How to Reduce App Development Cost Without Compromising on Quality?

How to Reduce App Development Cost Without Compromising on Quality?


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As we already know, mobile apps are a great way to increase a brand’s user engagement and over revenue. Yet, there are situations when app development costs become quite expensive for online businesses.

Well, if you are looking for outstanding mobile app development with stunning features at an affordable cost. Then it is quite important for you to take note of some essential tips. that will help you cut down the cost associated with mobile app development.

What is the average cost of mobile app development?

Generally, the cost of mobile app development depends on the type of application you won’t develop. And the features you want to include in it.

The average cost of mobile app development can be calculated by using the following formula.

App development cost = Hourly rate of App development * Total Time Taken in the development. But still, there are numerous factors that help determine the app development cost, and how it can be controlled.

Mistakes that should be avoided to reduce the development cost

It is generally found that the cost of development often exceeds that budget allocated. Several factors to consider during the development phase to reduce the cost. But also, it must be taken into consideration that reducing costs won’t affect the quality of the app. Because a poor app quality can be profitable in the short run but not good in the long run. And overall growth of any business.

Overlooking Cost Of Updates

There is a misconception that updates are only needed when there is something new in the software. But actually, the updates are required to improve the interface or fix any bugs. So many organizations don’t consider small and big updates, which are responsible for the smooth functioning of the app and help in sparing the overall development cost.

Choosing The Right Platform

Although all apps look alike, the mobile app development varies largely from platform to platform. And so does the app development cost. Different app development platforms offer different features and functionalities. Like if you are looking for a mobile app that is fast, secure, interactive, and has lots of other stunning features, then you should go for native app development. Every business to grow and thrive in the online market needs a fast, secure and outstanding app.

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How To Reduce The App Development Cost?

Creating an outstanding native mobile app with stunning features could be quite expensive for your business. But following these useful tips helps you spare much cost in app development. And Help you create an awesome mobile app at the most affordable cost.

Build an MVP(minimum via product)

Building an MVP for your mobile app incorporates the method where you build only the core functionalities to resolve the specific issue without being a final product. It gives you the taste of execution and the idea behind the app without letting you spend resources developing a full mobile app. Going for MVP instead of a fully-fledged product lets you save two main resources, i.e., cost and time.

Proper Testing At Different Phases

Testing is the most crucial aspect of mobile app development, often overlooked by most companies. But testing is indirectly the most crucial factor that affects the cost of app development. Research shows that the cost of fixing bugs is much more in the maintenance phase than during the initial stage of development.

  • 100x during the maintenance stage
  • 15x during the testing stage
  • 6.5x during the implementation stage
  • 1x during the design stage

The above stats show that testing should not be the last step in app development. Suppose you want to deliver a flawless and cost-efficient application. In that case, it is imperative to perform proper and time to time testing during the initial stage before the final launch. So testing phase is something very important to consider during the development. It not only saves your cost in crashes, bugs, or performance issues. But also helps you retain your users, as poor performance and too many crashes or bugs make your users leave your app in no time.

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In-house development or Outsourcing

The debate on in-house development and outsourcing is endless. But the answer varies as per the company’s requirements. If you have a long-term project, it may be suitable for you to go for in-house development. But if you require an app for your eCommerce, you must search for an app development company that can offer you the best feature at minimum cost. So if you are going for an app development company, there are numerous app development firms with great talent and portfolios. So finding such a company that offers great features at an efficient cost can be quite difficult, but it will give your online business a big profit in the long run.

Post-Launch Plan and Support

It is also imperative for a successful mobile app to plan for support and post-launch of an app. It will be best if you plan for the time to time updates in the app and provide proper support to your users for the smooth functioning of the app. Without a proper post-launch and support, your cost will increase exponentially.

In A Nutshell

Mobile apps have now become a need for every online store. And the end goal of every business is to generate maximum profit. And you do this either by making maximum sales or by reducing costs during the development phase. Unnecessary things in the app should be removed to spare cost but not the important features or functionalities that help in enhancing the overall user experience. For an enhanced user experience, there is a need for a great mobile app with stunning features. If you are looking for such a mobile app, you must go for MageNative.

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