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How Amazon SEO and A+ Content together uplift the sales

How Amazon SEO and A+ Content together uplift the sales


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Amazon is one of the busiest marketplaces with 300 million active users. Amazon has evolved and exhibits distinctive features to convert potential customers into paying ones. One of them is Amazon A+ content, enabling the brands to use engaging titles, descriptions, and radiant images. Perhaps this is the reason why many products show high ratings.

Besides, if one has to go by the FAQs mentioned by Amazon, they will come across the fact that people like to interact with products that sport the aforementioned things.

Amazon A+ Content:

Amazon A+ Content is a tool specifically designed for sellers or brand owners to describe their brand voice, its products, and its features through magnified images & videos. Therefore, the A+ content includes:

  • Clear and concise images of the product一 Including close-ups, views from different angles.
  • Crisp information related to the product
  • Describing specifications and benefits in bullet points or tables
  • A “What’s in the box” section where consumers know what they are buying

Some examples of the products which have A+ content are:-

How Amazon A+ content looks

Premium A+ (or A++) Content:

Amazon Premium A+ Content or A++ content is the updated version of Amazon A+ content which allows the users to access videos, testimonials, comparative charts, and interactive FAQs.

With premium A+ content, brands communicate with the users through HD images, videos, and tutorials on how to use the product. The A++ content or Amazon Premium A+ content includes:

  • High-quality video (720P)
  • Captivating images & videos including 7 modules
  • Interactive FAQs to provide an enriched experience to the customers
  • A “What’s in the box” section introduces the customer to the contents of the product so that he/she knows what they are buying

Some examples of the products which have Premium A+ content are:

Amazon SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing the keywords and the content of the product listing to rank higher in the Amazon search engine.

How to create Amazon A+ content:

To create a+ content that converts, follow the steps:

1. Log into your seller central account proper credentials at

Amazon A+ content sign-in page

2. Hop on to the create a+ content page and follow the path: Advertising Tab ➡ A+ Content Manager

Amazon A+ content manager

3. On the content manager page, you will be headed to some lists. Click on the Start Creating A+ content button in the upper right corner.

4. Now start filling in the content details in the content name field. Keep it descriptive and easy to remember. After filling click on add module button at the bottom.

5. There are various types of modules including standard, comparatives, and many more.

mazon A+ content modules

6.After selecting the type of module for your product follow some of the steps below. Upload image of appropriate size. Submit relevant image keywords and click on add button. Fill out the headlines and body resonating with your product.

7. Create or search for the ASIN you want for your content. ASIN- Amazon Standard Identification Number is a ten-digit alphanumeric code used to identify a particular product. It is unique as every time a new product is added to Amazon’s catalog it is assigned with a different ASIN.

8. Click on “Apply Content” after you have inserted and made all the necessary changes and then click on the Next button after you have created ASIN for your products.

Amazon A+ content ASIN status page

9. Finally, you need to review it which will ensure that images are properly uploaded within the size. Once you are done with the designs click on the Submit for Approval button.

10. Amazon will then review your content and it may take 7 business days or more to get the results. If it is not approved Amazon will state the reason and suggest the changes to be made.

Amazon A+ content final status page

How much does Amazon A+ Content Cost?

Amazon EBC, the prior name for A+ content, is free of cost for sellers and vendors. They can opt for the premium A+ content version available as an invite-only through the vendor manager.

Amazon enhanced brand content was the former name of Amazon A+ content.

There is no such cost in the process, it’s just the visuals, creatives, and the content copy that takes a lot of time.

How does Amazon SEO benefit from Amazon A+ content?

Everyone understands the importance of on and off-page SEO of a website. It not only enriches the user experience but also helps boost sales. Thus, driving the conversion rate.

Together with A+ content, the value of Amazon SEO increases due to more information for the users and, hence, greater sales to the sellers.

Let’s look at the ways how Amazon SEO elevates with A+ content:

  • Increased Conversions:

    Just ranking high will not make sense unless your customers buy the product. Along with A+ content, you provide the users with enhanced images and comparative information which allows them to make better decisions.

  • Quality Reviews:

    A+ content makes the purchase and user experience better. Hence driving feedback and reviews which serves as a key metric that gives you a chance of improvement and engagement with new customers.

  • Low Returns:

    When you provide customers with precise and detailed knowledge about the product, the complaints, returns, exchanges, and bad experiences will reduce drastically. Moreover, with A+ content customers get deep insights into the product that will enhance your reviews and rating section.

  • Economical Ads:

    This is beneficial for the seller who prefers PPC (Pay per click) and ad marketing. When more people navigate to your products they click on your ads. This improves the SEO and reduces the average cost of service and gives you an ascended ROI.

Advantages, Best Practices, and Things to Avoid in Amazon A+ Content:

There are numerous benefits and practices you should be following to give your prospects a better experience, which will further help you enhance your sales too. Let’s look at them one by one.


  • Trustworthy Brands:

    Trust is the most important thread that ties the customers with your brand. Customers prefer reliable brands that they trust and have an overall delightful experience.

  • High-Quality Marketing:

    With Amazon A+ content the vendors can enhance their marketing through visuals, guides, and comparatives. Besides, the customers enjoy and avail themselves the benefits of deals, discounts, and an overall experience.

  • Boost Sales:

    Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce platforms where you can have access to billions of customers. So, again, Amazon A+ content enables you to attract and engage with a huge consumer base and, thereby, elevate your sales.

  • Thorough Analysis:

    You can understand and achieve the various metrics that influence sales. The demographics, operational structure, indirect and organic traffic, detailed sales, and many other factors. Likewise, Measuring, analyzing, and improving will help you immensely in Amazon SEO.

  • Strong First Impression:

    The A+ content, its alluring visuals, and information in the form of solutions can attract a lot of attention. Consequently, This will make a long-lasting impression and also give them a full digital purchasing experience.

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Best Practices:

The content should be precise, descriptive, and short Include and merge the images and texts Be aware of the image size and resolutions Every time proofread the content before submitting it Point out the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your product Try to include more visuals and videos than texts Opt for consistent designs and layouts Include banners but strategically Take full advantage of the product reviews by improving consistently

Things to Avoid Rejection:

✖ Negate the usage of blurry and low-quality images by constantly checking the pixel count ✖ Do not mention guarantee clauses just to attract customers ✖ Say no to plagiarized or delusive content ✖ Avert the usage of personalized assertions like #No. 1 brand, #Best Selling Product, etc. ✖ Don’t use elements like trademarks, links to other websites, information of other sellers ✖ Avoid quoting the customer reviews in your content to promote the product

Amazon A+ Content toggles


Amazon A+ content is one of the best ways to elevate Amazon SEO by optimizing the product content by using high-quality images and visuals. The Amazon A+ content templates guide you and offer several modules that use meaningful and informative content to highlight your product and the brand.

According to Amazon, including A+ content can boost your sales by 3-10%. Grab the opportunity, shine & stand out in the marketplace.

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