Best Products To Sell This Winter On Amazon
Best Products To Sell On Amazon This Winter!

Best Products To Sell On Amazon This Winter!


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With the last month of the last quarter of 2022 finally, here, sales of Winter Products on Amazon across the globe will get ramped up significantly during this time. So, to help all Shopify-Amazon sellers maximize the Holiday Season and end the year with a bang, here we list some of the most popular products you should try selling on Amazon.

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Best-Selling Product Categories in Winters

Before diving into the best-selling products of the Winter season, we will give you a summary of what product categories you should target selling on Amazon. This is based on the Holiday Season sales figures & market research from online sales events and shoppers’ trends.

For your eCommerce store, the best-selling categories can be classified & summarized into 4:-

Apparel– One of the more obvious choices, the onset of the Winter season brings in massive demand for outdoor winter activity clothing products. They include winter hats, scarves, thick socks, boots, hoodies, and custom long-sleeve shirts.

Home Decor– This is another one of those categories that sees a lot of sales during the winter season. Many people around the world tend to spend their time chilling indoors. For this very purpose, try selling products like hearty & warm blankets, pillows, oven mitts, custom slippers, etc.

Kitchen Accessories– This category sees a lot of traction as the call of nature asks for plenty of hot and hearty fluids this season. Try selling customizable items such as candles, mugs, tumblers, and other online store crafts for the best results.

Holiday items– The Winter season coincides with the Holiday season, and this is a no-brainer as to why you should focus more on selling Holiday-Season specific items. These may include Christmas decorations, Gift wrapping paper, plush toys, and holiday-themed designs on clothing to accessories.

Few Stats about Selling in the Winter Season

Regarding online sales, the trends suggest a cooling period when considering a year-over-year winter holiday sales comparison figure. The 2021 eCommerce year made leaps with a hefty $886.7 billion in revenue, amounting to a 14.1% increase from the previous year. Clothing and accessory stores, in particular, were up by 33.1%.

While every new year comes with substantial uncertainty due to constraints in supply chains and the pandemic, demand is predicted to continue positively.

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Top Products To Sell On Amazon

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the list of products we think you should target selling this season for maximum chances of profits:-

Hoodies, Long Sleeve Shirts, Beanies & Scarves

Starting off our list is a people’s favorite for the Winter season, Hoodies! Appealing to people of all genders & varying ages, Hoodies offer an excellent balance of style and comfort and hence become a popular choice among people due to the long list of customization options & colors available.

Another one of the more popular in-demand products during the winter season is Long-Sleeve shirts. And not just any long-sleeve shirt; try selling Shirts with a sustainable quotient to them, as that tends to capture the imagination of many people. Polyester & Cotton sleeve shirts are the most popular ones, but their ability to cater to a wide range of audiences of varied sizes makes them even more popular.

Beanies come in next and what better way to show off the festive season flavor than a matching Beanie. Beanies made out of solid acrylic wool are the talk of the town and are the more popular of all options, leaving aside the ones that offer multiple color options and tone variations. For Amazon Handmade sellers, we suggest you keep your designs simple and use more straightforward color tones to balance expenses.

Scarves often come in as a bestseller in winter and the ones which are soft and comfortable or made out of a smooth microfiber fabric are the ones that drive in the most sales. As a tip, try incorporating calmer designs into your Scarves and outline the face.

Joggers & Pajamas

Joggers are evergreen regarding the products that sell best online. Be it the extreme summers or the freezing winters; Joggers don’t go out of demand. A best practice when selling Joggers and taking your listing to the top of Amazon’s SERP is to write product descriptions in such a way that creates a sense of necessity. That includes outdoor activity essentials or a relaxing afternoon pajama set.

Seasonal pajamas come next in things you should target selling this Winter on Amazon. For all handmade sellers or sellers selling under the Generic brand on Amazon, try creating family-inspired designs that echo the Holiday spirit. Try including keywords like loose, regular fit with an elastic waistband for your product description for better SERP listing.

Socks & Boots

One of the must-haves for the winter season is socks. Specifically, all-over-print socks tend to catch the imagination of many customers these days. Socks with intricate, colorful, and eye-catching designs tend to draw much attention among influencers and youngsters alike. Alongside keeping their feet warm. Socks & Stockings are some of the best items for Dropshipping. Because they have low shipping costs due to their lightweight nature and the potential to sell well as bundled deals. This will favor a lot of FBM sellers on Amazon.

Boots, especially Canvas ones, come in as the ones that will catch a lot of attention in winter. Fully customizable canvas boots for women and men will be those that will most likely have the chance to go out of stock the fastest.


No Winter season checklist for sellers is complete without mentioning Blankets & Pillows as one of the most popular and in-demand commodities by online shoppers. There’s no beating a warm, thick sherpa fleece blanket for one of the things that you should sell in winter. Sherpa Blankets that offer a fluffy feel and are easy to clean come in as the most in-demand ones.

Another set of Blankets that you should try selling is Hooded blankets. These blankets are compact compared to the Sherpas but are perfect for taking a walk throughout the house with a hot beverage.


With the apparel section done, it’s time to focus on another important category- Accessories. The highly demanded accessories that online shoppers look forward to most to buy include Mugs, Tumblers & Candles.

Magic Mugs seem to be the talk of the town. Customers look forward to these the most regarding the mugs category. Warm liquids turn the usual black mugs into gorgeous designs you intend to sell. These mugs, despite being simple, come out as a unique, excellent option for online customers.

Winter-themed candles are a holiday staple. They fall in with the Holiday season lighting complementing the festive atmosphere while maintaining calm and being traditional. Aromatherapy Candles are rapidly popping up as crowd pullers in the candles section. Sellers offering different scents, such as Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice, and Sea Breeze, will have the upper hand over the others!

Holiday Season Essentials

While Winter is here, so are the Holidays! And you can’t overlook items like Christmas decorations, gift wrapping paper, plush toys, and holiday-themed designs on clothing to accessories. And yes, we end this list with an accessory that’s a must-have for all holiday feast lovers. Oven Gloves that are lightweight, heat-resistant and slip-resistant come out as the more popular options in the Oven Gloves category.

Ace This Winter Selling Season With CedCommerce

Winter is here & hence it becomes imperative for all sellers, irrespective of their business size, to use services from people with expertise in integrating multiple marketplaces. For all you Shopify sellers planning to sell on Amazon or who already sell on the platform, do check out the Amazon by CedCommerce native sales channel app on the Shopify app store.

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CedCommerce services for Amazon sellers will help to escalate businesses and define a new standard in the market. With our 24×7 customer services and dedicated account managers, selling on Amazon couldn’t get easier than before.

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