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4 Affordable Payment Gateway Solutions for Magento 2 Users

4 Affordable Payment Gateway Solutions for Magento 2 Users


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As the world become closely-knit ecosystem with the advent of Internet, opportunities for transferring amount into one and other accounts arose. And with this Payment Gateway Solutions took birth.


A service enabling merchants to accept amount through credit card and direct payment processing has increased the cross-border trade manifolds.


Thus it becomes quintessential for the online sellers to integrate an established and trusted payment gateway service with their online shopping stores.


We, at Cedcommerce, offer the affordable solution to Magento 2 users. These solutions upon integration enable Magento 2 users to expand their network and accept payments from all around the world.


Here Goes The List 0f 4 Affordable Payment Gateway Solutions for Entrepreneurs Using Magento 2 


1. Vendor Paypal Adaptive Addon: (Only for Cedcommerce marketplace users)

The market leader in the Payment Gateway Solutions, Paypal is used most by the small, medium and large-scale firms alike. It’s usage and operational simplicity is the biggest factors for its success, along with it, must-mentioned impeccable security.


The features of the addon are:

  • Payment split between vendors and admin instantly
  • Parallel payment Support
  • Instant Chained payment Support
  • Delayed Chained payment Support


2. Moneris Payment Method: (All Magento 2 Users)

It is the leading Payment Gateway Solutions service of the largest North American country Canada. Using this payment gateway, Magento 2 users can process credit card and direct payment processing. Also, once installed, this extension doesn’t redirect you to Moneris Payment Gateway website.


The features of this extension are:

  • Easy to use, and facilitates seamless transactions
  • Alert messages on the failure of payments
  • Sandbox mode is available enabling developers to test their shops in development mode.


3. Vendor Citrus Payment Method Addon: (Only for Cedcommerce marketplace users)

Best Payment Gateway Solutions for India. Citrus declares that its best for stack developers, and offers instant payments for small businesses and seamless checkout. And witnessing the sales of  THIS addon demand we do agree with them.


The features of this addon are:

  • Easy to integrate.
  • Messages for payment failure.
  • “Split payment” facility with Cedcommerce.
  • Allows the vendors to configure Citrus Payment Method at Vendor Panel.
  • Buyer and sub-merchant sensitive information not saved in our Database.


4. Square Payment Method: (All Magento 2 Users)

Another exceptional payment gateway, A U.S. based company, Square up enables you to accept and transfer the money into the account of persons residing across the entire globe. This extension is very effective and charges less transaction fee (2% in comparison to Paypal – 3.5%).


The feature of this extensions are:

  • Sandbox and Live transaction modes available.
  • The customer can make their future payment with the stored card details.
  • It is completely safe and secure.


The aforementioned extension/addon are not mere tools they’re gateway to the whole new world of endless possibilities. Integrating them with your website or with the Cedcommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace enables you to accept the payments from your customers residing in the different parts of the world and helps you flex your muscle.


Thanks for your interest!

Team CedCommerce


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