Amazon Listing Optimization 101 For Beginners To Increase Sales

Amazon Listing Optimization 101 For Beginners To Increase Sales


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Selling on Amazon is a dream for almost every marketer across the globe. Who wouldn’t want to be present on the platform where the target audience is already present? Right!

The catch is simple: Bring your business where your customers are!

However, doing this is not so easy; for that, you need to put in some effort. You would need to work on certain aspects of your Amazon listing optimization. In this blog, I am letting you in on a few of my secrets that could help your business grow and gain more sales through Amazon.

So let’s get started!

Amazon listing optimization increases sales

What is Amazon listing optimization?

We can best determine Amazon listing optimization as the process to upgrade the retailer’s product pages and help increase their sales by improving their search visibility, the number of conversions, and click-through rate. Title optimization, bullet point optimization, product image/video optimization, etc., are some of the different product listing segments where Amazon’s listing optimization happens.

What is the purpose of optimizing Amazon’s product listing?

Now that we know about product optimization, let us get clarity on how a marketer like you be benefited from it. Amazon product listing optimization is an essential factor that marketers selling on Amazon need to work for as it helps in ranking your products, increase visitors, and get more sales. Any marketer who wishes to reach more customers and increase their sales needs to optimize their product listing. An optimized listing helps your product stand out from its competitors and also ensuring a consistent branding message.

Optimizing product listing allows marketers to recreate a regular buying experience for their customers and make a well-informed decision by providing all relevant information about their product. This optimization process enables shoppers to find you among the millions of competitors and make purchases, thus making it essential to optimize Amazon product listings for all the marketers.

Amazon-listing-optimization increases ranking

Amazon’s product listing optimization could be divided into the following segments:

  1. Title of the product
  2. Images of the product
  3. Key features of the product
  4. Product description
  5. Keywords
  6. Search terms fields
  7. Product reviews
  8. Seller Rating

Amazon product title optimization

Marketers selling their products often have a question in their minds about how to boost their sales on Amazon. The answer to this is quite simple. You need to reach more customers interested in your products or look for something that even you provide. Product Title is the first and foremost thing a buyer comes across after searching Amazon. Hence, marketers need to optimize their product title with keywords and brand name. These keywords then inform Amazon’s algorithm of what the product is and showcase the product in relevant searches.

Things to remember when doing an Amazon product title optimization:

  1. Usage of relevant keywords in your product title
  2. Include benefits and features in the product title
  3. The title should be under 200-250 characters
  4. Avoid keyword stuffing
  5. Capitalize the first letter of each word
  6. Spell measurements out (pound, inch, etc.)
  7. Use numerals for numbers

How is the bullet points optimization done?

Listing optimization on Amazon allows marketers to highlight products features and benefits separately with the help of symbols. These bullet points help increase the content’s readability and draw focus to the main advantages the product has to offer. In other words, we might consider these bullet points to be the marketer’s sales pitch.

Things to remember while writing bullet points for an Amazon listing optimization:

  1. Avoid keyword stuffing.
  2. Pointers should be skimmable and easy to ready.
  3. Marketers should focus these bullet points on the pain points of their customers.
  4. All provided information should be correct. Showcasing falsified information is prohibited.
  5. The marketer should include any modifications to the product in bullet points and product descriptions as soon as they are available.

How to do the product description optimization?

When retailers start to sell their products online, their sole purpose is to reach more and more audiences and have quality content on their product listings, which educates their customers about the product but also helps in ranking higher. Having a good optimized product description would gradually help the marketer increase sales on Amazon.

Things that a marketer should remember while listing optimization on Amazon are:

  • Always mention the benefits and features of your products and highlight them

When we talk about selling on Amazon, we cannot neglect that millions of other retailers are also present there who are ready to sell your target audience. Thus features and benefits are what would provide you an edge over your competitors.

Also, buyers online often are in a hurry. Hence, it is essential to keep the benefits and features crisp and to the point placed strategically in a manner that grabs the target audience’s attention. When people find out what they will get out of your product, the audience might get excited and end up making a purchase.

  • Keep descriptions short and to the point

People online do not like spending a lot of time finding what the product is, giving marketers only a few seconds for grabbing their customer’s attention. So it is better to have a short description to let the audience know what your product is and has to offer.

Amazon’s Product image optimization

Click-through rate (CTR) and Conversion rate (CR) function alongside Amazon’s A9 ranking algorithm. If the product gets clicked on frequently and regular purchases occur, the A9 ranking algorithm of Amazon will help improve the product’s positioning in the search results. It means the Click-through rate (CTR) and Conversion rate (CR) directly impact the product’s ranking.

The image requirements of Amazon:

Not just this, Amazon also holds the right to remove images from its platform that do not meet its standards.

Therefore it is the marketer’s responsibility to maintain Amazon’s image compliant policy, which are-

  • Showcase the image of the product available. The product being sold should be clearly visible in a high-quality image.
  • It is necessary to showcase the products on a white background. The image of the retail product should be in focus and clicked in a well-lit environment.
  • Do not showcase a lot of product accessories. Avoid usage of product accessories that might confuse the audience’s mind.
  • Adhere to the photo specifications of Amazon. Amazon allows usage of images in Gif (.gif) and Jpeg (.jpg) file format with a maximum file size of 10 MB. The minimum permitted dimension for pictures in Amazon is 200*200 pixels and could go to a maximum of 2000*2000 pixels.

Amazon-listing-optimization key factors

If you have just started to sell your products on Amazon as a beginner or are trying to optimize your listing, these are few points you shall work on because good keywords reap good results and increase your sales in the long run. So, understand these ideas and work on your Amazon listing optimization. Implement them the next time you try to sell on amazon and see the magic.

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