ads on high traffic spots like below
    • The Shopee Home page
    • Search Result page
    • Product details page
  • Ads campaigns fetch loads of customer insights. You can leverage it to hone your upcoming Shopee Ads campaigns further.

Hence, ads are best optimized to appeal to a larger audience base.

Product Categories With High ROAS with Shopee Ads

high performance niche

Shopee Ads Types

Based on purpose we can categorize ads into three major types

Shopee Ads are Three Types

Different Ads Formats But With Same Purpose – Grab Attention of Potential Customers

  • Keywords Ads – It appears on keywords searched by shoppers, provided you bid for those keywords.
  • Discovery Ads – Shown under Daily Discover, Similar Products, and the You May Also Like section.
  • Shop Ads– They are at the top of the search results page. It is available exclusively for below
    • A Shopee Mall seller
    • Preferred Shopee Seller
    • The seller with amazingly awesome track records can also go for Shop Ads

type of shopee ads

Image credit: shopeemobile

An Additional Benefit For Sellers Opting For Shopee Ads

Shopee marketplace relies on a system to discard auto-detect invalid clicks like repeated clicks from the same user and automated clicks. And Shopee sellers need not pay for these irrelevant clicks.

How Shopee Ads Strengthen Your Marketing Goal

Awareness Stage

Discovery and Keywords ads are meant to increase product awareness.

Keywords ads increase visibility of best products by letting them appear in top search results.

Discovery ads suggest new products to the buyers as recommendations

Consideration Stage

Use of competitive pricing to engage customers. Hence the best product is advertised using keywords ads.

Conversion Stage

Shop ads drive potential customers to your store by convincing them why they should buy this product.

Optimize Your Shopee Ads in the Following Ways

  • Change the type from exact match to broad match to increase conversions.
  • Improve the ad rank by increasing the bid price for keywords with high impression and CTR.
  • Decrease the bid price for keywords having low impressions and CTR

Keyword Bidding Metrics

Quality Score

Having a high score attracts potential buyers on a deeper level. Shoppers find ads relevant to their search intent.

Search Volume

Keywords with high search volume are best for increasing product exposure.

Suggested Bid

The bid price must be the same as the suggested bid for maximum reach. If the results are unsatisfactory, it is wise to reduce the bid.

Auto Selected Keywords

A great AI-based feature enables Shopee to look after the keyword bidding and optimization. Hence, it saves your time.

Budget Limit

Set the budget limit to ‘no limit’ if your goal is to extend your product reach. It is an excellent option for newly listed products.

budget limit

image credit: Shopee

Time Length

Time length is another crucial factor of Shopee Ads. A set time schedule helps you grab customers’ attention during the peak demand season. With festive fervor kicking in, customers tend to be on a spending spree. Hence, a must-use option during the festive season.

time length

image credit: Shopee

Auto-Selected Keywords

It is an option to choose the most relevant keywords for Shopee ads to optimize them for high engagement better. Therefore, an option that keeps worries at bay for newbies Shopee sellers.

Match Type

The broad match will show your ads to more audiences, including those looking for product variations and synonyms among the two-match types.

The broad match also showcases products to potential buyers who aren’t familiar with the product name but use synonyms for searching it. Thereby, fetching high quality traffic.

Being first to bring your products to the notice of shoppers interested in product variants is strategically a good move.

The exact match keyword is another format available in Shopee ads that will show to one searching exactly the keywords. Quite useful when you have limited inventory.

shopee ads match type

Image credit: Youtube (Dylan Seah)

Discovery Ads

It is wise to choose products with a thumbs-up icon. These items have the maximum potential for better sales and the highest conversion rate.

The bid price is auto-increased for all ad display locations using the premium rate option. As a result, you get highly qualified traffic.


Landing page (Shop Ads)

It is an important option. Choosing the right URL as a landing page will better your chance of delivering a smooth shopping experience.

Choose the shop page as the landing page to help customers get a glimpse into your store. Choose the product collection page as the landing page if you plan to boost sales of particular items.

Shop Ad Image (Shop Ads)

  • If the product collection page is the landing page, then the ad image must be best selling item from the collection.
  • In case the shop page is set as a landing page, it is best to use the shop logo

Tagline (Shop Ads)

  • Need to be short yet include user benefits
  • Avoid too many exclamations or special symbols

taglineimage credit: Shopee


Low Impressions

Adding more keywords with high search volume is a solution for fewer impressions. Therefore, choose a broad match to reach true potential.

No Impressions

Increase the bid price and monitor the change in impressions. Seeing no significant increase in impressions, optimizing the ads, pictures and tagline is time..



Change keyword match type to exact match and decrease the bid price. As a result, you will not pay for ads with very little return.


A possible cause is there are hardly any impressions on your ads. Therefore, it is better to stop the ad and use the money on other ads that are well optimized for engaging the customers.

