10 Pro-tips for new eBay sellers
10 Pro-tips for new eBay sellers

10 Pro-tips for new eBay sellers


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To all the new eBay sellers out there who’ve just started with eBay selling!

Do you have questions like-

  • How to be a seller on eBay and sell volumes of the product?
  • How to earn money on eBay?
  • What’s the best way to sell on eBay: auction or buy it now?

Then you’re at the right place!


Firstly, congratulations! on making your space in a place which caters more than 250 million classified users. Selling on eBay marketplace has enormous benefits and it is a nice place to earn some good money.

With around 25 million plus eBay sellers, it is a vast pool where B2C and B2B transactions take place every second. However, the more the numbers, the more competition to face. Various obstacle comes in the way while selling a product on eBay and these hurdles, further result in a less ROI

But! we have got the solution to it!

Making you stand out from the crowd and improve your listing requires some efforts to make, key points to follow and few things to keep in mind while selling.


Well, The wait is over! Here are 10 pro-tips for all the new eBay sellers which will prove as the next stair-step towards success on eBay.


  1. Don’t rush for sales!

eBay sellersimage: freepik

“The Rome was not built in a day.”

Know, that you’ve just started and at this stage more than focusing on how to earn money, you need to focus on establishing yourself on eBay selling.

I know, the low-result sales graphs don’t look nice.

But! selling more on eBay, with low ratings or bad reviews isn’t going to help either.

Build a good reputation in the buyer’s eyes before pitching them what you have to give. Although, eBay unlists the sellers and their products if multiple instances of skepticism and complaints regarding fake selling are received. Build trust first. Spend some time enriching your store with plugins and extensions that will further prove beneficial in the long term journey.

Well, how to do that?

There are various integrations and plugins available for you to use.

Most of them are free, however, some of them charge some amount for this.

Spending some money for the ‘must-have’ tools will give you a better ROI!


  1. Know an eBay seller’s limits

eBay sellers

image: freepik

What are a new eBay seller’s limits?

With the span of time, eBay has formulated some rules and norms for the ease of customer, which binds almost every seller. But, they are more strict towards the new sellers. To incur lesser chances of complaints and to maintain healthy feedback relations from its customers, selling on eBay requires agreement to its Policies.

Not abiding by the rules can have unfavorable outcomes for eBay sellers and if any severe breach of the policy is observed, chances are that eBay will unlist the seller.

So, how do I sell on eBay without breaking policies?

Well, go through it once with keen eyes and keep them in mind!

They’re not that tough though!


  1. Grab the right pieces of equipment

ebay sellers

image: freepik

eBay sellers have been selling a lot of items on eBay right from 1996. Determining the right types of equipment for your business is a must before you start. If you surf around the internet you’d come across with a number of things and a long list of ‘to-haves’. Things like- a good camera, photo editing apps, studios, a computer system and a long name of things to list on.

Worry not! To start with, all you need to have is-

  • A subtle place to click pictures (Even a table with a well-ironed white sheet works!)
  • A working internet connection (If there’s no PC, even a mobile phone works just fine!)
  • Shipping solutions (You can choose from among a wide number of options available)


  • AND not to mention, a cup full of coffee!


  1. Set-up your selling price for the best ROI

Pricing turns out to be one of the most crucial element while selling on any e-commerce market. You cannot set price without doing some research and analysis. Many new eBay sellers set out their prices by just skimming their profit out of the cost.


See, to set the price of your product, there are certain things that are needed to be looked upon prior to it-

First, on eBay, there are two types of price listing to choose from –

  • Auction
  • Buy this now

If you set your product for auction, the buyers will bid for the product and the one with the highest bid can purchase the product. In this, you can set your minimum bid/price below which you don’t want to sell your product. Doing this becomes necessary, as this saves you from losing your invested money.

Fixing a price enables the customer to buy the product at the price decided by you.

But, how to set the right price?

  • Keeping a keen eye at the other eBay sellers selling similar products might help? Yes!

So, if you have a microwave to sell, look at the other eBay sellers’ listing for how much price they are asking from their customers and how much price does the customer is ready to pay for that.

  • Figure out your share of profit by calculating the total charges that you’d have to pay while selling. These charges also include eBay posting fee for listing your product. You can check your shipping charges on shipping calculator provided by eBay for an easier reach to it and moreover, you can check your profit part too through eBay calculator.

We charge two main types of selling fees: an insertion fee when you create a listing,

and a final value fee when your item sells. – eBay

Source: eBay (Check here)


Well, it’s all based on research!


  1. “It is all in the eyes.” – Add more pictures!

eBay sellers

Imagine yourself walking on a street with trees aligned on the pavement and the sun rays passing through the leaves of that tree making a sleek ray of light which can be seen. I know that’s not related to eBay selling, but!

It felt good! Right?

Because your mind related it to the picture placed above and presented a much clear view.

  • What if, it was a picture-less book, where you’d have read that?
  • Would that have been more appealing!


Well, thanks for the no!

In the same manner, when a customer reaches an eBay seller’s product, he expects some pictures along, with which he can relate to and can make up a portrait of the product in his mind!

