BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Comprehensive Guide – Now Scale Business to Next Level

BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Comprehensive Guide – Now Scale Business to Next Level


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BigCommerce store owners have this big opportunity to expand business with BigCommerce AliExpress dropshipping. AliExpress is one of the leading wholesale and dropshipping marketplace. It connects dropshippers with product suppliers in the respective niches.

The wide array of products under every category and ePacket delivery method makes it a dropshipping friendly platform. The key to the success of bigcommerce aliexpress is opting for a bigcommerce aliexpress dropshipping solution.

Challenges faced during BigCommerce ALiExpress Dropshipping

#1: There are only 10-15 seconds to inspire customers to purchase.

#2: Customers mostly abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

#3: Make your store look reliable and relevant.

#4: Despite shipping orders on time, customers report about order delays.

#5: Manual product upload and order processing is prone to errors.

#6: When you plan to have thousands of products on your. Store. You spend several days uploading it. This way, you are with limited time to focus on the future of business.

#7: Finding the best suppliers for your business. There are tens of thousands of suppliers.

#8: Avoiding overselling or underselling during a surge in product demand.

Despite the challenges, there are thousands of successful drop shippers on AliExpress with 6 figure annual revenue. You could be the next to join the league but face challenges like a pro seller, not like a newbie.

How BigCommerce AliExpress dropshipping benefits BigCommerce Dropshipping

It equips your store with dropshipping oriented features and cuts through the hassle of manually importing products on your BigCommerce store. You also get 24/7 access to tech support.

Dropshipping automation solution saves time and multiplies productivity. Therefore, you stay ahead of your competitors. Below features ease your dropshipping journey on AliExpress.

Inventory Management

Inventory sync in real-time will keep you updated with the latest stock levels. hence, you need not worry about having sufficient inventory to meet customer’s demands.

Product Category mapping

Map various categories of your store with a single category on AliExpress using the many-to-one product category mapping. Therefore, you can get your product reflected in the most appropriate category.

Bulk Upload

Upload any amount of your products from your store to AliExpress in a hassle-free manner. Simply select the products and upload them in one go.

Simple and Configurable Products Upload

Experience more control over product upload and management as it is possible to upload both simple as well as configurable products

Real-Time Sync (Inventory)

Your inventory will auto-sync at regular intervals between your store and AliExpress.

Product Repricer (product-based pricing)

This feature helps to set the most competitive price. You can increase and decrease the price by fixed percentage/amount based on marketplace analysis.

Error Notification

No sooner does your product get rejected. You receive notification regarding the same.

New Order Notifications

Get all the updated information about new order arrival on AliExpress or the store.

Product Data Validation

This feature ensures your products comply with the standards set by AliExpress.This way, you save your products from getting rejected.

24/7 Responsive Support

Our technically sound customer support team goes the extra mile to ensure nothing stops you from selling on AliExpress.

Most important of all, the solution is fully compatible with AliExpress Official APIs. This means order processing is automated using the APIs and empower seller with the below

  • Automatic order syncing between your store and AliExpress,
  • Auto-fetch order from store and creation on AliExpress buyer panel.
  • Order tracking updates from AliExpress to your store.
  • Auto order creation upon sipping provider is assigned.

Above all, the above process will be highly secure and reliable.

How can I manage Dropshipping with BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Solution

Smooth and efficient management of BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping is possible with the ability to handle hundreds of products in a hassle-free manner. The solution provides you with the most prominent edge over your competitors, This edge is time. You save a significant amount of time by automating your dropshipping business.

High demand during the festive season or sale won’t impact your order processing speed. You need not cancel orders at the last moment due to low-stocks. There won’t be order delays resulting in negative reviews.

You are assigned a personal account manager to familiarise you with the ins and outs of the app. You need not be a tech geek to operate it. Moreover, our 24/7 support solves issues without delay. These all enable you to experience a seamless BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping experience.

Why Competitive pricing plays a vital role in BigCommerce Dropshipping Success?

Competitive pricing is the decisive factor in any game of e-commerce. Products should be priced based on market analysis, and taking into account competitor’s price else, it results in a low conversion rate.

Very low prices make your product appear questionable quality-wise. High prices without additional features, will fetch you a bad reputation.

