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Payment Partner- CedCommerce :

About Adyen

Adyen, founded in 2006, emerged out as one prominent and preferred payment method solution provider. With 20 offices around the globe and a vast infrastructure supporting their customers worldwide, Adyen has been working to simplify the checkout process with their cards network.

About the partnership

CedCommerce and Adyen payments joined hands together looking at the seamless possibilities and emerging necessities for a simplified and faster payment system. According to 2018 Forrester report, Adyen’s payment solutions shown a huge increase in the risk-adjusted ROI of their customers’ businesses..

What are we focusing?
Faster growth

With the amazing accessibility and ease of paying methods, the rapid-paced fast growth for the businesses is determined.

Amazing experiences

Let it be any sales channel, with the unified payment infrastructure, the customer’s journey on any sales channel becomes obstacle free.

Global payments

With a risk-free and reliable payment network, businesses can expand themselves to new countries targeting new markets and demographics.