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How to Sell (Seamlessly) on Discogs like Pro Seller

How to Sell (Seamlessly) on Discogs like Pro Seller


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Discogs marketplace (aka discographies) is committed to being an open discography of all viable audio recordings facilitating selling musical records online. Therefore, it has connected millions of music lovers across the globe to sell and buy music.

It has 11.6 million releases from 6 million artists, and these figures are merely growing.

Music Lovers have transformed it into the biggest music database and marketplace. It sells music under 15 main genres supported with 540 sub-genres. You too can start selling records online and expect instant hike in sales.

Why Sell on Discogs

  • Product listing is relatively easy and free of cost.
  • Site navigation is very smooth; hence your customer won’t abandon the products.
  • Pop music lovers are growing at a high pace, and it is making waves around the globe. Music is never out of fashion, Therefore Discogs never face a dearth of customers.
  • The feedback system is highly beneficial for sellers. Above all, it favors selling records online.
  • The Selling fee is comparatively less (8%) than eBay (10%). It is a minimum of $ 0.10 to $150 maximum.
  • It accepts detailed (including country of release, identifiers, artists, condition of discs, and sleeves) metadata about records. Therefore, customers feel more confident upon knowing every detail before making the purchase. Selling records online on Discogs have fairly more chances to woo customers to purchase products on Discogs.

Your customer won’t get stuck while browsing for rare music collections. A Seller has claimed to get his first sale within 10 min of listing the product.

How to Sell on Discog – Step by Step Illustrations


sell on Discogs

Image credit: Discogs

Step #1: Register your account by furnishing the below details.


Discogs account set up

Image credit: Discogs

Step #2: Now, click on the account activation email and complete the registration process. You have completed the first step to sell on Discogs is completed.

Step #3: Set up Seller Settings by filling details.

Step #4: Find (using the search bar at the top of every page) products you wish to sell. List it in a simple way as described here.

In case your record is unique, then get it placed in the database.

Step #5: Describe your product in an elaborate and customer-friendly manner. Add private notes to ensure customers build a better understanding of the product.

Step #6: You have an option to select the price suggested based on the media condition of your item and the recent sales history of this item. You can also set a different price you find more appropriate.

The “weight” and “Count as” parameter gets auto-filled based on the information from the database listing.

Now, click on the green button saying “List item for sale.” Hurray!! Your item is listed on Discogs.

Step #7: Upon receiving the order, fill the shipping costs and issue the invoice on the order page.

Shipping costs and invoices get automatically issued if you opt for Automatic Shipping Policies.

Here is your simple and straightforward guide to decode different order statuses. Upon successful shipment of the order, set it as ‘Shipped.’

Step #8: Pay your invoice generated with last month’s sales fees. 10 days time frame (from the day of issue of invoice) is allocated to sellers by Discogs to make the payment.

U.S. merchants doing payment using the Discogs payments won’t get the invoice. They get paid an order amount with seller fees deducted.

Discogs charge VAT to Japan and European union sellers.

That’s all now you are authorized to sell on Discogs.

You are all set to Sell on Discogs – Next is Maximise the Selling.

How Discogs Integration Solution boosts Selling on Discogs?

Discogs integration solution automates your entire selling records online process with the help of a few clicks. Hence, it avoids the cumbersome and error-prone method of selling on Discogs. Therefore, you save a significant amount of time, and selling on Discogs turns into a seamless affair. Team of skilled e-commerce developers has developed Discogs integration solutions for all popular e-commerce platforms. These integration solutions are fully compatible with the latest version of the platform and support smooth backward compatibility as well.


benefits of discogs integration solution

Prerequisite to Sell on Discogs

Upon fulfilling the below prerequisites, you get authorized to sell on Discogs and you can sell records online.

The PayPal Account: Get yourself a verified Paypal account. It indicates you have provided your identity evidence to Paypal.

The Seller Settings: Create a Discogs account and set up your seller account as the next step. Here provide the below details.

  1. The address
  2. Preferred mode of payment
  3. Shipping cost (in different countries)


prerequisites to sell on Discogs

Do you want to know what to include in the seller terms?

Seller setting is of utmost importance and plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless selling on Discogs. You are required to provide complete shipping information. Therefore, customers are well aware of shipping costs to pay in addition to the product price.

discogs seller settings

Image Source: Discogs

Please put clear and complete information about shipping prices and return policy.

This information includes,

  • Shipping cost for every geographic region (this avoids customers canceling the order after buying the product)
  • How many days to ship order upon receiving the payment. It needs a mention in Seller Terms.
  • Locations in which sellers refuse to ship the order.
  • Regarding return/refund, be clear about does the customer has to pay for return shipping. Be on the safe side and comply with local laws and regulations as far as returns and refunds.
  • Ensure to ship the order within 4 days of payment. Otherwise, the customer can raise product cancellation requests.
  • You can furnish all these details in the seller settings page under the “View Seller Terms” (just under the Shipping Policies section).
  • Mention the minimum order value, if any, to avail free shipping.
  • Additional shipping costs for products that cost more than a specific price.