Keyword Ads Review Tips

15-20 days is the minimum time to run ads to gather sufficient data for accurate performance analysis.

The data is available for only 90 days. Regularly exporting the data helps in monitoring on a long-term basis.

Importance of The Right Keyword for Shopee Ads

Selection of apt keywords for Shopee ads can be a game changer. Suppose you are selling a portable mini USB fan. Now, bidding for keywords like ‘high speed running’, ‘safety soft foam fan blades’, ‘no cords’, ‘fresh breeze’ are useless.

usb mini fan

Image credit: flipkart

I mean expecting customers to search for products using keywords that better align with how an item works is quite illogical. Therefore, it will be wise to consider the below best practices beforehand

How Not To Miss On Choosing The Right Keywords for Shopee Ads

  • Always include the product name as the primary keyword. You will get loads of quality traffic.
  • Avoid irrelevant keywords that are associated with working of the product. If a product appears for such keywords, it will be a disappointing experience for the customer.
  • Irrelevant keywords also result in waste of click because money is deducted for click but it brings no conversion.
  • The site search option on Shopee website is well suited to optimize Shopee Ads. Let’s get into the details

The Trick You Must Know (& Follow) To Extract Right Keywords For Shopee Ads

Simply type the product name in the search box on the shopee homepage.

find right keyword

The above trick of adding an alphabet after the product name will reveal the entire list of keywords used by visitors to search for products listed on your store . Hence these are perfect to optimize the Shopee ads.

The Pro Tip: Use the technique of adding alphabet after the product name as long as you have sufficient keywords

Speaking of irrelevant keywords, it lowers the quality score and increases the bid price. As a result, it reduces your product chance to appear at the top for different potential keywords.

What Is The Best Way To Review My Shopee Ads

Firstly, run the ads for a minimum of 15-20 days and look at the below metrics and take action accordingly.

When the number of clicks is under 100, it’s time to optimize the product detail page in the manner below.

  • Offer a lucrative discount on the product.
  • Ensure the page load speed is under 2 seconds of less. It is the single most decisive factor that can make or break the deal.
  • Include a 360-degree view of the product. Images of people using the item ignite curiosity in customers’ minds and compels them to try it out.
  • The majority of shoppers prefer smartphones over any other medium for shopping. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly ecommerce store is the need of the hour.
  • Add a CTA button that is not at the bottom of the page and is aesthetically appealing. As a result, your goal to get them to buy the product will be achieved.

Suppose you receive orders over your Shopee ads. Increase the bid price, and your Shopee store will get more traffic. As a result, it will also boost your conversion rate.

A Few More Pointers For Shopify Ads That Will Support Seamless Shopping Experience

  • Keep product titles crisp and short. It must engage customers by summarizing what’s in there for them.
  • Bidding for keywords that you miss or cannot include in the product title is a good idea. It will help you extend product visibility to a broader customer base.
  • Choose the best item to advertise through Shopee Ads to achieve the below goals.
    • Enhance Sales – Products with significantly high monthly sales and high potential.
    • Increase Profit – Here, items with a high-profit margin are the best option.
    • Test the market – Advertising newly launched products helps you check if it is suitable for your audience or not.

I Had No Sales Despite Shopee Ads – What To Do Next?

Firstly, you should not panic and have faith that things will work out in favor of your business very soon.

If, despite leveraging Shopee ads, your store sales figure didn’t improve, then take some time and check if the ads are well optimized.

Upon finding nothing wrong with Shopee ads, it’s time to try the below.

Shopee Flash Sales

It allows sellers to boost product visibility by letting them display hot deals right on the Shopee homepage.

flash sales shopee

Image credit: shopee.com 

Customers are highly likely to purchase due to FOMO (fear of missing out). Because the offer is for a limited time period and quantity is also limited.


An effective way to attract customers to your products is a customized voucher. Based on customer behavior from the last few years’ data, you can craft exciting vouchers.

Hence, it increases the likelihood of more products being purchased.

Last But Not The Least – Avoid Selling Prohibited Items

The eagerness to sell more and get ahead of competitors can sometime lead few seller astray. Hence, selling of items that can hamper customer experience is never going to propel business growth. On the contrary, it will fetch you loads of negative reviews

  • Alcohol
  • Wildlife Products
  • Currency
  • Tobacco
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Cannabis
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Explosive substance

The detailed list can be found here.

It is important to adhere to the prohibited and restricted items policy. As a result, you will have two major benefits, which include firstly, your seller account won’t be banned. Secondly, you will be saved from legal shackles.

Conclusion-Drive Quality Traffic To Your Store With Shopee Ads

Shopee Ads are critical in Shopee store expansion by boosting product visibility to the next level quickly. Moreover, it has got your back in terms of reaching potential customers.

Therefore, optimizing Shopee Ads with best practices gives you the competitive edge necessary to outcompete other sellers.

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