Etsy Marketplace Integration Live at Official Shopify App Store

Etsy Marketplace Integration Live at Official Shopify App Store


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[Portland, Oregon]- The new Etsy Marketplace Integration app is now available on the Official Shopify App Store for users.

This app enables thousands of Shopify users to integrate Shopify with Etsy. You can list your products on one of the best creative eCommerce marketplaces – Etsy.

This is the 2nd App of CedCommerce to be made live within the seven days time-period on the Shopify App Store.

Earlier, Walmart Canada Integration App was made live enabling Canadian and US online sellers to list their products on one of the influential Canadian eCommerce marketplaces, Walmart Canada.

On this occasion, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr. Himanshu Rauthan, the directors and co-founders, in their congratulatory note sent to the team, praised them for their commendable efforts.

“This push will empower Shopify users to have a problem-of-plenty. Merchants will have more and more avenues of sales in the wake of the upcoming Q4 festive sales season. Etsy, in particular, is among the most popular sales channel as already 2 million sellers and over 35 million buyers converge on the website to do the business.”

With the publishing of this Shopify Etsy Integration App on the Shopify Store, the current multichannel apps count stands at 11.

The other apps are – Walmart Integration, Jet Integration, Wish Integration, Bonanza Integration, Tophatter Integration, Newegg Integration, Walmart Canada Integration, Newegg Canada Integration, Sears Integration, and Fruugo Marketplace Integration.

You may get them all here:

Features of the Etsy Marketplace Integration app:

  • Instant Order Notification: To begin with, the Etsy Marketplace Integration App provides immediate relief to the biggest hassle of managing orders. Now, sellers can receive instant notifications of their orders.
  • Real-Time Synchronization: Meanwhile, to achieve a seamless selling experience, merchants get Real-Time Syncing scenario with Etsy Marketplace Integration App.
  • Custom Pricing: Surprisingly, Merchants can increase or decrease their product’s price. This is done by a fixed value or by a fixed percentage to sell them as per the marketplace dynamics.
  • Bulk product upload: Moreover, sellers can update or upload products in bulk. Shopify merchants can upload multiple listings and make numerous changes to the listings in one-go.
  • Notifications and Updates: Merchants get instant notifications and updates for everything. Furthermore, if there would be any change in the app process or any latest updates from Etsy. You will receive instant updates and notifications for the same.
  • Shipping Templates: Etsy merchants have the option to set the profiles or different templates to group their listings on the App. You can set shipping templates by entering the name for the template, origin of dispatch, min. and max. processing days and assigned weight options.
  • Inventory Templates: In addition to this, merchants can also set the threshold value for a specific set of product’s inventory. To do so, they can give that template, a name, and the min. and max. value to be displayed for that particular product.
  • Pricing Templates: Pricing templates help categorize and set a certain price to a specific set of products. Merchants have the option to add the Price rounding option for that template. Products falling under this template will automatically get the set price.

The “Name” for each template should be unique, as the same names counts as duplication and will not be accepted in the app.

Major Updates:

  • Product Profiles: Shopify Etsy Integration now allows merchants to create product mapping. The App enables grouping the products by properties like Product Type, Product Vendor, etc.
  • Currency Converter: Another key point is, merchants can set the currency according to their region. Sellers can quickly sell in many areas together.
  • Measure Seller Performance: In addition to this, Etsy Marketplace Integration App offers a widget for sellers to measure their performance. Shopify Merchants can track their high-performing Products, Titles, and so on.
  • Sell Digital Products: The App also allows merchants to sell their physical products as well as their digital products. It provides Product title, descriptions, and so on.

Availability and Pricing:

The app can be installed from the official Shopify App Store and comes with a 10-days free trial. No Credit Card required. 

Get the Shopify Etsy Integration App

About Etsy:

Etsy provides a platform and community for individuals who want to sell crafts. The popular product category on Etsy is handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items.

These product categories cover a more extensive range of items like Clothing, Health & Beauty, Home Improvement, Jewelry, Photography, Art, etc. and has a 39.5 million-strong buyer community. 

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How to Integrate Shopify with Etsy Marketplace

In the event that you need any help while integrating your Shopify Store with Etsy. You can watch this informative video. Hope this helps you with the onboarding process.

However, you can sell on Etsy very quickly if you are a lover of Art and Handcrafted things.

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