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Are you planning to build an e -store on Discogs but clueless with what and how?

We provide technical solution to you, built appropriately to give best user experience with fast, advanced and automated features of bulk upload, automated inventory management features.

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Fast & Hassle free listing and uploading of Products on Discogs with just a single click.


Receive live email notifications of all the orders received, canceled orders and stock updates.


Single centralized platform to execute all the task at the same place and save hours of time & effort.


Automated synchronization of product listing, order, pricing, and inventory.

What make Discogs peculiar from others?

  • Originally created as a hobby project, DISCOGS has become a premier marketplace for music enthusiasts.
  • With over 4,58,000 contributors making a catalog of 100 million recordings and over 6 million artists involved, Discogs is one of its kind.
  • Discogs gives one-stop platform to all the music artists, freaks and fans out there looking for various collections of music.
  • Gives access to numerous formats - Vinyl, CD, Cassette, DVD, CDr.
  • Suitable for all genre ranging from Rock, Electronic, Pop, soul to Jazz.

We endeavor to give the best online selling experience

Change approach of selling on Discogs with advanced features like :

Single Click Product Upload

We understand the hardships of uploading product manually. In order to ease sellers, this feature enables them to swiftly upload products in just one click.

Personalized Mail Notifications

This feature drops an email every time there is a new order or order cancellation on your Discogs store.

Monitorized Order Management

The feature gives sellers access to supervise the orders and changes taking place on products on Discogs.

360 Supervision Management

The sellers would know all the changes and activities taking place on their Discogs store and can calculate safety stock and marketing strategies way ahead of time.

Synchronized Inventory Management

Managing inventory is another hectic and laborious task faced by sellers. Our automated Inventory managing feature synchronizes and aligns your store and inventory.

24*7 Troubleshooting Service

Once you become our customers, we leave no stone unturned to shoot your queries. Be it any time, any day, we are happy to assist you in every manner we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to guide you on each & every step.

We aim to make selling on Discogs easy by understanding the seller's needs. So here are set of questions that often troubles Discogs sellers like you!!

There are two key points - The quality of the product and the areas you are selling it in. Generally, people prefer Discogs to find exotic and rare music albums and products. Make sure your products are of higher taste and available to potential international customers.

Discogs is a marketplace open for all kind of western genres and all formats.

  • Formats- Vinyl, CD, Cassette, DVD, CDr
  • Genres- Rock, Electronic, Pop, soul and Jazz
  • Style- Pop rock, House, Disco, Synth-pop and Soul

The registration process is simple and free on Discogs. To know more about the registration, Privacy policy and Terms and conditions of Discogs, Click Here

Discogs makes it clear that a seller must have a verified PayPal Seller Account in order to begin with seller settings.

Yes, the listing is free and the charges are 8% only on the sold items. The billing is sent at the month end on total sales fee. The seller must pay accordingly.

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