Get To Know Your Customer Day
Get To Know Your Customer’s Day 2021: Its Significance For Businesses

Get To Know Your Customer’s Day 2021: Its Significance For Businesses


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Everyone who runs an online business knows that without customers there is no meaning to their business. Another important thing is to build rapport with users. Providing users all the things that they are expecting from your business. The ultimate goal of every business is to keep the customers satisfied, which consequently helps in increasing sales and revenue. So to keep reminding the importance of customers for business. There is a special day called “Get to know your customer day”.

What Is ‘Get To Know Your Customer’s Day?

Get to know your customer’s day is celebrated on the third Thursday of every quarter, which reminds every business the importance of their customers and tells them how to value their customers. The Get to Know your Customers Day is a way of celebrating the significance of the customers and an effort by the organizations to engage more with their customers. Proper engagement and interaction with customers lets businesses gain better customer behaviour insights and market trends. So this occasion helps businesses to get closer to their customers, which in turn helps in growing their business.

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When Does Get To Know Your Customer Day Happen?

If raising the customer loyalty is your business goal for 2021, then mark your calendar to get to know your customers day. This festival is observed every third Thursday of January, April, July and October. So consider this occasion as a chance to interact with your audience and increase sales.

The More You know Your Customer

It will let you know more about your audience. It can be very helpful for your business to know what pain points of the customers are. what issues they are trying to tackle, what they expect, and even what their grievances are.

What To Do On ‘Get to know your customer’s Day?

1- Improve Customer Experience

Before you reach your customers, it is crucial for you to get all the information related to them, their likes, dislikes and requirements. Take the feedback from your customers in the form of suggestions, questionnaires and feedback forms. This will help you to understand user experience and help you to enhance the user experience.

Great User Experiance

2- Find Out Customers On Forums And Blogs

Although you are in touch with your customers on social media and resolving their issues and problems. You can also seek them out on forums, blog and Q&A sites. Find the users who are searching for related answers and queries and help them by resolving their issues.

3- Follow Up On Customer

Following up with your users is the perfect way to know them better. Ask them about their experience with the product. Take their suggestion to improve the user experience.Taking follow up from customers lets you know their requirements, needs and the issues they are facing with your product. This will help you to improve the user experience by understanding their needs.

4- Reward Your Special Customers

Every customer is different for the business, some are rare customers and some are the regular ones. So categories your customers, value each of your customers. But plan a special reward or gift for your frequent customers. For those customers who help in the branding of your product. Make a proper milestone for your customers i.e. on completing a certain limit of purchases you will get a special reward.

5- Share Your Business Story With Them

Your customers are not just customers—they are entrepreneurs in their area as well. Do not just only focus on the branding of your product. But you likewise need to feature your hardwork and mistakes that you have made throughout eCommerce execution and setup.

Besides, by showing how your business developed and how you overcome all the difficulties will usher your customers in a personal space of your business. You need to cause them to feel a revolutionary part of your business. So by telling your customers the ways and methods running a successful business, You are indirectly motivating your customers to apply these rules to their business.

6- Know How Uniquely Customers Utilise Your Product

There can be multiple ways your product can be utilised, you cannot imagine all of them. However, the users are truly creative. They can utilize a solitary item in a number of ways. You can gather ideas from your customers by arranging a contest on how your product can help them. And how uniquely they utilize your product to benefit themselves. You can feature those “unique features” as the special feature of your brand or item and make it look more alluring to your visitors.

7- Show Gratefulness Everywhere

A little gratitude for your customers is the best way to win their hearts. You can show your customers gratitude in different ways on different platforms where you interact with them.

You can show gratitude to your customers in several ways like making changes to the landing page of your website. Or Possibly a big thanking banner will grab their eye and create an emotional connection.

8- Thank You Cards To Your Customers

It will put a unique and special effect on your customers when you deliver a beautifully crafted thank you card to them. You can send them a personalised thank you card and include a link in it to collect their information and feedback.

Significance Of ‘Get To Know Your Customer Day’ For Business

There is much significance of this occasion for business, as it reminds the importance of customers for the business. Businesses celebrate this special occasion by offering their users special offers, discounts and loyalty points. Businesses take feedback and requirements from their customers to offer them the best user experience.

1- Helps in Business Growth

Enhancing user experience will increase the chances of getting repeat customers. In Get to know your customers day businesses remind customers of their importance by enhancing their user experience. Businesses try to deliver their customers what they demand from them, which ultimately helps in the growth of the business.

2- Retain existing Customers

Customer loyalty helps businesses to bring back repeat customers. It is faster, cost effective and easier to retain existing customers than attracting new ones. Once your customers turn into loyal customers they help grow your business by recommending their products and services to their friends and acquaintances.

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Wrapping Up

‘Get to know your customers day’ is a special occasion, which shows the importance of customers for businesses. Businesses celebrate this day by offering gratitude to their customers. Businesses pay value and attention to their customers by offering them special offers, discounts and loyalty points. So the festive season is near. If you want to convert your online store into an app, you can start with a free trial by MageNative.

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