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Overstock Channel Integration Partner - Sell on Overstock - CedCommerce :

About Overstock

Established in 1999 and situated at Salt Lake City, Overstock is an online retailer with recorded revenue of $1.6 billion in 2016. The marketplace has consistently been awarded the top on recognition over the years - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, National Retail Foundation, The Top 100 retailers, Web Marketing Association & More

The internet retailer deals majorly in home decor, furniture and bedding categories. Sellers in these categories can benefit from 30 million monthly customers at Overstock.com.

Overstock-CedCommerce Integration

The Overstock Integration product-line by official channel integration partner of Overstock enables online sellers to connect their online store with the Overstock and manage all the inventory, order and fulfillment related operations. It helps sellers automate all the online selling processes thereby reducing all the manual hassle.

Highlights of Overstock-CedCommerce Integration
  • Product Listing: Saves your precious time.
  • Bulk Upload: Store owners with massive inventory may upload quickly.
  • Update Status:Tracks your product status being live or pending.
  • Flawless Integration: The complete integration is well tested and technically approved.
  • Manage Orders: Avoids order delay and checks fulfillment.
  • Inventory Update: Inventory gets auto-updated as per any alteration and modification made.