association with shopify
Celebrating our association with Shopify: Spilling out the beans

Celebrating our association with Shopify: Spilling out the beans


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From the very first year of its launch, Shopify has intrigued us with its SaaS-Based ecosystem. We have been associated with Shopify since 2015 to assist it in securing maximum happy Shopify merchants through our eCommerce apps and solutions. We have also been proud attendees of Shopify Unite and other such eminent events from where we derive our learning to improve our apps & services.

As they say, hard work pays off, Shopify has been very active in recognizing what we bring to the table. Thus, giving us the privilege of becoming the Shopify experts. We accredit this to our customers who have helped us to be the best with their encouragement, support, patience, and trust.

Above all, we are grateful to our employees for being the pillars of CedCommerce.

CedCommerce’s tale of gaining a trail of recognitions: Becoming Experts and More

At CedCommerce we have a team of experts who focus on making the selling process easier. The acceptance of our solutions and services in the Shopify ecosystem means a lot. 

1) Ever-growing reviews on Shopify App store

Shopify’s App store hosts the widest range of solutions and apps designed by Shopify itself and its partners. With 2,50,000 page views per week, merchants can most definitely find the best fitting solution right away.

The vendors, looking for a solution provider, worthy of their trust, can be overwhelmed with such a high count of viable options. Nonetheless, we have hundreds of reviews to speak for ourselves.
For years, our apps & services have been on the receiving side of such kind and generous yet well-deserved appreciation. As a matter of fact, CedCommerce crossed over 500 reviews for the products in the year 2019. We appreciate not only the positive but the negative ones as well because those opinions have helped us to improve tremendously.

2) Being Listed as Shopify Experts

Shopify Experts are the trusted Shopify partners that are committed to providing high-quality eCommerce products and services to the sellers. At CedCommerce, we spend a large amount of time and revenue on implementing technological advancements in our solutions. These advancements are inspired by every upgrade and reform launched by Shopify.

Amongst the many updates brought about by Shopify in the year 2018 and 2019, we have been quick to adopt this:

Apart from staying ahead in technical aspects, the new updates in the apps aim at making them familiar for the Shopify merchants. In other words, they strive to deliver exactly what the merchants want. Considering their issues, challenges and every single hindrance, the apps make the process of selling as uncomplicated as possible.

Additionally, all of these efforts to rejuvenate the existing solutions, have helped these apps in acquiring prominent ranks on the Shopify Store.

Technical Achievements of 2019

Incorporating everything, from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, CedCommerce stands out for valid reasons. We have implemented some of the major changes in 2019 such as :

1) The Multichannel Importer App got featured on the Shopify App Store

CedCommerce’s Multichannel Importer got a spot in the Staff Picks section of the Shopify app store for its Inventory Management feature. The app’s working structure is built around helping sellers sell on Shopify from any 3rd party platform.

Some of the salient features the app offers are Profiling, Bulk Product Upload, Inventory Management, and FBA compatibility.

Mr. Pankaj Aswal, the lead member of the team that designed the Multichannel Importer App, when asked about this achievement, replied:

“We analyzed and worked on the criteria for being featured and here we are today, listed and featured on the app store.”

In merely a year, the Multichannel Importer App has secured around 190 reviews. Given that, this app has met the needs of so many merchants, it is no wonder that the app has been listed in the “Staff Picks” section of the Shopify App Store, something we had been aspiring for soon after the app’s launch.

To get an app listed in the “Staff Picks” section of the Shopify store, one needs to take care of the following points:

  1. It must be listed on the Shopify app store
    To be able to get an app listed on the Shopify store, it is crucial for the app to be designed with such efficiency that it solves a problem faced by a seller, the best it could.
    The flow of the app must be working at all stages and should send a comprehensive message. 
  2. Offer excellent Customer Support
    In today’s era, it is very important to be available for your customers via mail, chat and social media platforms. Hence, Shopify understands the importance of flawless customer service and ensures that the app providers must provide it to their clients, the best they could.
  3. Must meet Shopify app store requirements
    Shopify requires you to fulfill certain requirements in terms of app configurations, app information, URL and much more. All of this must align with their policies.

Undoubtedly, the team here at CedCommerce works hard and endeavors to meet every single one of the above-mentioned expectations. All in all, every single bug is eliminated to ensure only the highest quality of experience is delivered through these apps.

Thus, jumping every hoop expertly, ensures that our apps earn their rightful top-rank on the Shopify App Store.

2) Automation of major processes in our apps

In 2019, CedCommerce began implementing the Kit Skill in all our apps to automate it for our clients.

What is Kit Skill?

Kit Skill by Shopify is a virtual assistant that helps you to manage marketing and communication for your store. By using Kit, you can create marketing campaigns, send thank you emails and manage integrated apps automatically.

Correspondingly, you can perform that process on your customers’ behalf so that they can channelize their efforts towards other activities that can help them increase customer retention.

In 2019, we implemented the Kit Skill in the product import process of our Etsy Integration App. This upgrade lets the merchants import the products on their Shopify store to the app, without even logging into our app.

Besides, the kit sends messages to the merchants via .iMessage or Facebook message. We saw an increase in the app’s popularity and acceptance by almost 10-15% after the Kit Skill implementation.

Also, we are in continuous communication with Shopify to extend the Kit Skill Implementation in more of our apps so that the maximum number of merchants can enjoy the process automation and easily use the app.

association with Shopify

For we believe in continuous learning

Shopify has been organizing revolutionary events to help the community develop and grow. In privilege, we attended Shopify Unite 2019, held in Toronto, Canada. Our director came back with a bag full of knowledge, connections, and unforgettable memories.

Quoting Shopify:

“At Shopify Unite, our partner and developer community comes together to celebrate our shared success, forge new connections, and ignite the future of commerce technology.”

Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, the Co-Founder, and Director of CedCommerce stated that:
“I attended Technical workshops, Keynote sessions and Track session. There, I learned about the new technical and business-related advancements in the eCommerce ecosystem. Also, the sessions have helped me to re-define the company’s goals, wherever necessary.”

shopify unite

Our team of enthusiastic developers made sure that we implement each possible new technical advancement in our apps. Hence, the Kit Skill implementation came by.

Track Sessions from Shopify Unite 2019:

Shopify Unite: Session on Checkout Opportunities-

Shopify Unite: Session on Power of Unique Shopping Experiences-

shopify unite

Forming meaningful relationships

Becoming Shopify experts and securing more than 500 plus reviews on the apps has helped us gain the trust of not only the Shopify merchants but also from the contemporary Shopify partners. Thus, they have been reaching out to us for forming bonds that can better serve the purpose of Shopify merchants.

In 2019, we collaborated with Privy, which is one of the pioneering Shopify partners. Privy’s integration with Shopify and Shopify plus ensures that they can easily execute marketing and remarketing campaigns. We see the partnership with Privy as an opportunity to help more Shopify merchants. 

Above all, we also shook hands with Google for its Google Shopping Actions Program to become the leading source of reliable information for the merchants. Consequently, the partnership helps to upgrade our app regularly on the basis of updates in the Google Shopping Actions Program.

Strengthening the Team Bond

At CedCommerce, our main goal is to help our clients in a way that they can have maximum satisfied customers. It is important for us that each member at CedCommerce understands and coincides with this goal.

This is only possible when the team bonding is flawless and all the members understand each other well. This way the purpose of coming up with the most reliable apps and services can be delivered effectively.

Regarding this the leaders of the team dealing in the apps and services for the Shopify merchants stated,

“Each year we go on the trip that can fill the communication gap between the team members if any. This ensures that there is a free exchange of new ideas that can give birth to game-changing apps and services. It is a thrilling activity where we can plan the prospect of achieving new goals.”

To reflect back on the work done in 2019 and formulate new targets for 2020, our team went on a trip to Auli, Uttarakhand, India with the theme “bond better to create better”.

The 4-day trip saw the formation of new connections and strengthening of the older ones.

In the first place, the trip helped the employees to get an insight into each other’s life so that the working environment can turn more flexible as a result of better understanding.

Moreover, the excitement of the team to take on their work after coming back was absolutely commendable. Indeed, the trip replenished the energy of our hard-working employees.

association with Shopify

Agenda for 2020: Setting new goals

Our sole agenda has always been to cater to the merchants from across the globe with the best apps and services. During the small excursion of the team, we formulated new goals with the basic idea of helping merchants to sell in more locations worldwide.

Significantly, In 2019, we focussed on establishing seamless connectivity between the Shopify store of merchants and U.S. Marketplaces such as Reverb and Rakuten U.S. This was to ensure that the sellers can unleash the true potential of multi-channel selling.

Additionally, the vision for 2020 is to help the Shopify merchants sell easily on the European marketplaces such as Cdiscount and OnBuy with our upgraded apps and services. Furthermore, we also are working to come up with an easy solution that can help these sellers list their products on Shopify.

With respect to introducing advanced solutions and apps, our plans for 2020 include:

1) PIM implementation

Product Information Management (PIM) helps you to create, collect, manage, and enrich your product information at a single place. To put it another way, PIM helps to create a centralized platform for your eCommerce business. 

This will leverage you to sell on as many marketplaces as you can from an epicenter. Enhancing your multichannel selling without many efforts as you can manage and upload your products from a single place. Also, the PIM implementation can supervise all your orders received on different channels from one place.

2) Amazon Integration accounts for a sale of more than 4000 products per minute in the U.S. Consequently, more Shopify merchants want to sell on Shopify. Therefore, we decided to come up with Amazon Integration App. The app will be live this year. The basic aim of the app is to draw the shortest route between Amazon and Shopify.

3) Broadening our Service Section

In 2020, we plan to make our service section better by expanding its boundaries. Our service section includes free site audit, store development, and customization. Further, we also have digital marketing services to help you make your products visible. Register yourself by clicking here to keep yourself in touch with all the latest updates.

4) Kit skill implementation in new apps

Studies revealed that on average 51% of companies are currently using Marketing automation. With more than half of B2B companies (58%) plan to adopt the technology.

It’s 2020 and most of the companies are now moving towards automation, so are we.

Yes, you read it correctly, kit skill implementation in our Integration app is helping sellers to automate the selling process. We have implemented that in the Product Import process of our Etsy & Walmart integration app. Now we are looking forward to implementing the same on the rest of the processes of our apps.

5) MageNative app builder

You can customize your Shopify store app as per your need in real-time. We noticed that sellers don’t want to go through a lengthy process involving-

Filling the requirements in the form -> submitting -> Work on the implementations -> verifying from the seller -> a new update to the users.

So now we have decided to leverage the sellers to customize and implement the changes in their apps. They just have to drag-and-drop their favorite items from the template and edit the store layout. They can customize their store in real-time. Moreover, their customers don’t have to update the app to see the changes.

With exhilarating energy, presently, the team is working on the agenda for 2020 in a full-fledged manner. People can expect the goals of 2020 to be transformational for the eCommerce sellers.

Final Words

To sum up, CedCommerce has always worked around helping Shopify sellers with its eCommerce products and services. Our focus was always to be well-versed with the technical/non-technical advancements. This may help us to excel in the Shopify community. Furthermore, we are proud to see that Shopify has recognized our contribution to help its merchants.

As a result, these accomplishments collectively have brought us endless motivation to achieve and serve ever more in 2020. In fact, we hope to impact the lives of the maximum number of Shopify merchants.

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