Therefore, the only thing that works is competitive prices. Moreover, it makes your product stand out during the last phase of the customer buying journey.

How BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping helps in Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing attracts maximum customers. But how do you find it? Will you spend endless hours analyzing and filtering thousands of products to find the most competitive price? Or let the repricer feature find it in seconds.

Of Course, the second option is better. Therefore you let customers buy their favorite products at minimum cost. The smart way of pricing also helps in boosting sales because demand rises upon price reduction.

The solution enables you to change the (increase/decrease) price for selected products of your choice percentage-wise and by fixed quantity.

How Significant is the role of Store Customisation in BigCommerce Dropshipping

Customization ensures every customer gets shopping experience tailored for his shopping experience. It can be in the form of individual offers, product suggestions, and more.

Showing similar content to every customer, most of the time doesn’t mean anything to the majority of your customers.

Different customers are inspired by various reasons and purposes for product purchases. Store customization pushes them towards a final purchase with a personalized experience.

Why do I need store customization?

It makes your BigCommerce store load at laser fast speed else 4 in 10 users might abandon it in the first 3 seconds.

Customers need not locate the products he can find upon the implementation of the mega menu. This way, user experience improves. Hence, the conversion rate takes a leap.

The call to action (most important part of the e-commerce) button gets easily found by customers.

Our store customization experts ensure no opportunity of conversion is lost due to a cluttered user interface.

What is included in BigCommerce Store Customisation Services

Being well versed and on-hand experience with the latest trends in e-commerce. Our team analyses your store and implements the much-needed features that will transform customers into regular customers.

  • Creation of the appropriate menu bar that enables hassle-free navigation.
  • Zero data loss migration to the latest version of the BigCommerce stencil theme. Store migration won’t compromise the visual appeal of the store.
  • Free Store Customisation Consultation with Experts 

Enhance Productivity and Optimization

  • Integration of third-party tools like live chat, low-stock notification, review management, currency converter, and more equips your store to serve diverse and large numbers of customers in less time.
  • Easy to manage stores, boosts productivity and revenue. It enables a seamless shopping journey for customers
  • AMP optimization to decrease the page load time. Slow page load is the biggest flaw that means customers have to find another online store.
  • AMP optimized pages have high chances of being ranked at the top on Google
  • Set up every page of your store – (About Us, Contact Us, Product Categories, Vision, and more) with seamless navigation. This way, your customers find full information about your business at the earliest.
  • Banner, Favicon, and Logo designing for your store. These are in line with your business objectives and make your brand stand out from competitors.
  • Implementation of mega menus to significantly speed up the product search process by customers.

Theme Customization

  • Theme Customisation for a gorgeous look that aptly conveys your products in the best manner.
  • Mobile responsive & SEO optimized themes to connect with customers and avoid them waiting unnecessarily right before paying.
  • A new store or existing online shop that is visually appealing and gives you a competitive edge.
  • Convince customers with spectacular and easily navigable store design.
  • Surprisingly easy and fast navigation increases the conversion rate.
  • SEO optimized code means google consider your store good enough to rank high
  • Placement of call to action at most easy to locate and clickable location on the webpage.
  • 24/7 tech support that responds without delay.

Why is the Manual mode of BigCommerce ALiExpress dropshipping Fatal?

Manually importing and uploading products from AliExpress is a tiresome and error-prone task. Moreover, it will consume an unnecessary amount of time. Therefore, you end up importing & listing products for the entire day. Hence, the chances of delay in order processing are relatively high.

Delayed order processing eventually results in order delays. These delays are more likely to occur during the festive season owing to a surge in demand. Now, no customer will forgive you for receiving a product after the day you promised.

It is just not an ordinary order delay. Above all, you could ruin the festive mood. If it happens to multiple customers, it results in the loss of customers.

Don’t let your dream of business expansion go in vain due to error-prone and endlessly long methods dropshipping.

Act like a pro seller abandon the manual mode and switch to store automation before the customer abandons your store.

How BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping helps me Compete with Top Dropshippers on AliExpress

Despite top-notch aliexpress dropshippers who are earning high due to an extensive customer base, the dropshipping solution automates your store. Automation ensures your customers experience a flawless shopping experience with zero issues. It includes below

  • Bulk product upload to list all products with one click, including its details and variants.
  • Automated order management for handling any quantity of orders with full efficiency.
  • Real-time inventory sync avoids overselling or underselling. It maximizes selling.
  • Lots of details about customers will help you make data-driven decisions.
  • You are prepared with enough inventory to handle sudden demand surge during the festive season.
  • Ability to set the most competitive price based on market analysis to convince customers at the earliest.

This way, you are equipped with features to stay competitive. Therefore, you have a fair chance to compete with them and be one among them. Moreover, it makes your BigCommerce AliExpress journey amazingly seamless, and you experience increased ROI.

The Simple Secret of Success for BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping

Always add value. Let the value be the takeaway for your customers. Mostly dropshipper view dropshipping as offering the right products without delay, but it’s not the end of the story.

It is a much bigger process as you have to compete with so many more dropshipper who sell the same products and some of them might be more experienced than you.

Your ability to be competitive is the key to keep your store as a frontrunner in your niche. Therefore, you are miles ahead of competitors in dropshipping.

How to Add Value with Dropshipping Business

Adding value is synonymous with easing the shopping journey of your customers at every step. Here is how to do it,

Choose The Right (Most Profitable) Niche: Niche selection is the most significant decision. Hence, it can make or break the dropshipping business.

Your passion for specific niches mustn’t affect market research.

Focus on products that are related to the hobbies of customers. Above all, people are crazy about hobbies and spend a huge amount of money on products that help them keep up with their hobby.

Disposable products bring back your customers for repeat purchases. Therefore, you must consider displaying products on your store that need to be repurchased on a monthly/quarterly basis.

If you plan to sell top trending products that are high-priced, you should consider offering personalized customer support. Customers might not feel uncomfortable paying $100 for a product but, before buying a $1000 item he prefers to discuss various aspects of it.

The pre-sale customer support builds trust and assures customers about product authenticity.

Sell what is hard to find locally. Nobody wastes time searching for products that are unavailable in their city. Therefore, they will visit your store for stuff like popular Halloween costumes or limited edition hats.

Are you ready for seamless business expansion with BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping? Ping us to start now?

FAQ for BigCommerce AlIExpress Dropshipping

How much time will it take time to configure the dropshipping application? It won’t take much time, rather you get assisted by a personal account manager at every step. Above all, he familiarizes you with every feature and functionalities of the app.

When I receive an order, then how quickly can I pass the order to The app enables you to pass orders on AliExpress, including all data related to it. Moreover, you can do this as soon as the order arrives at your BigCommerce store.

Can I import an entire niche using the BigCommerce AliExpress Application? Yes, you can get it imported from the AliExpress website to the app with a single click.

How will I know about the latest order status in my store? It is simple. You can click on Fetch Order or set it to auto-update on a regular time interval.

Takeaways from Successful AliExpress Dropshipper with BigCommerce Store

  1. Buy from Reputable Sellers Only: Only trusted sellers are capable of ensuring that order delivery is on time. Moreover, no order delays equates to happy customers, repeat purchases. and positive reviews.
  2. Return Policy: Specify return/refund policy in simple language and non-technical words. This way, you don’t have to face situations like customers saying you should have told me earlier.
  3. 24/7 Customer Support: Customers first turn up to you regarding anything about the product, even if it is related to the seller. Handling such situations at the earliest will avoids any escalation of problems
  4. You Make Data Driven Decisions : You have an ample amount of customer data. This Data provides you crystal clear insights about customer behavior and the next step.
  5. You have a fair idea about the number of orders you have to process and ship during peak hours.
  6. Pick the Right Niche: Don’t choose to sell products that your colleagues and friends are selling. It is not necessary if others are earning high by selling under a specific niche, then you will also experience high sales.

These tips shared by successful sellers. Hence, it will help you avoid silly mistakes that would otherwise bog down your sales and discourage you from dropshipping.

Conclusion – Well Begun is Half Done!! Rest Half Our Solution will Deliver

The purpose of dropshipping solutions is to eventually ease customer shopping experience by enabling hassle-free dropshipping. Quickly and easily the customer finds the products mean faster he heads to the checkout page. Above all, it results in a high conversion rate.

The right approach, unflinching passion, and our industry expertise results in a BigCommerce store with interactive design automated towards high sales.

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