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If you aspire to emerge out as a leading seller, you must master the eminent strategy of using your time wisely. As an entrepreneur, you need to have a fair idea of where to save your time which can be utilized well for having a better conversion rate. Incorporating Multichannel Marketing into your business system can be a really good start in this direction.


Most common Multichannel Sales in e-commerce include e-commerce marketplaces; comparison shopping engines; social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram; messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and Kik; and, content-based delivery network like Buzzfeed.


Let’s have a look at a very important aspect related to Multichannel Marketing in e-commerce, which is Product Listing.



What is product listing in e-commerce?


Product Listing in e-commerce generally refers to the process of replicating the items/services details on various digital properties/avenues. This enables e-commerce merchants to list their products on a wide variety of digital platforms and channels.



What does a Product Lister do?


A product lister typically works for an e-commerce company and creates listings for products sold online.


The following two points make a Product Lister Service highly salient.


  • List the products on various marketplaces directly.
  • Notifies you in case of an incompatible product description.
  • Updates if changes required in Product Title.



What has bloomed the growth of the Product Lister Services?



Product Lister Services has gained quite a lot of recognition as they save a  huge amount of time but certainly, it was only after festivals such as Black Friday, Halloween and Cyber Monday that the sellers have started using the Product Lister Services to their fullest potential.


Black Friday Sales and Product Lister Services-


Black Friday is of utmost importance in the United States and hence every year on Black Friday the U.S. market literally thrives as evident from the picture below-


black friday sales



Also, the revenue generated during the Black Friday sales serves as a huge contribution in making the U.S. market, one of the most resourceful markets in the world.





Thus, occasions like Black Friday demand sellers to maintain the Product Inventory so that their products do not go out of stock and they can keep up with a huge number of orders they receive.


The sellers can broadly be divided into two categories-


1) Sellers that have an Online store: Such sellers can easily be at the top of their game of fulfilling every order they receive with the help of Integration apps which make the task of listing products from Online Store to the marketplaces easier.


2) Sellers Without an Online store: The sellers who do not have an online store and want to sell directly on various marketplaces can find the task of uploading the products very daunting.

To make the chore easier for them, Product Lister Services are available.


Common functions of the Product lister Service-


1) Product upload even without a store:

A product Lister service helps you to upload products even if you do not have an online store. You just have to provide the SKUs of your products in any one of the following formats and get the products uploaded-

PDF, .xls file, Dropbox file, Google sheet, CSV or have them stored in a CRM.


2) Product description according to marketplace eligibility-

While manually uploading products on various marketplaces, you may come across problems such as product upload failure. This may be due to product details, incompatible to the marketplace on which the products are to be uploaded. Product Lister Services make sure that the description of a product is well optimized to be compatible with the respective marketplace.


3) Higher visibility of Products-

With optimized product description, products become more recognizable as the probability of rejection of products on the grounds of incorrect title, product description, price details, etc. is reduced considerably.


4) Selection of Multiple Marketplace-

Product Lister Services help you to select multiple marketplaces to upload your products simultaneously. This not only reduces your effort but also fulfills the purpose of Multichannel Marketing in the true sense of the term.


Product Lister Services are Global:


The efficient Product Lister Services are not restricted to a particular country in their services.


The Product Lister Apps that actually aim at helping the sellers to save their time so that it can be utilized well to generate new leads, nurturing the old ones and converting better generally help you to seamlessly list your products on the following marketplaces-




US MarketplacesJet, eBay, Walmart, etc.
UK MarketplacesFruugo, Etsy, Wish, etc.
Canadian MarketplacesNewegg Canada, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.
Indian MarketplacesFlipkart, eBay, Amazon, etc.
Malaysian MarketplacesShopee, Lazada, etc.



Therefore, Product Lister Services are global and can help in increasing your sales worldwide.


Moreover, Product Lister Services help you to sell even on the Marketplaces to which your online store framework isn’t integrated.





As merchants, in general, have thousands of products, therefore, moving the data of the items to different channels and tracking the individual orders becomes herculean tasks to manage. However, different items and the nature of channels, the suitability of items only adds to the complexity.  However, the Product Lister Service not only eases the process it automates them and makes it a hassle-free affair to manage all such operations.


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