Our Technology - CedCommerce Know what goes behind the architecture of CedCommerce Technology
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Our Technological Architecture

An effortless solution to help you align with the dynamic market changes so you stay ahead of the competition.


Handle Growing Inventory

Adapt to Increased Traffic

Expand to New Marketplaces with Ease

Multi-Store Management

What makes our system scalable?


What makes our system reliable?

Consistent Uptime

Accurate Data Sync

Robust Error Handling

Adaptability to Platform Changes

Timely Support


Quick Integration Setup

Flexible to Market Changes

Seamless Feature Updates

Customizable Workflows

Feedback Loop

What makes our system agile?

Continuous Delivery Platform

Enhances agility in software deployment with a fully managed service that automates the organization’s release pipeline.

Priority Update Access

Prompt app enhancements owing to our strategic alliances with leading platforms & marketplaces that make us privy to advance updates.


What makes our system secure?

Data Encryption

Regulatory Compliance

Access Control

Regular Audits & Updates

Secure Integration

99.9% Uptime
300% Faster Deployment
70% Decrease in Costs
99.9% Data Accuracy

Numbers at a glance

Decide your Multichannel eCommerce journey, and we’ll make it happen in less time & and with greater efficiency.

Our technology is designed to bring enterprise-level scalability, reliability, agility, and security to businesses of all scales.

Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO
Abhishek Jaiswal

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