9.9 Super Shopping Day Jackie Chan Fans Will Throng Your Store – Are You Ready?

9.9 Super Shopping Day Jackie Chan Fans Will Throng Your Store – Are You Ready?


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The 9.9 Super Shopping Day marks the start of holiday shopping in Southeast Asia and Taiwan with the aim of positioning sellers and brands to new heights of success. This year Shopee’s primary focus is on the participation and success of 1.2 million MSMEs.

The highlights of the super shopping day will be free shipping for Cash On Delivery (COD) payment method for all items. Another lucrative one is winning 30 billion rupiah as Shopee Pay prize for playing Shopee Tanam.

The budget-conscious shoppers will be interested in Super Serba Seribu. It will help them buy products worth Rp. 1000 from brands and MSMEs participating in the event.

What’s Different (& Unique) This Super Shopping Day – Jackie Chan (The International Superstar)

To magnify the magnitude and meaning of Super Shopping Day Shopee has announced Jackie Chan and Joe Taslim to be the stars of the promo program ad. Customers will be dazzled with their charisma, and it will also influence their purchase to some extent.

Merchants can leverage the influence of superstars. They need to equip store to be ready for broadly three types of customers

  • The Chinese customers who started admiring Jackie Chan after his recent appreciation of the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Buyer from Hong Kong. The place is Jackie Chan’s homeland.
  • Another million new customers around the globe who are die-hard fans of martial arts and aspire to be like Jackie Chan. They will follow him and participate in the first year-end shopping festival.

Let’s break down these factors and extract the insights further, how it will be helpful to merchants for developing the right strategy for Super Shopping Day 2021.

Be Ready To Treat Chinese Shoppers – They Will Throng Your Store

  • Jackie Chan’s recent admiration for the Chinese communist party won him tens of thousands of Chinese fans. Hence, his loyal fans on 9.9 super shopping day will throng your store.
  • Understanding the buying persona will help you sell them what they want to fill the shopping bucket.
  • Sell martial arts items and Jackie Chan merchandise will get customers eyeballs glued to your store. As a result, an opportunity to boost sales graph and take your store product visibility to a whole new level.

super shopping day high demand

Apart from the above, there are a few other products that will also help to engage customers. Mainly due to the post-pandemic paradigm shift in Chinese customer shopping behavior. And it will be dominant during this holiday season.

Here are products that have high potential to connect with shoppers during 9.9 super shopping day 2021

  • Athletic footwear
  • Home workout items
  • Lingerie
  • Loungewear
  • Jewelry
  • Leather goods

As you notice, these are expensive products.. It will be wise to target those with high disposable income primarily. The income targeting strategy on Google Ads will help you craft highly effective ads campaigns.

An added advantage of convincing high income customers is the increase in average order value. Hence, a merchant generates a high income without worrying about restocking in a couple of days.

Few More Insights to Grab Chinese Consumer Attention

  • 3 in 10 Chinese shoppers prefer to have at least five skincare items. Listing a variety of skincare products will appeal to them.
  • Tier 1 and 2 Chinese cities have a slightly upper hand over other smaller towns in terms of revenue generation of online shopping.
  • The rise of the affluent class and upper-middle-class in China has exhibited two prominent shopping behavior
    • Affinity towards buying superior goods in categories such as food, clothes, electronics, baby items and more
    • Spending disposable income for travel, home decor, furniture, and entertainment.

Taobao, Tmall, and are the leading ecommerce sites in China. Your store on these platforms will fetch you millions of customers.

Hong Kong Customer Will Also Show Interest 

After China, shoppers from Hong Kong (Jackie Chan hometown) will look for what Jackie Chan and Shopee have to offer this Super Shopping Day.

Here’s an Analytical Breakdown of Emerging Shopping Behavior (What Will Work For Them)

  • Millennials with high disposable income are in no mood to opt for substandard items. This brand-conscious group from Hong Kong prefers foreign brands.

hongkongers love foreign brands Image credit:

  • Hongkongers are currently in the mood to visit new places. Hence surge in popular travel accessories like below is highly likely

popular items among chinese

  • Entertainment, sports equipment, fashion, and beauty & wellness are other major categories that will keep Hong Kong shoppers engaged during the last quarter of 2021 and beyond.
  • Payment security and unreliable return policy are the two eyebrow-raising concerns that will force Hongkongers to switch to a better ecommerce site. Therefore, making it imperative to have a valid SSL certification and active HTTPS on the website as highly valuable, moreover highlighting it in the about us page as a commitment to keep user privacy as the top priority is recommended.
  • It will ensure customers their data is safe from intruders and they are on a simple website. This peace of mind helps customers shop without worries.
  • Also, the severe second concern can be dealt with by framing up a flexible return policy. A flexible return policy consists of the following elements.
    • Mention how fast the return process is possible. An ideal number would be 5 days.
    • Refrain from using tech terms and jargons. Using language simple enough avoids miscommunication.
    • Never use rude words like we are not responsible for, you have to, you cannot and similar expressions. It sounds scary and puts off customers.
    • Specify every detail of the return process. Make it look like a cakewalk.

