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Vendor RMA Addon

A Vendor RMA-Product Return Addon, is a CedCommerce CsMarketplace Addon & works as a part of the process of returning a purchased product in order to receive a refund, replacement, or repair during the warranty period either to the vendor or to the administrator.

  • Support multi-store and multi-website Magento
  • Support multi-vendor returns
  • Enhance Admin settings
  • Date limit for returning products
  • Dynamic order selection with various option
  • Works with CedCommerce MarketPlace Extension, CedCommerce Order Addon.

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Compatibility: Magento 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
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A Vendor RMA is an Addon for CedCommerce CsMarketplace & works with CedCommerce MarketPlace Extension, Vendor Order Addon. Returned Merchandise is a feature which allows products to be returned. The product now has a second life cycle where the process starts from requesting an RMA creation till the time this RMA issue is not resolved. CedCommerce Vendor RMA - Product Return Addon provides full featured return management at Magento store for multivendor CedCommerce MarketPlace. It will control return or exchange of items with management of request and tracking of the items until the transaction is completed.

Key Features :-

  • It is fully admin oriented module & provides enhanced Admin settings.
  • It Supports multi-store and multi-website in Magento
  • It also Supports multi-vendor returns
  • Guest Users can also generate RMA.
  • Date limit for returning products
  • Buyer and Admin can communicate at Store end.
  • RMA History with Filters and Pagination.
  • Multi Vendor Return Policy Content.
  • Dynamic order selection with various options.
  • Print RMA details and shipping label easily.
  • Admin can manage RMA Status as well as Reasons.
  • Admin and buyer both can receive notification mail.

A Vendor RMA Addon , is a part of the process of returning a product in order to receive a refund, replacement, or repair during the warranty period set by the admin. The purchaser of the product must contact the vendor (or distributor or retailer) or administrator to obtain the authorization to return the product. The resulting RMA Id is the source of further communication between the customer support team and the customer.

An important aspect of RMA management is that analyzing RMA trends helps to prevent further returns.Returns are sometimes minimized by reducing transaction errors prior to the dispatch of merchandise by the Seller/Vendor thus, providing additional information to consumers which reduces returns. Before returning the product to the administrator (or Vendor ) for reparation or return, it is MANDATORY to fill the RMA Application Form. The RMA application form can be filled either by the admin or by the customer or by the Vendor.The Customer Support can either allow the product to be returned for refund, replace or repair or resolve the client's issues via chat messages, or mails if possible, and avoid the return cycle.

You will be allowed to return the product only after receiving the communication of an RMA Approval code from RMA customer service. The given RMA Approval code can be used to handle returned packages having the shipping documents attached with it. No returns are accepted without this number. For each product to be RMA requested, it will be issued an RMA number. Therefore, for the repairs of several components in the same order with different reasons it is necessary to request different RMA numbers for each single component that needs to be RMA'ed with a different reason or is requested a different solution.

Multiple RMA can be requested for a single order, but multiple RMA cannot be requested for the same product. That is a product cannot be requested an RMA if already an RMA is under process for that product. Return Policy section, informing about company’s policy and procedure that the company follows for RMA, is visible at each RMA request made by the client.

Requirements CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

This addon doesn't works without the above extension.

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User Guide

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Stable Release

We have added New Features : Cancel selected ordered items, by raising RMA. Raise Refund also just after invoice has been generated. Adjust Admin RMA Fee also from refund from vendor. Enable RMA settlement for partially paid orders also. Bug Fixes: Relevant notification and error messages on RMA creation and updates. Mail content and message update.

Stable Release

We have added some advanced functionalities in this upgrade: 1. Order Cancellation feature: We have added new feature to allow customer to cancel orders (i.e non-shipped and non-invoiced) 2. Extend Vendor-RMA to allow RMA for only Shipped or invoiced product also: Initially only completed orders can generate RMA request, but now customers can complain of late deliveries, and other product issues in within the process also. 3. Administrator Control: Administrator has choice to implement or not the new RMA features of Allowing Cancellation, or RMA for Shipped or invoiced products in its site or not. 4. Additional Adjustment Amount for Refunding an item: Two new field has been added in RMA request, enabling admin/vendor to add an additional adjustment refund amount for customer other than product amount. And an adjustment amount for Vendors to decrease some refund amount burden from Vendor. i.e. Credit Memo Amount - Vendor Adjustment Amount = Admin RMA Fee.

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Review and Rating


Beside providing customers facilities of returning the product I liked the feature that it allows communication between admin and vendor at the store level which is very important.Great work and keep it up!

by Ahmed Husain on 1/7/2016
Best RMA addon for vendor

This addon allows the customers to return their products if they are not satisfied with it may be due to any reason like the item was damaged or not in a proper condition, etc. It includes several striking features and provides communication of vendor and admin at the store level. The admin has the full authority. This addon is worth purchasing.

by Jack Benson on 11/5/2015
Very Nice

Support is Great! I would definitely recommend it to future clients.

by Robert Botham on 9/16/2015
Too much relief giving Addon

It can save you from headache. Too good and reliable service.
Get It and forget everything :)

by Tom Nick on 9/15/2015

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