Here is an example,

how to fill seller settings on Discogs

    Image Source: Discogs

Incomplete Seller Terms could result in order cancellation due to a lack of information to the customer.

How much does it cost to sell on Discogs

Selling on Discogs is fairly an affordable affair. Discogs charge only an 8% fee (with a minimum of $0.10 and maximum upto $150). Upon doing the math, it is clear that Discogs is best for selling expensive records.

Suppose you list a product worth $5000. You have to pay only $150 upon sale; unlike, eBay you have to pay 10% ($500 for a product worth $5000) of the product price. Hence, you save $350. Therefore, You sell more means you save more.

Most Popular Genres on Discogs to Boost Sales Instantly

You can earn surprisingly high upon selling records of Rock, Electronic, and Funk/Soul music. These are among the top 3 popular genres among customers. The YoY sale for Pop and Brass & Military genres is 15.5% and 17.86%, respectively.

The Best Selling Records on Discogs to Hike your Sales Instantly

Discogs sells records under hundreds of genres. You need not sell under all categories. Instead, try to list records that fall under the below genres (categories). It puts you among the list of top sellers on Discogs.

The Best Practices to Sell on Discogs – Join the league of Top Sellers on Discogs!!

  • Stay connected with the customer to make them feel confident. It is recommended to issue an invoice at the earliest (or within 24 hours) upon a new order purchase.
  • Automate selling on Discogs and experience hassle-free selling with exponential growth.
  • Always be specific in your return policy regarding refund and return. This way, you don’t lose a customer due to unwanted delays in providing necessary information.
  • Be proactive in acknowledging payment by the customer ans well confirm the date & time of product shipped.
  • Discogs suggest the best median sale price records. Based on your requirements, you should do the math before increasing/decreasing it.

Anxious about getting back your investment? Keep the price lower than the median sale price. On the flip side, you have the opportunity to earn more by increasing price but have the patience to let die-hard music lovers find your record.

sell on discogs

  • Always adhere to seller’s agreement guidelines.
  • Avoid selling below prohibited products at all costs.
  • Digital files (like mp3 or FLAC files)
  • Records with images/text promoting hatred of any kind. 
  • Any record that violates international copyright laws. Especially the pirate copies

In case of a query, get the answer here.

Insider Tip No. 1 – Put Offers on Expensive and Rare Records. (infographic it). If you have a lot of them, then better automate your store and list all of them in less time for selling on Discogs. This way, you eliminate error-prone manual mode of store management.

discogs integration solution

Watch the review of a happy seller on how WooCommerce Discogs integration solution streamlined his selling process on Discogs 

Frequently Asked Questions (for Seamless Selling on Discogs)

  • How to boost my conversion rate on Discogs
  • Well, using the ‘Make an Offer’ button, you put a lucrative offer to the product. Therefore, your product is  more affordable than others. 
  • Can my listing be removed from Discogs and how to avoid it?
  • Yes, but you avoid it by following guidelines
  • Do not redirect customers to external sites with the purpose of buying.
  • Do not list products on Discog that are not available in your inventory.
  • Don’t add seller fee (charged by Discogs) as a surcharge in the customer’s order.
  • Avoid listing products that are different from their representation on the release page.
  • Better not set the product price excessively higher than average sales history prices.
  • What should I do if the product is removed?
  • Well, don’t re-list it, better contact Discogs on Support Request Form. Re-listing the removed item can cost in suspension from the Discogs marketplace.
  • Can I cancel an order?
  • As per customer request, you can easily cancel the order. In case you face difficulty in canceling the order (on account of it being already billed), seek help via support request form. In this, you should include order numbers. Know more here.

Good to Know Point Before Selling on Discogs

  • The selling fee is lower, so it is profitable to sell a bunch of records on Discogs.
  • Discogs charge a maximum of $150 for every item sold. If your records are worth $1600 or more, you save a significant amount by selling on Discogs. The more expensive your product, your saving is even more on Discogs. Seller opts Discogs for a smooth shipping program that is equally affordable in comparison to other marketplaces (especially eBay).
  • The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd are the top two most popular Master Releases for the first half of 2019. Above all, it also featured on the number one spot for Most Wanted and Most Collected album.

In a Nutshell

Discogs is the biggest marketplace dealing with most popular music genres like rock, jazz, funk, soul, Latin, hip hop, and reggae. Therefore, the Discogs marketplace has immense potential as the craze for music enables the die-hard fans to buy products irrespective of price.

An integration solution packed with advanced features will embark you on a journey of seamless selling on Discogs. Therefore, your path to establishing yourself as a top seller on Discogs.

Want to know more about selling records on Discogs? Ping us anytime over Skype or on Whatsapp.

Happy Selling on Discogs !!

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