Have a Loyalty program

During 9.9 Super Shopping day, you will have more than expected visitors soon browsing your store (definitely, if the store SEO is done right and thanks to the charm of Jackie Chan).

Hence, it is an apt time to exceed their expectations. Set up an easy to use and understand loyalty program that promises one or more from the below

  • Free shipping on second purchase (even better on every alternate purchase)
  • Early access to discount offers
  • Personalized email on birthdays
  • Reward points on refer to a friend
  • A subscription program that includes all the above benefits

Shoppers will be thrilled to receive so much. Merchants adhering to the tactics mentioned above will boost their store’s chances to become a favorite for many customers.

The First Time Customers

The persona of international superstar Jackie Chan will drive loads of first time buyers to your store. As a result, It will be an opportunity to build a new customer base and boost business.

  • Personalize the home page by adding a pop up that offers discounts exclusively for new visitors.
  • High-quality images have a vital role in ensuring a good first impression
  • User-generated content is effective in initiating a trust bond with particularly new customers
  • Make navigation easy and quick with important links on the footer
    • Contact details
    • Return policy
    • About Us
    • Why Choose Us


New customers don’t have a reason to give negative feedback, but little effort by sellers can inspire them to leave positive feedback.

What Are Major Highlights of Super Shopping Day 2021

The 9.9 Super Shopping Day is a Bag Full of Surprises.

  • Free Shipping on COD payment method
  • 99% Coins Cashback ⁣
  • Two hours midnight sale between 12 am – 02 am
  • 30% – 90% off on the branded items
  • Play & Win Mercedes-Benz⁣
  • Upto 50% cashback
  • Free coins and surprising gifts on playing in-app shopee games (Shopee Farm and Spin)
  • Liberty to use multiple vouchers in a single checkout

The Important Tip To Turn Events Highlights in Your Favour

The surprises mentioned above are too hard to resist for shoppers. Correctly using them in your ad campaign will make it appealing. As a result, you gain better product visibility.

Some Best Practices To Craft Engaging Ads For Festive Season

  • Keep the language simple and free of jargons
  • Express the benefits, not features
  • Include words that your target audience find familiar
  • Start with an interrogative one-liner to pique the interest
  • Incite a festive mood by keeping festive fervor alive with relevant visuals
  • With A/B testing, you reduce the chance of offering the wrong content

The holiday season is almost begun. Instead of starting from scratch, sell on leading ecommerce marketplaces to lead the way. Moreover, you get a competitive advantage and enjoy high traffic from millions of shopping freak visitors.

Let SEA E-commerce Experts Explain it and Set it Up For You

How To Ensure Free Shipping in Fast Manner

Free shipping is the decisive factor and with loads of orders to be delivered on time makes it an uphill task to accomplish. Nevertheless, if a free shipping item is delivered on time, buyers will remember the store as one of those few user-friendly and highly affordable stores.

  • Ensure the address is correct and free of misspelled words. Even better to cross-check it.
  • Build your capacity with experienced staff in sufficient numbers to carry out order processing smoothly.
  • If there’s an inevitable delay (like a natural disaster, pandemic, etc.), keep the buyer updated about it. Hence, you avoid handling an angry customer on call. After all, angry customers are likely to share negative reviews.
  • Enable order pickup option and encourage customers by associating perks with it. As a result, your shipping cost and order delay will be minimum.
  • Ensure the paperwork is updated and complete. Hence order will pass the checkpoint in a hassle-free manner. It will reduce delivery time for international deliveries.

Free shipping is one sure thing for which customers will always fall (at least the budget-conscious ones). Moreover, making it fast will be a much-needed push to contribute towards an overall positive experience.

All Things Considered – Equip Your Store For More Customers Than Previous Year

Shopee is focused on the enhancement of logistics and payment services to deliver a hassle-free shopping experience. Shopee in-app games (Jackie Chan-themed) will keep shoppers glued to their platform all day.

It will fetch customers beyond expectation to merchants on Shopee. Therefore, adhering to the tips and tricks mentioned earlier will ease the burden of responding to loads of customer queries, product fulfilment, and product return.

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