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How to write a Product description that sells

How to write a Product description that sells


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How much will the Product description page affect your sales?

Here is a quick stat: “Leading market surveyors Salsify reported that more than 87% of the online shoppers place a high value on Product descriptions as essential factors for deciding on a purchase.”

We all know how important Product descriptions are in the ecommerce world, for both the store owners as well as marketers. Your product descriptions introduce your product details to your prospects and can make or break a deal.

You might wonder if a good product description page is necessary even for simple products. Remember, whether it’s a pin or an aeroplane that you may be trading in – you must not miss out on optimising your product description.

Since we do not want you to write an ineffective Product description page, Below are a few tips you should keep handy the next time you are writing it.

Recognize your audience

Building a strong buyer persona is crucial before you begin to write the product description. You need to understand your audience so that you are engaging better with them. Ultimately, The customers will purchase your products, and if you lack awareness of who your audience is going to be, you might miss the piece of information they would appreciate. Concentrate on the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Annual Income
  • Location
  • Education

Also, in today’s scenario it becomes all the more important to establish your buyer’s persona since buyer’s journey is changing with time.

Reveal the Product benefits

No matter how efficient the product is, no customer wants to buy a product that only speaks of its features. Customers are more interested in the benefits that the product will provide to them. You need to address the customers’ pain points and mention the benefits and advantages of those benefits in the product description. Focus on:

  • The main advantages of the product to the customer
  • How will the features aid the customer?
  • Remember to address the stress points.

Tickle the imaginations of customer

When you sell the products online, the main disadvantage is that the customers cannot touch the product, so they become hesitant about the purchase. But you can quickly turn this situation into an advantage by describing the product in your product description page in such a manner that is appealing to the audience and compels them to imagine the texture of the product you are trying to sell. Try using adjectives and expressions that best describe the material and allow their imaginations to flow. Your job is to fascinate them. Concentrate on:

  • The words that the audience would like to read
  • Creating a picture in your customer’s

rocky mountain soap company product description page

Look at this brand named Rocky mountain soap company. On their production page, they have mentioned an enticing description. They have even tried to keep their page tidy by dividing each section and highlighting essential features about their product.This page is totally giving out Holiday and festive vibes. It is a good example of Product description. This product description page would definitely tease the audience’s sense of smell because of its presentation.

Dive in Stories

People enjoy stories because they connect with them. Use this as a strategy and bring them insights from behind the scenes about the product in the description. The more they are connected, the more likely they are tempted to buy. You can also mention any unusual fact if attached to the product. Focus on:

  • Who is making the product?
  • What makes the product interesting?
  • Mention any history related to the product

Make it seem less but say more.

Yes, A perfect blend of visuals and text in your copy is the key to good copy. A picture speaks a thousand words. Make it count. When writing an article or even a blog, you want the readers to have a good user experience. Your product description page works similarly. If you do not make the content readable, the readers might scroll through it. To avoid such situations the description needs to be scannable throughout. You do not want to overload the content. Try to merge in images , videos and content in a manner that is scannable and understood. Include white spaces and bullets in the content to make the page look neat. It becomes easier for the readers to skim through. Focus on:

  • Using bullet points Highlighting significant information
  • Making the understanding experience easy for the customers
  • Maintaining the quality of the Visual used.

Check out the website of  POO-POURRI for another example of an effective Product Description. As the name suggests is here to make your poop experience better. This company is simplifying the lives of people by solving those issues that people are hesitant to take about. Their brand name talks for itself . If you check their website you shall see that they have made it very colorful, clear and crisp. In their description page they have mentioned the ingredients used , the precautions to be taken when using it and also a video description for its audience to understand better about the product.

poo-pourri description page

Check out this review for their product. This review suggests that the customer is very much satisfied with the product and recommends everyone to use it. Such reviews have a great impact on the visitors.

Avoid “excellent” words.

Frankly, no customer wants to know how excellent you product is. So, considering these types of terms in the description won’t be of any help. You do not have to boast about the product. Let the customers decide for themselves in the review section. But what you can do is provide the necessary information to the customers in the description that invites them. They want to associate with the product solely because of its benefits. Focus on:

  • Using actionable words
  • Pointing out the benefits

Do not “overdo” the Product Description Page.

Describing the product is crucial but remember, you do not want to overdo or exaggerate it. If the Product description tends to be inaccurate or overdone, it might mislead the customers. When customers’ expectations are different from the product’s reality, the customers may not be satisfied. If the customers aren’t content with the product, they won’t purchase from you again, and you might lose their trust. 50% of the online shoppers have returned the products they purchased, stating the reason that the goods did not match the descriptions Focus on:

  • Giving accurate information about the product
  • Avoiding unnecessary details
  • Indulging in A/B testing to know what is best                           


Of course, there are multiple more things you can do with the product description page. There might be strategies that work for others, but the same would not for you and vice-versa. Stick to the plan that is working out for you. Your only goal is to prepare a page that is simple, straightforward, and understood by your prospects. If you are already implementing the pointers mentioned above, you are doing it right. But keep experimenting to find out what suits the audience best for better results. In the end, it is all about explaining everything to your audience in the most subtle manner before they fill their shopping bags.

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