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AI Partner- CedCommerce :

About Vue.ai

A company that works on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for making the future of retail automated and flourish with immense advancements-Vue.ai. Founded in 2016, Vue.ai has been working on the automated tagging and digitization of the physical products to enhance the shopping experience of the customers all over the world. By comminuting the exact level of accuracy and seamless possibilities, Vue.ai has been reducing the unnecessary hassle and is making the work 10X faster for the retail teams.

About the Partnership

Enriching the roots of automation with seamless possibilities, CedCommerce’s partnership with Vue.ai is the first step towards the betterment of the eCommerce, which will open up doors for the sellers to cater their customers with advanced artificial intelligence.

The partnership focuses on one of the excellent products of Vue.ai- VueTag.

What is VueTag?

VueTag works on the Artificial Intelligence performing image recognition of the retail products. With just the image being provided, VueTag is capable of categorizing the product catalogs with all the attributes of the product- color, pattern, sleeve-type, length and much more.