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Vendor Paypal Adaptive Addon

Vendor paypal adaptive addon will strengthen your Magento Marketplace to split the payment instantly and dispatch it to the vendors and the admin.

  • Instant payment split between vendors and admin

  • Supports Parallel payment

  • Supports Instant Chained payment

  • Supports Delayed Chained payment

  • Smooth and easy transaction process

  • No need of paypal account for customers to place the order

  • Simple Configuration settings

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Compatibility: Magento 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
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Vendor Paypal Adaptive Addon strengthens the payment section of the marketplace by providing an online payment feature. The payment will be received easily and instantly by the vendors as per the commission rule set by the admin. Admin will also get his commission and shipping amount for the orders. Using this addon merchant can smoothly manage the admin to vendor commission transaction.

Features :-

  • Simple Configuration Settings
  • Activate/Deactivate sandbox mode
  • Splitting and Transfer of Payments to admin and vendor
  • Admin commission calculation and vendor payment is done smoothly
  • Easy payment refunds to customers is also possible
  • Chained payment(Instant)- Instantaneous transfer of funds to the vendors
  • Chained payment(Delayed)- Transfer of funds from admin to vendor can be done after the shipment of the product
  • Customers need not have paypal account to place an order
  • Simultaneous payment dispatch to multiple receivers is also possible
  • Payment can be held by the admin until the customer’s order is completed
  • Useful in the case of money back guarantee scheme
  • Note: If Vendor Order Addon is installed and Split Order feature is enabled then redirect payment methods will not work. Therefore, PayPal Adaptive payment method will also not work in this case.

Paypal Adaptive Payment types :-

3 types of payments can be done with this extension.

  • 1. Simple Payment

    This is an old payment type where only one sender expects only one receiver to receive the payment. This becomes helpful if you are running a site having orders with only one vendor's products and the payment directly goes to that specific vendor only. In such a case, the merchant gets the commission either manually or by some other means.

    Simple paypal adaptive payment

  • 2. Parallel Payment

    It lets the admin allow the customers to pay directly to different vendors whose products have been added to cart. This feature allows the customers to clearly see that how many vendors are going to get the payment. Calculation is based as per CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace method and the payment will be made simultaneously to all the vendors.

    Parallel paypal adaptive payment

  • 3. Chained Payment

    In this type of payment there is one sender (customer) and multiple receivers. But there is only one primary receiver (admin) and multiple secondary receivers will get the payment after the release of payment from the primary receiver.

    Chanined paypal adaptive payment

Chained payment is further divided in two sections :-

-Instant Chained Payment

The payment is released instantly by the primary receiver. As soon as the payment is done by the customer it gets transferred to the secondary receivers (vendors).

-Delayed Chained Payment

The delayed payment is intentionally held by the primary receiver after receiving the payment by the customers. Admin will dispatch the payment to the vendors only after the customer properly gets the product.

Requirements CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

This addon doesn't works without the above extension.

NOTE: Please purchase the extension only when you have Paypal Adpative credentials, as Cedcommerce Inc. will not be responsible for getting adaptive credentials for customer.

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User Guide

These Documents will Explain Everything.....!!

  • Vendor Paypal Adaptive Addon User Manual.pdf

  • CedCommerce Module Installation Guide.pdf



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My requirement was to have an online payemnt method using which I could easily transfer payments to the vendors quickly and also hold the payment till the shipment is done properly. This addon served that purpose for me. I found it great

by Hannah Barbera on 11/4/2015
An Addon with Pretty Good Fetaures

For making online transfers directly to the vendors and admin, this plugin is of great use. It not only provides instant transfer of funds but also allows multiple payment receivers simultaneously. The admin can transfer funds to the vendors after the shipment of the product also. It supports refund as well. In case the customer applies for refund, his money will get refunded also. The admin can even hold the payment until the order gets completed. Pretty good!! Its nice.

by Albert Russell on 11/4/2015

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