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Etsy-Prestashop Integration

CedCommerce Etsy-Prestashop Integration enables you to sell your Prestashop store products on Etsy. It provides synchronization of price, inventory & other product-related information along with order management between your Prestashop store and

  • Product Listing : Upload products in Bulk with their product edits synchronized.

  • Crons :Cron job automates the process for Inventory, Price and Order management.

  • Profile Based Product Upload : It allows you profile based product upload on

  • Refund :Refunds are processed back to the original payment method used to purchase the order. Refund is also possible through extension.

  • Order Shipments :It allows admin to import orders from the Etsy Marketplace to convert it into regular Prestashop Orders and Shipments.

  • Requirement: You need to have PHP 7.X installed on your server.

Compatibility: PrestaShop 1.6, 1.7
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Why to choose Etsy marketplace?

Etsy is a marketplace who sell their products through various website links specific to various countries, such as,, Etsy.for,,,, and so on. They have a various collection of clothing, accessories and shoes online specific to the existing fashion of specific region or county. If you want to sell your products on their marketplaces, then you can very easily get your Prestashop store integrated with the Etsy marketplaces with the help of CedCommerce Etsy -Prestashop Integration extension. The Etsy-Prestashop Integration extension can help you to synchronize the product listing between your Prestashop store and the Etsy retailers. The Prestashop store owner can also manage the Etsy orders on the Prestashop stores without making any significant changes in the operational functionalities.

Prestashop Store owner can synchronize the orders, products, pricing, and inventory through establishing the interaction between the Etsy API and the Etsy -Prestashop Integration extension. One of the most important feature is that it enables you to create the Etsy Categories and its dependent attributes on the Prestashop store. Thus, it enables you to configure the desired product category to the Prestashop store for automatic submission of the selected product to the same category on Etsy marketplace.


Error Notification: If any error occurs while uploading the products, it gets recorded. After that, an error button appears on the grid.

Etsy Order Management: The newly placed orders on are automatically imported into the Prestashop store with all the required details as it is on

Synchronized Inventory: Cedcommerce is specifically designed to scale with high volume, high SKU count, multi-supplier environments.

Real-time stock update: Stocks are updated automatically on both ends as stock status updated in your local shop or as an order is marked shipped by Etsy.

Shipping: This feature helps to supports high volume shippers with commercial pricing.

Order Cancellation: Orders can be canceled via the order page. Once, the order gets canceled, a fee credit will be issued.

Why Etsy-Prestashop Integration by CedCommerce?

  1. Soon after purchase, one of our skilled account managers will be personally aligned to you instantly.

  2. Will make you familiar with Etsy operations and processes.

  3. Will guide you through Etsy API activation process and help you out to enable Etsy Live API.

  4. Will provide an assistance with configuration setting, product critical data, product upload process till you successfully complete a live order.

  5. In simple words, we will extend our support until you start flying with Etsy.

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