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Fnac Darty Channel Integration Partner-Selling on Fnac Darty Marketplace-CedCommerce :

About Fnac Darty - Member of Fnac.com Group

Founded in 1954 Fnac has been one of the French 1st choice retailers of all time. As the popularity of eCommerce grew, Fnac marked its expansion as an online marketplace and as of now, it is the 3rd most visited eCommerce website in France. Fnac has the largest collection of Music Cds, Video games, vinyl, and games.

Fnac has been home to 20 million European shoppers from France, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain. It welcomes more than 10 million unique visitors per month thus making a perfect platform for European sellers to begin and scale their retail business.

Fnac CedCommerce Marketplace Integration

Fnac CedCommerce Integration is a powerful eCommerce API integration that establishes a perfect link between your store and the Fnac marketplace. This handy tool is simplifying the way of selling online by providing an automated dashboard for easy management of all the operations involved while selling on the ‘Fnac’ marketplace.

  • Enables easy mapping of multiple store categories to Fnac by following one to one’ and ‘many to one’ category mapping patterns.
  • Upload both simple and configurable types of products from your e-store to Fnac Marketplace using this Fnac integration.
  • Easily upload the bundled products as a profile by assigning various products in profile.
  • Establish an all-round synchronization of orders, inventory, pricing and product count between your store and the Fnac marketplace.
  • This integration automatically imports orders from the Fnac seller panel from where sellers can directly perform operations like ‘ship’ and ‘reject’.
  • One Time Cost: This is a one-time payment extension which no monthly or recurring charges.
  • 24x7 support available in the case of any complications.