Your product needs to have a minimum of 3 pictures on eBay. Doing this helps an eBay seller in two ways.

  • One- the customer gets reliant about the product.
  • Two- adding more pictures help you in listing higher on eBay.

There are many organic ways to improve your listing on eBay and optimize it for mobile too.

You don’t need to be a pro-DSLR-camera-techy for doing this. You’re here to earn money, not for losing it. Simple equipment will do the work for you!


  1. Learn how to describe your product’s specification

eBay sellers

Here comes another important aspect to keep in mind being an eBay seller – The Product Description.


  • Have you ever searched for any mobile phone over the internet?
  • What are the key things that you look for?
  • Can you just buy a mobile phone by just looking at its sleek and stylized design?


The same is with the products of an eBay seller. A clear and to-the-point description works well when it comes to getting sales online. Remember, there is always a little friction in customers when it comes to spending online. You can pull them away from those skeptical thoughts and make them buy your product by describing your product’s information in a nice and clear manner.

Think in your mind, that what answers a customer can search for while looking at your product!

  • Is it a canopy? Does it only stops the sun rays or is it water-proof too?
  • Is it a lawnmower? Does it work with electricity or it needs to be pushed?

How can I figure out all of those questions bubbling out in a buyer’s mind? I am not a clairvoyant!

Write comprehensive and descriptive product descriptions including paragraphs and bullet points. Try giving an answer to the customer’s intent.

Missing out on the key features can be a big no-deal!

Hover around some time, writing an effective product description that suits best for your product.


  1. Having good eBay reviews and ratings really matter!

eBay sellers

image: freepik

Let it be on eBay selling or any other e-commerce platform, ratings and reviews are just like the backbone and blood of a product. The better they are, the more reliable the product becomes and with this, the chances of it’s selling increases.

Ever wonder why most of the Android app that you download from your PlayStore or Apple store send prompt push alerts to rate them?

The key is getting good reviews and ratings for their products for earning customer’s trust, sustaining smoothly in the market and thus earn money!

eBay sellers

Image source: Techgenyz

For eBay sellers too, the better ratings help them in attaining better search listings which in turn result in more views, which in turn results in more sales!

And, more sales = more profit!


  1. Bon Voyage! – Shipping your product

eBay sellers

image: freepik

  • How the product purchased by your customer is going to reach him?
  • How much will be the shipping charges on eBay?
  • When will the product reach?


Answering these questions is of great importance for eBay sellers

The figures and stats show that the most common reason for customers abandoning a cart online is the unexpected shipping costs that he has to pay while buying.

It is also seen that the customer will tend to buy a product which costs exactly the same as the other product’s price after adding shipping charges.

eBay sellers

Image source: neilpatel.com

The best way to deal with this can be informing your buyers about the shipping charges before they dig anymore further into the shopping funnel of eBay.

Chances are that the 28% might abandon at that point. But, doing this will make sure that the other 72% are well informed about all the charges that they have to pay prior to checking out the cart.

If possible, provide your customers with an order tracking option on eBay.


  1. Gain trust with a reliable product return policy!

If you are sure about the product that you’re selling as an eBay seller and you know that you have a quality product to sell, there must be lesser encounters of returns. But, it is nearly impossible to be into the selling business and not facing any returns.

Returns have always been a paining nerve for all the eBay sellers out there!

Setting up a nice return policy will let your customers be comfortable with doing business with you. Set up a return policy that offers a minimum of 30-day returns. However, it is advised to try getting ‘almost no-returns’ from customers. But, even if it happens, make sure to have good customer support, working telephone numbers, assistance and ease of return to the customer.

A customer who had a bad experience while shopping with you on eBay is more likely to never choose to shop with you again.


  1. Make your customers remember you!

eBay sellers

There is a ‘Rule of Seven’ in marketing. According to this,

if a customer gets to see you for 7 times minimum, chances are that your brand will be stored in his brain. Pretty good? huh?

So, if we look at some stats,


  • 1 out of every 3 people out there has an email account which sums up to more than 2.6 billion email users.
  • An average person spends the most amount of time over internet surfing social media sites other than anything else.
  • More than 70% of the population checks out their push notifications.


eBay sellers

Image source: hootsuite

Well, there seems a lot of space to fit in for the eBay sellers, right? Of course!

On eBay, once the purchasing has been done and the product has successfully delivered.

You can take measures like email marketing or social media ad campaigns or setting up a ‘push notifications’ feature to reach out to your potential eBay customers.

For using push notifications, Subscribers can be used. With this, one can easily set up push notifications for eBay sellers’ account.



So, that was your feed as an eBay seller for starting up with easy selling on eBay to earn money

Do you find it tough? Well, I expect a No! From your side.

However, there are other easy ways too to set up a clean and optimized eBay store and become a pro-eBay seller!


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Being a newbie on eBay doesn’t require much hassle. Just put in your efforts in these key areas mentioned above and you’ll see that gradually your products will see more conversions and your store listing getting higher very soon and you’ll earn some good money.

OR, Just let Cedcommerce do it for you, while you can sit back and have your coffee!

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